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WWE might reveal the identity of the Anonymous Raw General Manager on Monday, even though they totally already did that in 2012

For whatever reason, some bright mind at WWE decided it was a good idea to bring back the Anonymous Raw General Manager for next Monday night's episode in Tulsa. It was a stupid gimmick when they ran it in 2012 and it's still stupid here in 2014.

Somehow, they made it worse. Here's an excerpt from the preview:

A number of polarizing figures have run Monday Night Raw, including the likes of The Authority, Eric Bischoff, Vickie Guerrero, John Laurinaitis and even Cheech & Chong. Yet, perhaps the most incendiary red-brand show runner was the Anonymous Raw General Manager, whose irritating email decrees to Michael Cole became one of WWE's most boo-worthy rituals in 2010 and the first half of 2011. This person - or perhaps a group of people - is back this week for Cyber Monday, and will no doubt try to top Daniel Bryan's one-night stint in charge of Raw last Monday night. Will the Anonymous Raw General Manager serve the best interests of the WWE Universe or their own? Also, will we finally learn the identity of this shady GM?

Emphasis mine.

We thought something like this might happen, which is why my partner Sean was sure to remind us all that they already revealed the identity of the Anonymous Raw GM: Hornswoggle.

Here's the video:

That's from the WWE YouTube channel with this exact synopsis:

Hornswoggle is revealed to be the Anonymous Raw General Manager.

Either they think our memory is shit, or we're dumb. Maybe it's both. All we can be certain of is that this is a really dumb story we all wish we could forget.

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