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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (Oct. 6, 2014): The Rock returns, Dean Ambrose stars

WWE returned to the USA network for Monday Night Raw last night (Oct. 6, 2014) from Brooklyn, New York featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) later this month in Dallas. That includes finally booking two matches for the show. There was also a big surprise return from The Rock.

Click here to get full results with the live blog. Let's get to reacting to all the night's events.


Real Heel

This past weekend when discussing what we all want from John Cena these days, more than a couple responders said the immediate hope was that Dean Ambrose would call him out on Raw this week to make him answer for the nonsense he pulled on SmackDown.

Surprise! That's pretty much exactly what happened.

Ambrose came out, said he couldn't take it anymore, and he wanted to confront Cena over the fact that he both popped off at the mouth and bailed out on the tag match last week.

Cena's response? "You fans all know and understand why Ambrose wants Rollins, right?"

Fans: "Yeah."

Cena: "Then you should know the same applies to me. Dueces!"


Remember, Cena is so eager to get revenge, he's turned into the most selfish guy on the WWE roster and this more or less proved he may actually be downright delusional to go along with it.

Ambrose responded true to character: You got no business here like I got business here and I will drop you right where you stand if you get in the way again and take on The Authority by myself.

Cena, unbelieveably enough, responds with an insult, mockingly calling Ambrose "Einstein" and reminding him that he got his ass handed to him the last time he tried that and ended up missing five weeks after having his head put through cinder blocks.

So, when Cena does it, it's valiant, but when Ambrose does it, it's stupidity.

Got it.

Cena goes on to say that he feels the same as Dean, and he will drop Ambrose where he stands if he makes an enemy of him.

Remember, the only reason they are enemies here is because Cena is sticking his nose in someone else's business to satisfy a personal vendetta he himself has magnified to ridiculous proportions while lamely attempting to justify his petty, selfish actions and outright ignoring how insane he sounds while running over innocent bystanders.

Ambrose decides he's had enough of this insanity and leaves Cena to deal with the handicap match in the main event by himself because you know what? That's what the dude deserves. Later, in said main event, Ambrose returns at the exact right time to make the save for Cena, though, in fairness, that surely wasn't the intention. Still, it was a direct result of the action either way.

When The Authority get around to announcing that Cena vs. Ambrose would take place at Hell in a Cell with the winner getting Rollins, Cena's response was to smile and tell Ambrose he would see him at the show. Again, he has no problem with running through Dean in this scenario to settle up an issue with Rollins that he himself blew up inside his own head while seemingly not realizing how amazingly wrong he is in all this.

You can stop waiting for the John Cena heel turn. He's been a heel for weeks now, folks.

For the sake of helping explain the following grade being so high, I was greatly entertained by all of Ambrose's antics. He is the PG version of Stone Cold Steve Austin with a bit of Brian Pillman sprinkled in but even that is unfair because he's entirely unique. The dude randomly left in the middle of the show to go get a hot dog cart, strapped himself with ketchup and mustard like they were six-shooters, and drew them on Randy Orton and Kane like they were legitimate weaponry.

This man is amazing.

Segment(s) grade: B


So this guy came back

The Rock is electrifying, that much is obvious. When his music hit those speakers, that crowd, a so-called "smark" crowd with similar sensibilities, blew the roof off the joint in appreciation for both the big surprise -- and it was just that, as there was no indication he was returning here -- and for the man himself.

He's good at this whole sports entertainment thing.

But The Rock, for as great as I know him to be, is not for me. He is who he has always been and I don't enjoy it anymore. It's a unique position to be in, considering the product and the masters WWE has to serve, but there's a fine line between being edgy or childish.

Calling Lana a whore and telling Rusev his breath smells like Chewbacca's ballsack -- and wouldn't Rock need to know that smell to make such a statement, that's not weird at all -- does nothing for me. Then again, even as a teenager, I far preferred Sting mysteriously dropping from the sky to Scorpion Death Drop everyone, or Stone Cold Steve Austin responding to Pat Patterson acting like he was going to step to him by telling Pat to keep his jacket on or he'll "come up there and stomp a mudhole in your ass and walk it dry".

During Rock's meandering storytelling session, I was hoping Rusev would stop standing there staring at him like an idiot and just superkick him in his big mouth. Instead, he stood there and listened while Rock insulted him and when Rock was good and ready he dropped Rusev and that was that.

If you were there live, this was probably one of the greatest segments they could give you. On television, not so much.

As for the booking of it, I don't mind Rusev showing ass here because The Rock is still The Rock and this should lead to his more or less murdering Big Show when he takes out his newfound aggression after this humiliation.

Segment grade: D+


Quick hitters:

  • The rest of this show was a dumpster fire.
  • We need you, Paul Heyman.
  • You too, Brock Lesnar.
  • When Dolph Ziggler & The Usos teamed up against Cesaro & Stardust & Goldust, you knew exactly what you were getting and that's excatly what you got. Sometimes, that's not a good thing. Triple superkick was nice, but the continued lack of real follow up on that hot Ziggler-Cesaro match on SmackDown two weeks ago is disappointing. Brooklyn would have ate that match up.
  • Can you imagine the booking meeting that occurred when they told Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb what they were planning to have them do on Raw? "Here's the plan: We'll play Adam Rose's music the whole time, you'll dance, then randomly start breaking bottles on each other's asses. After, Rose will have you trust fall into a goofy looking crowd of wackos. Cool?"
  • I'll just put the result here, because that speaks for itself: Brie Bella def. Summer Rae via pinfall with one arm tied behind her back.
  • Wondering why Jack Swagger has a black eye was more entertaining than his win over Tyson Kidd and the lame attempt at a continued tease of a break up between Kidd and Natalya.
  • Edge & Christian appeared a few times on this show for 15-30 second spots to hype a show on the Network and were more entertaining in that time than anyone else on this show not named Dean Ambrose.
  • Roman Reigns gave an interview they hyped to the sky and all he did was say "attitude" and "uh" a lot. Michael Cole's opening question was literally "how do you feel?" Reigns: "Better".
  • Hornswoggle is a small Gator and he lost to El Torito, who is a small bull. The most entertaining tag team in WWE, Slater Gator, are left playing second fiddle to this nonsense.
  • I liked that AJ Lee recruited Emma to be her tag partner, tried to taunt Paige with it, and then decided she couldn't handle Emma and just left. Normally the heel walkout finish sucks, but this made sense for the story and the character within it.
  • Thank you, Brooklyn, for ignoring Sheamus vs. The Miz in favor of appreciating Damien Mizdow for his brilliance.

This show sucked. Can you imagine if Ambrose was still gone?

Overall grade: D

That's it from me, Cagesiders. Now it's your turn to sound off in the comments section below with all your thoughts on last night's show. How did you like it, if you liked it at all?

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