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Timing Raw's final segment while counting how many times Seth Rollins said 'John' last night

One common criticism of the ending of Raw this week was that the final segment dragged on way too long.  Let's see how the timing of it breaks down.

The final segment lasted 19 minutes and 56 seconds (19m 56s).  Here is a chronological listing of the important time stamps for this segment:

  • 0m 00s to 1m 07s: Edge and Christian introduce their talk show and bring out Rollins
  • 1m 07s to 2m 03s: Entrance music for Rollins plays as he makes his way to the ring
  • 2m 03s to 6m 09s: Rollins trades verbal barbs with Edge and Christian
  • 6m 09s to 6m 56s: Big Show's entrance music plays as he enters the ring
  • 6m 56s to 7m 18s: Rollins and Big Show briefly celebrate the new year
  • 7m 18s to 9m 47s: Rollins extends multiple invitations to John Cena
  • 9m 47s to 10m 34s: Rollins attacks Christian; Big Show takes Edge hostage
  • 10m 34s to 11m 00s: Rollins demands that Cena come out to save Edge
  • 11m 00s to 14m 26s: Cena shows up; Rollins demands that he reinstates The Authority
  • 14m 26s to 16m 00s: Cena motions for Rollins to stop and eventually caves in
  • 16m 00s to 17m 07s: Cena saves Edge but is taken out by the heels
  • 17m 07s to 18m 45s: The heels are joined at the top of the ramp by Heyman and Lesnar
  • 18m 45s to 19m 56s: The Authority returns

It is also important to note that 15m 25s is the exact point when Cena quietly spoke into the microphone that he brings back The Authority.

The lengthy parts that stand out are the following:

Rollins exchanged banter with Edge and Christian for a total time of 4m 06s before they really got into the meat and potatoes of the segment.

Rollins invited Cena to the party for 2m 29s before finally attacking Christian.

4m 25s lapsed between the time when Cena first showed up on camera and when he finally spoke into the microphone that he reinstated The Authority.

There were 5 separate times when entrance music was played in this segment.  This counts Edge's entrance music for the first 0m 13s of the segment.  It also includes the relatively early entrances of Rollins and Big Show that took up a total time of 1m 43s within the first 6m 56s of the segment.  Then the final 2m 49s of the segment was all taken up with the Seth's music and then The Authority's music.  That means that a grand total of 4m 45s of the segment (23.8% overall) included entrance music playing.

I'll leave it up to you to discuss in the comments which of these parts should have been shortened or whether WWE efficiently managed the timing of this segment.

In the meantime, here is a listing of the time stamps for every single instance where Seth Rollins said the word "John."

  • 7m 36s
  • 7m 53s
  • 8m 48s
  • 8m 56s
  • 9m 14s
  • 9m 18s
  • 9m 26s
  • 9m 39s
  • 10m 35s
  • 10m 40s
  • 10m 49s
  • 10m 52s
  • 11m 00s
  • 11m 08s
  • 11m 26s
  • 11m 29s
  • 11m 36s
  • 11m 44s
  • 11m 49s
  • 11m 55s
  • 12m 05s
  • 12m 21s
  • 12m 30s
  • 12m 46s
  • 13m 17s
  • 13m 21s
  • 13m 26s
  • 13m 34s
  • 13m 51s
  • 14m 13s
  • 14m 26s
  • 15m 11s
  • 15m 16s
  • 15m 21s
  • 15m 54s

That's a grand total of 35 times within a span of 8m 18s that Rollins stated Cena's first name.  That's an average of less than 15 seconds between each mention of the name John in that specific time frame.

Next time maybe Seth Rollins should consult with Paul Heyman on other naming variations for the Malpracticing Doctor of Thuganomics.