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WWE Raw results, live blog for April 28, 2014: Extreme Rules go home show, Hugh Jackman

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (April 28, 2014) from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri, featuring the go home show to the Extreme Rules "special event" this coming Sunday night in New Jersey.

Advertised for tonight: Stephanie McMahon will be apologizing to Daniel Bryan for Kane beating him down last week, RybAxel will challenge The Usos for the tag team championship titles, Ric Flair returns, Hugh Jackman guest stars, Rob Van Dam vs. Bad News Barrett in the finals of the Intercontinental title number one contender tournament, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


After a long intro video to start the show, Cena makes his way out to the ring taht has the cage set up.

Cena showered with boos.

He simply aks Why? Why did he deserve the 3 on 1 last week?

He stops to let the You Suck chant breath.

We didn't him a chance last week and he wants to know why.

"Someone once said you either die or live long enough to become a villain.  I believe that"

He talks about change over the years and he understands the fans resentment.

He talks about his passion and then starts to put over and name drop a ton of the young talent including "guys you haven't heard of yet down in NXT like Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn".

He says that Wyatt isn't like that.  His passions is destruction.

Cena wants to keep the Wyatt Family out of the match and Bray's message trapped in the cage.

Awesome stuff from Cena onight.

The Wyatt titantron briefly appears and instead of the Wyatts its a chorus of children singing Whole Word in his Hands as Cena looks on.

That was a fantastic segment


We come back from break and Cena is still in the cage.  The kids have surrounded the ring and they all have sheep masks on.

Wyatts are out and Bray has one of the kids sitting on his knees as he just laughs maniacally at Cena.

It cuts back to commercial again


We come back from break again and they show us what we missed during the break and it was Wyatt leading the kids down to ringside and singing with them.

"Sing with me children!"



Tag Team Championship: The Usos (c) vs Rybaxel

Result: Usos win and retain as champions


  • Axel and Uso start things off.  Uso quickly gets the advantage so Ryback interferes.  Other Uso gets involved too and they send Rybaxel to the outside.  Double suicide dive and one of the Usos is selling an ankle injury as we head to the early break.
  • Back from break and Ryback with a forearm off the top rope before tagging in Axel.  Axel goes to work with some ground and pound as a doctor looks at Jey ringside.  As Axel continues the assault, Jey makes his way back to the apron.
  • Ryback tags in and goes to work with some clubbing blows.  Rybaxel gets Jimmy trapped in the corner but he fights both off and makes the hot tag to his injured brother.  Jey with the splash off the top rope and some strikes in the corner.  Superkick to Ryback and then a Somoan Drop and Rikishi splash in the corner (all while selling the ankle)
  • Axel gets control off a counter and tags in his brother.  Ryback with a powerbomb for two and he goes for the meat hook clothesline but Jey hits a superkick.  Ryback kicks out though and goes for Shellshock after a vicious clothesline.  Jey counters the Shellshock attempt with a roll up for two.
  • Axel with the tag and they go to work with some double team but Jey is able to get a superkick to Ryback after a tag to Jimmy.  Axel didn't see the tag and hit a perfectplex on Jey.  Jimmy with a splash onto Axel during the bridge that gets the pinfall.


Adam Rose video package.

He will be on Raw next week.


Heyman is talking to Cesaro in the back.  He says RVD is in his sights and the last guy who was in his sights was the Undertaker.

Heyman says all of the things that RVd said were true, but he gets his clients to the top.

"That's all I needed to hear"-Cesaro before walking off together.


Recap of the Bryan-Kane-Stephanie stuff from last week that ends with the announcement that Stephanie will apologize to him tonight.


Sheamus vs Titus O'Neil

Result: Sheamus with the pinfall


  • Sheamus coming out for his match and Titus attacks him from behind and beats him down the ramp as the ref pleads for them to get in the ring. Titus puts Sheamus into the barricade and then a ring post. Titus tosses him in the ring and continues the beat down.  The ref finally pulls him off and tells him to "lock it up".
  • Titus obliges and the match started.  Sheamus opens up with the Brogue Kick that gets the victory.
  • Well ok then


Bo Dallas video package.


Ziggler is in the with a suit on but no dress shirt or tie. One of his t-shirts though.

Ziggler is talking about summer which leads to talk of the new X-Men movie and then a trailer for the movie.

Out comes Hugh Jackman now when the trailer is done with.

Jackman talks about his love of being around the WWE crowd.

Ziggler brings up their bast run in and cues the replays of Jackman punching Ziggler.

Jackman says he wasn't going to bring it up.

"I will be honest, I've been kicked harder by Jack Swagger"

Ziggler says its all good because they got a great moment.

Some dramatic music hits and Sandow comes out is a cheap Magneto costume!

This is awesome!

Sandow calls Magneto the smartest comic book character and he is glad that a smart actor will paly him in the movie.

I am having trouble getting everything he is saying because I am laughing to hard.

Sandow is absolutely killing it.


He gets into it with Ziggler and "Wolverine" a bunch.


He tries to use his powers to control Jackman's mic.

Jackman sells it as if it is working before saying nope and throwing the mic at Sandow.


Ziggler then hits the Zig Zag to end the segment.


Colter and Swagger are in the ring.

Heyman comes out and says that at home he is a funny.

He says that he will prove it.

He does the "Mike Client" knock knock joke!

He then introduces Cesaro for the match.

Cesaro vs Swagger

Result: Cesaro wins by pinfall


  • Cesaro with the early control and he sends Swagger to the outside.  Swagger counters the follow up and puts Cesaro into the barricade.  He tosses Cesaro into the post and then into the ring.  A big clothesline from Swagger gets the near fall.
  • Cesaro counters back with an uppercut and some slams.  Swagger and Cesaro are jsut trading control when Heyman and Colter get into it ringside.  Heyman has the mustache and that distracts Swagger.  Cesaro takes advantage with a bridging German suplex for the win.


Cena is walking in the back and Renee catches up with him and asks if he has any comment on the events of earlier.

He wordlessly walks away from her.


Alberto Del Rio vs Cody Rhodes

Results: ADR wins by pinfall


  • Del Rio attacks as Rhodes is getting advice from Goldie and the bell rings.  ADR with a flurry of kicks and works a few holds on the shoulder.  Cody fights out but ends up right in a tilt a whirl backbreaker.  ADR with a rear chinlock.
  • Rhodes counters out and gets ADR trapped in the ropes for a couple of kicks.  He does up top but ADR with a haymaker mid air.  Superkick and then the arm bar.  Cody fights but has to tap.
  • He is angry post-match and shoves away his brother as he walks to the back.


Heyman and Cesaro are whispering to each other in the back.


Lana is out and she lectures us about power and the futility of resistance before introducing Rusev.

He looks for her permission to walk down the ramp.

Rusev vs Xavier Woods

Result: Rusev wins by DQ


  • Rusev with some strikes and a couple of slams before Lana calls for him to crush.  He goes for the Accolade but Truth gets involved.  The combined might of the two are able to send him out of the ring.  He tries to charge back in but Lana prevents it.


Young is interviewing RVD about his upcoming match against Barrett.

Colter comes in and has a proposal because they have a common enemy.

RVD turns down the offer.


Los Matadores vs Slater and McIntyre

Results: 3MB wins by pinfall


  • M1 with the early advantage on McIntyre so he tags in to Slater.  M1 with a hurricarana and some kicks.  Slater with an Irish whip but M1 is able to stall himself.
  • Actions shifts to the outside as El Torito and Hornswoggle get into it.  Mahal tries to hold them back but gets gored.  M2 tries to and M1 looks on at the distraction.  Slater hits his finisher for the win! SLATER WINS!
  • Post-match, Hornswoggle tries to splash Los Matadores from the apron but they just side step him.  3MB goes to check on him when El Torito launches himself off the to prope fora big splash on them.


Stephanie McMahon is out now and she calls the events of last week a senseless tragedy.

She wants to make it up to Daniel and asks him to come out.

Bryan (in a neck brace) w/ Brie come out.

Bryan says he almost believed that Stephanie wanted Kane to stop.

Stephanie says that despite their past, she didn't want it to happen.

Bryan asks how he thought Brie must have felt all of those times they were abusing him over the past few months.

Stephanie says she just wanted to give Kane a backbone but it has gotten out of control and she didn't mean for it to happen.

She says she understands Brie's position better than anyone else after all the times she has seen HHH suffer.

She apologizes for herself and her whole family.

Bryan says he still thinks she is full of crap.

Stephanie doesn't know how else to show it, other than Bryan coming down there and looking in her eyes.

Bryan says he is still going to see a liar and that she will have Kane at the snap of a fingers.  He is injured now, but he will be ready to drag Kane to hell himself.

Stephanie says she hasn't even seen Kane tonight and that his mask is locked up in her office.

Stephanie says to start to make amends- Brie gets a title shot tonight.

Bryan thinks its a ploy to isolate Brie, but Stephanie says Bryan can hang out at ringside for the match will be back after the break.

A shot of the display case in Steph's office and the mask is missing.


Diva's Championship Match: Paige (c) vs Brie Bella

Result: Brie wins by DQ


  • I missed the beginning of the match, when I got back Paige was kneeing Brie on the apron.  She screams and the crowd responds with a scream of their own.
  • Brie with a knee and she goes up top and shots "Brie Mode!" but around the O Paige punches her in the gut.  Paige with a superplex and as he hits it, Kane's music hits!
  • Bryan is looking everywhere but Kane pops up from under the ring!  Bryan tries to fight him off but he can't as the he is too hurt.  Kane starts to drag her towards the whole in the ring when Bryan nails him with the ring bell hammer.  Kane rises after a bit and hits a chokeslam on Bryan.
  • Kane has Brie cornered and just as she starts to drag her through the hole, Brie kicks her way free and makes it over to the officials who are checking on the injured Bryan and trying to get him to the back.


Bryan and Brie with the doc in the back when Stephanie enters.

Bryan accuses her of being involved.

She tries to apologize for the whole incident and Brie yells "Get out you bitch!"


Young in the back and she says Cena is ready for an interview.

Cena comes out of his locker room and apologizes to Young for ignoring her earlier.

He talks about his frustration.

Cena cuts a rambling but good promo here that ends with Cena saying that Wyatt won't have the world in his hands- he will have Cena's fist in his face and his foot in his ass.


Bad News Barrett is on his podium and he has some Bad News for RVD.  He talks about RVD's irrelevance and will be destroyed because of B! N! B!

IC Contender Tournament Final: Bad News Barrett vs RVD

Result: Bad News Barrett wins by pinfall


  • Barrett with some early punches.  RVD counters with an arm drag and some of his typical strikes.  He sends Barrett to the outside and hits a baseball slide.  RVD tosses him back in the rign and then works a side headlock.
  • Barrett fights out and hits a huge elbow that sends RVD to the outside.  Barrett put RVD into the barricade and then celebrates with "B! N! B!".  He puts him into the announce table with a "How's it going JBL?"
  • Barrett tosses him back in but RVD with a scissor legs takedown and then some shoulder in the corner.  Barrett fires back with a vicious kick i nthe corner that you could here in the entire arena as we head to break.
  • Back from break and Barrett is on the assault.  Barrett is just beating on RVD for a good minute or two before working a shoulder lock.  RVD fights out and hits a spinning back kick.  He calls for Rolling Thunder but Barett recovers so RVD hits a few clohteslines.
  • Cesaro is at ring side now and is distracting RVD.  Swagger attacks Cesaro from behind.  Barrett goes for the Bullhammer but RVD counters and hits Rolling Thunder.
  • He goes up top and Cesaro tries to take him out but RVD kicks him to prevent the interference.  It gives Barrett time to recover though and get the knees up when RVD goes for the frog splash.  Barrett hits the Bullhammer for the win.
  • Cesaro attacks RVD post-match and then Swagger attacks Cesaro again and htis a gut wrench power bomb.
  • Swagger then starts attacking RVD as Colter makes his way ringside.  RVD is eventually able to fight off Swagger and goes up for the frog splash on Cesaro


Shield with a classic handicam promo in the back.

Ambrose gets the first word about the power of the Shield and how they chew all opposition out and spit them out. Then he starts pacing around like a maniac in the hallway and shadow boxing as Rollins gets his word in about the differences between the Shield and Evolution.

Reigns says that Orton is the past and the Shield is the future.


Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton



  • Evolution with a super quick response to the handicam promo in the ring before the Shield comes out.  Basically they are here to stay.
  • Shield comes out and as they staredown- WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Ric Flair joins his Evolution brothers and gets a hold of a mic.
  • Flair may or may not be drunk.  He talks about all of the powerful men he has run with in a long and meandering promo.  He sees it here in the ring tonight.  Power, talent, the whole nine yards and he says he sees it in the Shield.  It was weird and meandering and he just walks off.
  • Flair is walking to the back with the mic and is wooing.  He is still wooing as the match starts.
  • Reigns with the early offense when an Orton clothesline sends him to the outside.  They brawl on the outside and each get a shot to put each other into the barricades.
  • Orton takes control in the rign with some slams but a Reigns haymaker sets up Orton for the apron dropkick.  Reigns readies the Superman punch but HHH pulledo n his leg.
  • Ambrose and Rollines swarm HHH and Batista respectively ringside.  HHH sends Ambrose over a table and makes the save on Rollins.
  • Back in the ring and Reigns hits the Superman Punch but then sees his buddies in trouble so he swarms HHH and Batista.  The numbers game catches up on Reigns though after his initial attack.  They put Reigns into the steps and HHH hits a spinebuster on Ambrose.
  • It's just an all out beatdown as the Shield's bodies are flying left and right.  They make it back to the ring and HHH is going for the Pedigree on Ambrose but Rollins recovers and makes the save.  Shield is rallying now! They beat Orton and Batista out of the ring and Reigns spears HHH.  They want the triple powerbomb but Orton and Batista get on the apron with chairs.  Ambrose and Rollins with dropkicks to them to get control of the chairs as HHH rolls out of the ring.
  • Evolution on the ramp and the Shield is begging for them to get back in the ring as we head to break

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