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Surprise! The Rock returns to WWE on Raw in Brooklyn to confront Rusev, Lana

If ya smell and all that.

Earlier in the day, some pro wrestling sites reported that The Rock was in New York today on the same day that WWE was running the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for Monday Night Raw and how there may or may not be a connection. Because there was no obvious connection, I felt this silly and didn't bother mentioning anything here on the site.

Then Raw happened.

Rusev and Lana came out for a promo to rub some salt in Big Show's wounds after he was temporarily "suspended" for disrespecting the Russian flag last week. When they called him out, knowing he wouldn't answer, they sat smug in all their perceived superiority.


The pop was thunderous for The Rock's surprise return, one he spoiled himself on Twitter. He came out, cracked the typical jokes you would expect from him, laid Rusev out, and that was that.

How did you like it, Cagesiders?

Here's another video showing his entrance and the pop that accompanied it:

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