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Video: Rob Van Dam returns to WWE on Raw

He's back.

On tonight's (April 7, 2014) episode of Monday Night Raw in New Orleans, Rob Van Dam made his return to WWE following an extended hiatus. He worked out a contract with the promotion that dictates he works in small three month increments and after heavy rumors that he would return at the Royal Rumble, the decision was made to hold off until tonight.

He was given a hero's welcome, as expected.

Here's the video:

As you can see, he worked a short match with Damien Sandow that wasn't much more than a squash to get him a win to reestablish him on the roster after such a long time away. The good news is he looked just as good as he did the last time he was here, which is to say a million times better than he looked while he was with TNA.

Is he going to make another run at the top? Probably not, but he'll be over as hell while having good matches. That's good enough for you, right Cagesiders?

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