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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (Dec. 15, 2014): Brock Lesnar returns a hero

After WWE delivered such an awful pay-per-view with TLC the night before, I imagined the only place to go was up for last night's episode of Monday Night Raw in Detroit. I was wrong. It was bad. It was really bad, actually, and I have next to nothing good to say about it.

So instead of incessantly complaining about all the problems with this show, I'm going to focus on the one positive.

Justice is done

Chris Jericho was unbearable on this show. He was supposed to be the beloved returning babyface, here to give us another night of Authority free fun, but he was actually an annoying pest begging to be swatted down.

It started with his awful butchering of Fandango's name, which wasn't funny the first time he did it. It continued with his pandering to John Cena and all his awfulness about needing testicles to hold a mic in the ring or whatever the hell macho bullshit he was spewing. It was even worse still when he abused his power as General Manager for the night by booking himself into a match with Paul Heyman with a special extreme stipulation to be voted on by fans on the WWE App.

But it was at its worst when he was dressing down Lana and Rusev.

It wasn't so much about advancing an angle, or telling a story, as it was Vince McMahon getting his jollies on having Jericho go out there and literally tell Rusev and Lana that they look too uptight and he should show her his dick. Then he went ahead with criticizing her outfit, calling her a tramp and a ring rat, and even went so far as to say Rusev looks like "an unwashed cab driver."

This was awful sexism, racism, and just a dude generally being a complete asshole for no good reason.

Later, he was out for his match with Heyman. By the way, the only background they gave this was Heyman owed Jericho $200. So Heyman, brilliant mind he is, comes out and attempts to pay up and call it even. He does so with a checkbook, however, and we all know Paul Heyman checks don't clear. So Jericho swatting it away was fine, if that's the reason he's swatting it away.

It wasn't. He outright admitted he had no interest in the money, he just wanted to kick the shit out of Heyman, an old man who isn't a wrestler and was begging not to.

At this point, with everything he did on this show, I couldn't have wished anything worse upon him than a good old fashioned passionate ass whooping from Brock Lesnar. So when "Next Big Thing" hit the speakers, I was over the moon. Jericho was going to take a beating and he deserved everything he had coming to him.

What made it so sweet, though, was that Jericho attempted to get out of it. He thought a few elbows and a Codebreaker would do the trick. He was wrong.

His face after the failed Codebreaker attempt is my new favorite thing.

Jericho face

That look. That "oh my god, what even are you" look. This was Daggett stepping to Bane and believing he could until the moment he realized he had absolutely no power and he was completely fucked.

And that F-5 felt so, so good.

WWE was pushing Lesnar as the bad guy and Jericho as the good guy, but I don't care. On this night, with everything that happened within this story, the roles were reversed. That's how I'm taking it, intended or not, and because of that it was highly enjoyable.

Segment grade: A

That's it from me, Cagesiders. Feel free to sound off with all your thoughts on the entire show, whether you liked it or not, in the comments section below.

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