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WWE Raw ratings down again for May 12, 2014, featuring Daniel Bryan's injury announcement

Last night's (May 12, 2014) episode of Monday Night Raw from Greenville, South Carolina, featured Daniel Bryan confirming rumors and officially announcing that he is suffering from a neck injury and he will need surgery to repair whatever issues he's having this coming Thursday night.

Click here for all the latest details on that.

Well, the viewership for this show continued its steady decline over the past three weeks, going from 4.61 million viewers on down to 4.27 million viewers and resting at 4.00 million viewers for this week's episode.

The hourly breakdown:

Hour one: 3.81 million
Hour two: 4.25 million
Hour three: 3.96 million

The entire show's viewership was the lowest of the entire year so far. In fairness, the NBA Playoffs are in full swing and the Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets game did 5.54 million viewers in direct competition.

Still, not great news with the WWE world heavyweight champion looking at two months on the shelf.

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