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WWE Raw results, live blog (Nov. 24, 2014): Survivor Series fallout show

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Let's follow up that main event last night.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 24, 2014) from Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana featuring the fallout show from the Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in St. Louis, Missouri.

Advertised for tonight: Sting debuted last night and helped Team Cena defeat Team Authority. There's a lot to unpack there. Plus, Larry the Cable Guy will be in the building to promote a movie, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



BaconStrips here. Can we follow up last night's absolute insanity? Let's find out!


Show is LIVE!

Recap of Sting's epic WWE debut


The Authority comes out to start Raw, and they look quite somber and/or pissed.

Stephanie takes the mic, and instantly receives heat and the classic "Na Na Na" song from the crowd. Steph tells the crowd that none of them understand the word "respect", or the courage it takes to come out to the ring night after night.

Steph says that The Authority lost only because of one man: Sting. She also reemphasizes that only one man can restore power to The Authority: John Cena.

Steph tries to continue, but she starts losing control, so Triple H hugs her. He takes the mic and starts ripping the crowd for wanting to see Steph cry in the ring. Trips calls the crowd "bullies", and tells them to be careful what they wish for.

Trips says that no one in Indianapolis can handle the power that The Authority had. After a talk about leaders and stuff, Trips addresses Sting's appearance. He promises that Sting's first night in a WWE ring is his last night in a WWE ring.

Simply put: Sting is responsible for the demise of WWE.

After a long promo about how The Authority and how they ensured WWE's security, Trips congratulates the crowd for ruining WWE.

Trips tells the crowd that they are going to leave now, but everyone will beg for The Authority to come back.

As The Authority starts to leave, DANIEL FREAKING BRYAN COMES OUT!!!

After doing the YES! Chant (the right way I might add) to The Authority, Bryan has the ring to himself as we go to a break.


Back from break and Daniel Bryan is still doing the YES!


And who's our General Manager tonight? Daniel Bryan!

Bryan's first order of business: Bringing out Team Authority to face their lickings.

Bryan says that he's not a spiteful man, so he won't do anything unfair to them.

He proves it by addressing Seth Rollins. Bryan teams Rollins up with two other unnamed wrestlers to face John Cena and Dolph Ziggler.

Rollins fires back at Bryan, saying that he's still the future of WWE, and there nothing that can be done about that. Rollins asks who his tag team partners are, and Bryan responds by saying that the WWE Universe will decide between the teams of Mark Henry and Luke Harper, Mark Henry and Kane, or Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury.

Rollins complains, and Bryan responds by saying that life is unfair. Rollins high-tails it out of there as Bryan focuses on Kane. He references their time with Dr. Shelby, and asks the crowd if Kane should remain Director of Operations, and they respond with a resounding "NO!" Bryan takes the crowd's suggestion and relegates Kane to concessions duty.

Next up on the block is Rusev. Bryan wants Rusev to be more patriotic to America. Two options are given: a company-wide Battle Royal for the US Championship, or Rusev comes to the ring with the US flag and recites the Pledge of Allegiance. Rusev and Lana storm off.

Luke Harper is up next. Bryan makes an Intercontinental Championship match between Harper and Dean Ambrose.

As Harper leaves, Mark Henry is last on the chopping block. Bryan makes a match between Ryback and Mark Henry.

"That's what I DOOO!" - Daniel Bryan

And that match starts now!


Mark Henry vs Ryback

The match immediately starts on the outside. After a break, Ryback destroys Henry with a Meat Hook to win.

Result: Ryback defeats Mark Henry by pinfall


Backstage, Steph and Trips are somberly walking when they encounter Vince McMahon. The Authority apologizes to Vince for letting him down. Vince says that he isn't angry, but disappointed that he has been failed. He tells The Authority that they're going to fix this mess. Vince also says that he's ashamed that he has to spend Thanksgiving with The Authority.


Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper (Intercontinental Championship)

Pretty strong match that ends suddenly when Harper shoves Ambrose into the referee, causing a DQ.

Result: Dean Ambrose defeats Luke Harper by DQ

After the DQ, Ambrose tries to beat Harper up with tables, ladders, and chairs, but Bray Wyatt attacks Ambrose and Sister Abigails him on the outside. Wyatt throws Ambrose over the announce table and buries him in chairs.


Lillian Garcia introduces Santino Marella and Larry the Cable Guy.

Enjoy this...

Eventually The Dust Bros come out to save us all.


The Dust Bros vs The Miz/Damien Mizdow (WWE Tag Team Championship)


Pretty good tag match that sees Mizdow involved for the majority of the match due to Miz running an injury angle. However, at the end, Miz tags himself in and gives the Skull-Crushing Finale to Stardust for the win.

Result: The Miz/Damien Mizdow defeats The Dust Bros by pinfall


Backstage, a miserable Koncessions Kane is standing at his stand when he's approached by a "manager." The manager tells him that if anything goes missing, it will be deducted from his pay.


Rusev and Lana are in the ring.

Lana complains that America is not fair.

Upset, she hands the mic to Rusev. He says that he won't be brainwashed by the "dumb Americans."  They start to leave, but Daniel Bryan appears on the Trinitron to remind him of his option. To ensure that Rusev says the Pledge of Allegiance, Bryan sends down a supervisor:


Slaughter commands the nation's colors to be shown. He then orders Rusev to say the Pledge. Rusev continues to refuse while Lana sheepishly starts to say it.

Eventually, Rusev takes the microphone from Lana and throws it away. Rusev and Slaughter have a staredown for a few minutes until Jack Swagger comes down to make the save. After a brief beating, Swagger locks Rusev in the Patriot Lock for a few seconds until Rusev wiggles out and escapes.


Koncessions Kane gets frustrated with the cash register and just starts giving away food. Larry the Cable Guy and Santino Marella come up to order. Santino gets mustard squirted on him, and Larry gets a free hot dog, with Kane saying that he's a fan of Larry.


Justin Gabriel vs Fandango

If you saw their match during the Survivor Series Kickoff, this was exactly the same.

Result: Fandango defeats Justin Gabriel by pinfall


Big Show happily comes out to the ring.

He asks the crowd if they're cool, and generally tries to play down his betrayal of John Cena.

Show claims that this is all a mistake due to him being a human being. He claims to despise The Authority...then starts talking about his being a giant. However, on the inside, he has emotions.

Getting emotional, Big Show claims that he made a snap decision and panicked when he hit Cena.

You see, Show was faced with THREE fresh Authority members, and Show had to do what he had to do. He swears to the crowd that if he could have a do-over, he wouldn't have done what he had done.

He asks the crowd to forget about what happened last night, but they aren't biting; instead, they chant "You sold out."

At this moment, Big Show snaps at the crowd, blasting them for chanting at him. He says the he deserves respect....DAMMIT! He addresses the cowards in the locker room who whisper behind his back, telling them to face him like a man.

After a few seconds, Erick Rowan comes out. Big Show taunts him, calling him "the upside-down Sheamus."  Rowan enters the ring as the crowd chants his name. He takes his mask off, takes the mic, and tells Big Show that he doesn't like bullies. Rowan attack and runs Big Show out of the ring.


Backstage, Seth Rollins and J&J Security are talking when Dolph Ziggler comes in. Ziggler tells J&J Security that he asked all 1.4 million of his Twitter followers to vote for them. Rollins frustratingly hits himself as the segment ends.


Brie Bella vs AJ Lee

Before this starts, AJ has a mic and starts mocking Nikki's new accessory. She also rails Brie due to her actions at Survivor Series (AJ used "lezbihonest").

Pretty much a sloppy nothing match.

Result: Brie Bella defeats AJ Lee by pinfall

After the Bella leave, AJ cuts a promo against the Bellas, and the gist of it is this: it takes two Bella to beat AJ, and "Talent is not sexually transmitted."


Adam Rose and The Bunny vs Tyson Kidd and Natalya

Santino Marella and Larrry the Cable Guy are on commentary.

So let me get this straight...Tyson Kidd, one of the best NXT performers, is relegated to wrestling Adam Rose and The Bunny with his wife on Raw.....

Result: Tyson Kidd and Natalya defeat Adam Rose and The Bunny


Backstage, Renee Young congratulates Ryback on his win earlier tonight. Ryback is hungry and wants to find a concession stand.


A New Day comes next Monday

Ryback approaches Kane's Koncessions and wants food. Words are exchanged, and Ryback shoves Kane between the wall and the stand and sprays mustard on him. After Kane runs away, Ryback throws Kane his nuts.

Renee Young interviews John Cena and Dolph Ziggler. Cena says stuff, but Ziggler talks about his test against The Authority. He attributes their victory to a miracle: Sting. Cena takes the mic and talks about the upcoming match in his usual Cena fashion.


John Cena and Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins and J&J Security

Daniel Bryan comes out to announce Seth Rollins' partners: J&J Security!

Average match that sees Cena and Ziggler pin J&J after both of their finisher.

Result: Cena/Ziggler defeat Rollins and J&J Security

After the match, Rollins tries to leave, but Daniel Bryan shoves him into the ring, where he gets a superkick and an AA.

Bryan, Cena, and Ziggler celebrate when a message tone plays. The camera cuts to the announce table, and a familiar podium is set up.

The Anonymous GM is back...sigh.

Next Monday is "Cyber Monday", so order will return to Raw.

Show's over, I'm done. Good night everyone.