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WWE Raw ratings plummet for Monday's (April 21, 2014) show

That is a steep drop.

Last night's (April 21, 2014) episode of Monday Night Raw in Baltimore was the first episode in weeks that didn't have significant hype surrounding it. The March 31 episode (4.39 million viewers) was the WrestleMania 30 go home show, the April 7 episode (5.14 million) was the WrestleMania 30 fallout show, and the April 14 episode (4.77 million) was the tribute show to Ultimate Warrior, who had died less than one week earlier.

This week, Raw was left to stand on its own with current post-WrestleMania storylines against the start of the NBA Playoffs and the numbers plummeted all the way down to 4.13 million viewers.

The hourly breakdown:

Hour one: 4.22 million
Hour two: 4.39 million
Hour three: 3.79 million

That final hour number is shockingly low, though last night's offering did very little to entice fans to stick around to see the conclusion of the show. Raw hasn't dipped below an average of four million viewers for any hour since the Feb. 3 episode and last night's third hour was the lowest since the Christmas episode last year.

Surprised? Or not surprised at all?

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