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Luke Harper wins Intercontinental title on Raw

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Tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw kicked off with The Authority promising to decimate Team Cena by the end of the evening. That started with Dolph Ziggler being forced to defend the Intercontinental championship against Luke Harper with Seth Rollins, Jamie Noble, and Joey Mercury ringside.

And while he fought valiantly against the long odds against him, he could not overcome and Harper won the title.

Ziggler is no John Cena, I guess.

There were rumors that this could happen days ago, but it wasn't expected to take place so soon. It's clear WWE feels strongly about Harper considering he's the first Wyatt Family member to hold a title. Meanwhile, Erick Rowan is off making women feel uncomfortable while Bray Wyatt is toying with Dean Ambrose.

Who would have thought Harper would be the first to hold a title? Apparently Wyatt "fixed" him after all, huh?

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