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WWE Raw results, live blog (Oct. 6, 2014): Roman Reigns returns

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 6, 2014) from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for later this month in Dallas.

Advertised for tonight: Roman Reigns returns for a "live interview", Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford from the "Today" show will act as special guests, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)



The General at the helm. Let us do this.

Seth Rollins out first to start the show, and he's pissed telling the production crew to kill the music. He's livid at the crowd for what happened last week, what with Dean Ambrose rigging his Money in the Bank briefcase to spew green goo all over him.

He cued footage of "the real highlight" from last week and it was The Authority taking out both Ambrose and John Cena.

Rollins claims he's patient and will stand for a lot but won't stand for embarrassment. Suddenly, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury appeared and asked him to leave. Rollins said he understands he's a marked man and he loves that.

While he was going on, Cena ran down to the ring and attacked. Rollins bailed out quickly through the crowd. Noble and Mercury, mind you, did nothing to get in Cena's way.

As Rollins was looking at the ring laughing at Cena, Ambrose rolled up behind him and acted like a casual observer. Then he attacked.

This led to a brief brawl that ended when Rollins ran to the back.

That brought out The Authority. Stephanie said they wouldn't let the show devolve into a chaotic mess and Rollins let his ego overrule his brain this time. Triple H chimed in and said it was clear both Cena and Ambrose wanted a crack at Seth. And because The Authority is about opportunity, they wanted to ask the WWE Universe if they wanted to see Cena and Ambrose get their hands on Rollins.

Brooklyn exploded.

Triple H promised to give it to us right here in that very ring tonight. He booked Ambrose & Cena vs. Rollins & Randy Orton & Kane in a handicap match for the main event.

"Careful what you wish for, boys, and have a good night."


After announcing that Big Show vs. Rusev would happen tonight on Twitter 15 minutes before this show went live, they revealed that instead The Authority decided Show needed sensitivity classes and he was pulled from the show.

Michael Cole remarked that it was political in nature and JBL said everything is political these days.

They did reveal that Rusev and Lana will have a promo response to Show's apology on SmackDown this past week.


Cesaro & Goldust & Stardust vs. Dolph Ziggler & The Usos

They worked a typical tag match early, with Ziggler, who was super over in front of the Brooklyn crowd, set up to get the hot tag to come in and clean house. He got into a one-on-one with Cesaro, so it looks like they may be continuing that feud.

As with most six-man tag matches, it was chaotic late. The finish saw Stardust eat a triple superkick before Jimmy Uso hit a splash to get the pinfall and the win for the babyface team.

Ziggler & Usos def. Cesaro & Gold & Stardust


Adam Rose came out next with Hoda and Kathie Lee of the "Today" show. They started talking about partying and having a good time but they couldn't party too much and have too good of a time.

The annoying Rose music played the entire segment, by the way.

Finally, the ladies got up and started dancing. Then, for some reason, they broke bottles on each other's asses.

Adam Rose convinced the ladies to do the trust fall into the crowd and they crowd surfed their way to the back.


The segment was cut off by another promo for Luke Harper. It was the exact same promo they aired last week.


Bo Dallas vs. Mark Henry

Henry rushed the ring to murder Dallas and Bo ran away because he's not stupid.

The match was short and sweet. The finish was brilliant. They went to the outside and Henry was about to hit Bo with the World's Strongest Slam on the announce desk. Except when he put him up, Dallas jumped over his head and climbed into the ring just before the referee counted to 10.

Henry failed to beat the count and lost.

Bo def. Henry


Dean Ambrose came out saying he's been in the back and couldn't take it anymore and he had to come out to talk about something that's been bothering him.

John Cena.

He ran back video of SmackDown, when Cena bailed on Ambrose during the main event tag team match and left him to get destroyed by Randy Orton and Kane before coming back when it was too late.

Ambrose, understandably, is pissed off about it.

"I told John Cena, don't give me a reason not to like you. And I'm trying, John. I'm trying real hard."

He called him out and said they should just hash it out. "Please, John, indulge me with your presence."

That brought Cena out and he had his serious face on.

He came out and played to the crowd and got them to pop for Ambrose. He put him over, saying the crowd cheers for Ambrose because they understand his actions in regards to going after Rollins. Cena said that means they all should understand Cena's motivations.

Ambrose responded by saying, yeah, he would do the same to Cena and it's clear they don't give a crap about each other. If they can co-exist together, great, but if they can't, that's fine too because Dean has no problem dropping him where he stands and taking on The Authority by himself.

Cena ripped Ambrose for the idea of it, saying "hey, Einstein, last time that happened they put you through cinder blocks and you were out for five weeks".

What a dick.

Cena put over Ambrose for having guts but then made clear that he too would drop Ambrose where he stands and Dean is giving him a reason not to like him and that's not something he wants to do.


Ambrose said he was hungry and he was going to go get something to eat.

"Good luck tonight," he remarked as he walked off to fetch his meal. Cena wondered what the hell.


They showed Ambrose leaving on the subway and then cut to Triple H mocking John Cena walking backstage. He was cutting down Ambrose, saying he didn't understand why Ambrose didn't understand the opportunity to main event Monday Night Raw.

"All for a hot dog?"

Triple H claimed he felt bad about the 3-on-1 handicap match and Cena claimed he knew it was just The Authority trying to protect Rollins. Triple H said that he'll help Cena by making Rollins start the match tonight.

They kept trolling with Triple H and it was glorious.


Brie Bella vs. Summer Rae

Before the match, the referee tied one of Brie's arms behind her back. Nikki Bella was on top of the ramp watching it happen. The commentators made sure to make mention of the fact that Nikki had gone through all this, so it's only fair that Brie go through the same.

Brie still won the match after reversing Summer into the ropes and hitting what looked like a stiff knee. She led a "YES" chant after.

Brie def. Summer


Kane walked up on a gift basket and The Miz and Damien Mizdow revealed it was the Hollywood way of saying "I'm sorry". Kane called the apology phony and told Miz to take his gift basket and shove it.

"I have a feeling that you'll be eating a Brogue Kick later."

The match was booked for later, Sheamus vs. Miz.


Jack Swagger vs. Tyson Kidd

Natalya was out with Tyson and they were pushing the martial problems that are currently plaguing the two on Total Divas. The match was short and Kidd bumped all around for Swagger, who was sporting a black eye, before tapping to the Patriot Act.

Swagger def. Kidd


The Roman Reigns interview was next and after saying he would be live at the arena, it turned out he was live via satellite, even though he was in the same city earlier today.

Michael Cole asked how he's doing and when he might be back. He said he's doing pretty good and he's feeling a lot better than he was before and he'll be back as soon as possible.

"With the right attitude, focus, and positive attitude..." Good one, Roman!

And that was that.


This entire thing lasted like three minutes.



El Torito vs. The Gator

This is happening.

Torito set it up to blind The Gator before Heath Slater came in and got the gator roll. Then Titus O'Neil ended up on the apron and got knocked off. The crowd was chanting all sorts of nonsense.

Finally, mercifully, it ended with El Torito hitting the splash for the pin.

El Torito def. The Gator


Lana and Rusev were out next to respond to Big Show's apology from SmackDown. They mentioned Vladimir Putin's birthday before saying that Show should be in prison for what he did to the flag.

You know, because it's a hate crime.

Rusev got the mic and they gave him the "WHAT" treatment. He said Big Show is afraid of him and told him to come on down so he can "CRUSH" him.

There was no response.


The Rock suddenly showed up to a thunderous pop.

"Rusev ... Lana ... right now, we need you to do two things: Know your role, and shut your mouth."

Rock started telling a story about waking up in Florida, hitting the gym to do some clanging and banging, and then flying to New York. He did some slut shaming, got a bunch of cheap pops by bringing up Derek Jeter, and generally took 20 minutes to say nothing.

But it was electrifying and all that.

Rock went on to do what Rock does, which is to insult the hell out of the heels in various ways that the crowd absolutely adored. At one point, he said Rusev has breath that smells like Chewbacca's beanbag.

They talked some more and finally Rock just laid the smack down on Rusev and that was that.


Paige & Alicia Fox vs. AJ Lee & Emma

They brought up the Emma-Paige connection and AJ played into it before the match to taunt Paige.

The match didn't run long at all and AJ walked out on Emma, leading to the heels getting the win.

Paige & Fox def. AJ & Emma


They aired another Wyatt Family promo, this time for Erick Rowan. It was done in the same way Luke Harper's was.

Awesome stuff.


The Miz vs. Sheamus

Sheamus was in control for much of the start, including using a kendo stick. Miz made a comeback late but was always down despite repeated help, or attempted help, from Damien Mizdow.

The finish, of course, was that the repeated attempts finally paid off when Miz got a roll up victory and a non-title win over the U.S. champion.

Miz def. Sheamus


John Cena vs. Seth Rollins & Randy Orton & Kane

Main event time.

As promised, Rollins started the match against Cena and they went back-and-forth. This includes Cena getting his five moves of doom in before Kane and Orton jumped in and they quickly called for the disqualification.

So it was barely a match.

When they went to attack, Ambrose came out with a hot dog cart and had ketchup and mustard in his belt like two six-shooters.

A big brawl broke out. Condiments went everywhere.

The Authority came out and announced that John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose is set for Hell in a Cell and the winner gets Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell.

Ambrose then proceeded to gut kick Cena and hit him with the double arm DDT.


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