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WWE Raw results, live blog for April 7, 2014: WrestleMania 30 fallout show

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (April 7, 2014) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from New Orleans, Louisiana, featuring the fallout show from the WrestleMania 30 event this past Sunday night.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (April 7, 2014) from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana, featuring the fallout show from the WrestleMania 30 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza that went down just last night in the same city.

Advertised for tonight: It's the post WrestleMania Raw so it's going to be a big deal. Undertaker's streak is over and Brock Lesnar is king. Daniel Bryan is the new WWE world heavyweight champion. The Authority was downed. Cesaro is a rock star. Here we go.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


A long Daniel Bryan video starts us off tonight and they follow that up by bringing him out.

The crowd chants for a good few minutes before Bryan says a single word.

He says its hard to keep up with the chants because of the titles.

Bryan talks about how much ti means to him and the crowd gets a "You deserve it chant going".

Bryan turns it around and says we are the ones who deserve it.

He does some more rabble rousing before HHH and Stephanie decide to make their way out.

Crowd with a "You Got Beat Chant" that quickly turns into an "Asshole" chant.

HHH stays on the apron because he doesn't want to do something he is going to regret.

So Bryan steps right in front of him and starts chanting with the titles in his face.

HHH says its only a moment and it won't last.  It won't last through the night as Bryan is defending against HHH tonight!

HHH is raging now as he is going to end it all because its his show and there is not a damn thing he can do about it.

As HHH and Steph storm off, Bryan chants with the crowd.


HHH and Stephanie are plotting in the back when Batista appeared.

Batista and HHH start arguing about the events of last night when Orton comes in and wants his rematch clause.

HHH says that they will get their rematches, but not tonight.

Stephanie books them against the Usos and HHH then makes reference to their history as Evolution.

"Historically, when we are on the same page, nobody can stop us"


Wyatt Family vs John Cena, Big E, and Sheamus

Result: Wyatt Family wins by pinfall


  • The faces hit the ring and just start brawling with the Wyatt Family.  This leads to the bell ringing when it's just Cena and Wyatt in the ring.
  • Wyatt levels Cena with a right hand and goes to work with a head butt.  Large Wyatt chant.  Cena fights out and makes the tag to Sheamus adn then hits a quick bulldog.  Battering Ram by Sheamus and then some punches and kicks in the corner.
  • Wyatt fires back with some rights and then tags in Rowan.  Sheamus and Rowan trading shots.  Teh crowd boos everytime Sheamus lands a shot and cheers when Rowan does.  Sheamus gets the upperhand with his assault to a showers of boos before tagging in Big E.
  • Sheamus whips Big E for a spear into Rowan.  Big E getting the boos against Rowan too as he nails five back breakers.  The fifth backbreaker gets him some cheers.
  • Harper tags in but Big E lays him out with a should tackle.  Harper drives E into the corner and Cena makes the tag.  Cena with a power slam and then the five knuckle shuffle but Harper counters the AA attempt with a face buster as we head to break
  • Back from break and Harper is grinding down Cena and then nails a DDT when Cena goes for the AA. Tag to Rowan who hits a big power slam and quickly tags in Wyatt.  Wyatt with two flurries of stomps.  Some headbutts that lead to a couple of headbutts before tagging in Harper.
  • Harper with a series of uppercuts that each knock Cena off his feat.  Cena with a backbody drop.  Tags to Rowan and Sheamus.  Sheamus with some clotheslines and a running knee that leadsto a power slam.  Harper tries to interfere so Sheamus hits a rolling thunder with Harper onto Rowan. Sheamus goes up top and hits a double flying clothesline to them.  Tags made to Big E and Wyatt.
  • Wyatt lays out Big E and then whips Big E into a Harper super kick!  Harper then with a suicide dive to Sheamus on the outside.  Wyatt hits the Sister Abigail on Big E for the win.


Bo Dallas video package and it was as ridiculously awesome as you would expect.


Fandango and Summer Rae vs Santino and Emma

Result: Santino and Emma win by pinfall


  • Santino with some early strikes before he tags in Emma.
  • Emma goes to work with the Emmalution into the ropes, the Emma sandwish, and then the Emma Lock for the win.
  • Well that was quick.


Out comes Lesnar with a black eye and Heyman to a shower of boos.

Heyman out and he relishes the crowd's reactions.

He states that they should have never doubted his managerial strategy or Lesnar's physical tools.

Lesnar isn't here to put smiles on faces.

Heyman says he is going to shoot from the rip.

Heyman talks about Taker collapsing as soon as he got backstage.

He says that VKM left Mania to attend to Taker and he is getting treated for a concussion today.

Heyman says that if he had got his shoulder up on the third F5, Lesnar would have given him so much more damage.

Heyman makes fun of Hogan's superdome mistake and talks about the announcer's standing up for the standing ovation for a "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER".

He calls the crowd, like the lockeroom, a bunch of wannabes.

Heyman talks about Lesnar's legit fighting career and goes after all of the legends of wrestling as wannabes.

The crowd what's him so Heyman repeats the line super slow.

This is absolutely wonderful.

Their is only one Brock Lesnar




WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos (c) vs Orton and Batista

Result: Everyone counted out.


  • Orton goes to work with some strikes and quickly tags in Batista quickly.  Batista with some stomps and then he sends the Uso to the outside.
  • Everyne quickly starts brawling on the outside as Orton and Batista start slamming the Usos into the barricardes.  They just beat on the Usos and Orton hits the draping DDT off the barricade as the ref counts all of them out.
  • Batista Bomb to an Uso onto the steps and then they pose in the ring.


Rob Van Dam vs Damien Sandow

Result: RVD wins by pinfall

Highlights: Barrett wins by pinfall

  • RVD knocks Sandow out of the ring quickly and starts the R-V-D chant but Sandow takes his legs out.  Series of elbows and a Russian Leg Sweep.  Elbow of Disdain from Sandow.
  • RVD with a couple of kicks to take control.  RVD sets Sandow up on the barricade and hits a flying kick off the apron.  Rolling thunder and then he goes up top and hits the Five Star Frog Splash Leap for the pinfall.


Bad News Barrett vs Rey Mysterio

Results: BNB wins by pinfall


  • Bad News Barrett chant when the bell rings.  He grabs a mic and he has some bad news but Mysterio attack and gets roundly booeed.
  • Some kicks from Mysterio and then a hurricarana that sends him out.  Mysterio with a plancha before sending him back into the ring.
  • Barrett sends Mysterio up in the air and catches him with a huge kick before laying into Mysterio with some ground and pound.  Winds of Change gets a two count.
  • Barrett sets him up in the corner and lands some forearms and a running knee.  Barrett goes for the superplex but Mysterio fights him off and then htis a seated senton.  Big DDT from Mysterio gets the two count.
  • 619 from Mysterio.  Mysterio goes up top but Barrett htis the Bull Hammer for the three count.


Another Rose video package


Rusev w/ Lana vs Zack Ryder

Result: Rusev wins by pinfall


  • Rusev with some muay thai kicks and then he lays out Ryder with a tackle.  Rusev holds him up sideways against the ropes and goes to town with some knees.  Sidewalk slam and then the Accolade (Camel Clutch) and Ryder taps.


Ultimate Warrior out to the ring now.

He didn't run but he did shake the ropes.

He starts to talk but says it is hard to find the words and he pulls out a warrior mask and puts it on.

He starts talking to himself now as the Warrior is an alternate personality.

He starts rambling as Warrior is want to do.

He thanks all of the fans in a way that only Warrior can.


AJ out now and she talks about how many days are in her reign.

She cuts a solid promo about coming far to be the diva's champion when- PAIGE!!!!!!!!!!


Paige chant from the crowd.

She says she wants to congratulate AJ on her win and AJ accepts it but tells her to go running back to NXT because the champion doesn't need her words.  She makes fun of Paige and then challenges her to a match.

Paige says she isn't ready so AJ slaps her.

AJ makes it a title match.

Diva's Championship Match: AJ (c) vs Paige

Result: Paige wins by pinfal and becomes Diva's Champion


  • AJ charges in and starts throwing punches.  She starts to skip around and locks in the Black Widow but Paige slowly counters it into the Paige Turner for the pinfall!


Another Bo Dallas inspirational video!


Hogan out to present Cesaro with the statue for his Battle Royal win.

He talks about Andre looking down from heaven last night and brings out Cesaro.

Cesaro comes out with Colter but no Swagger.

Cesaro takes the mic from Cesaro for a minute- Cesaro doesn't seem to be pleased.

Colter talks about bringing Cesaro into the fold and fosterign his talent.

Cesaro takes the mic and says he's not a Colter guy- he's a Heyman Guy!!!

Heyman comes out and names him the King of Swing.

Heyman makes fun of Colter a bit and talks about how Cesaro is with the best now.

As Heyman announce he has to tell the commentary something I didn't catch, Swagger makes an appearance and attacks Cesaro from behind.  He destroys the statue but Cesaro attacks back as we head to break.

After the break apparently a match between the two was started.

Cesaro vs Jack Swagger



  • Cesaro with a gut wrench suplex and when Swagger flees to the outside Cesaro follows with some kicks.  Cesaro goes up top but Swagger hits an arm drag and then some stomps in the corner.
  • Swagger yells We the People and Cesaro goes after him with some punches.  Heyman is clutching the Andre the Giant statue that was on the trophy.
  • Cesaro with some uppercut but Swagger with a spinbuster for two.  Cesaro and Swagger struggle on the turnbuckle and Cesaro hits a deadlift suplex.  A series of running uppercuts in the corner with whips in between.
  • Cesaro calls for the swing but Swagger bails and gets counted out.


Stephanie, Kane, and the Shield in the back.

Stephanie says that they need to focus on HHH winning the title.

Kane is furious yelling at them but Steph screams at him to shut up.

She calls Bryan being the title holder an injustice.

Shield seems to acknowledge what she is saying but they don't look happy.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Daniel Bryan (c) vs HHH



  • Orton and Batista come out after Bryan's entrance.  The swarm the ring and start to beat on Daniel Bryan.  They stomp him out and they each hit their finisher on him.
  • Kane comes out now and tells them to back off so he can hit a chokeslam!
  • The crowd chants for 3MB to make the save.
  • Out comes HHH now.
  • HHH enters the ring and gives a shit eating grin before having the ref start the match.  He doesn't want to but Steph and HHH threaten his job security so he rings the bell.
  • HHH starts to mock the Yes! chant when the Shield make their way out.
  • They hit the apron and Batista, Orton, and Kane do the same.  HHH is yelling at both parties that they won't do this.
  • Shield enter the ring and HHH gets in their face and tells them to stand down.  The Authority do the same as well.  HHH has to stop Kane from charging in. "We are not having a war" but Reigns spears HHH!
  • They overwhelm his minions and send them to the outside.  As the surrond HHH, he turns around into a Daniel Bryan hits the running knee!  The minions are able to drag HHH out before more damage is done.


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