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WWE Monday Night Raw being rewritten, Vince McMahon hitting the reset button?

In reaction to the upsurge in outspoken support for Daniel Bryan and the boos for Batista at last night's Royal Rumble, the script for tonight's Monday Night Raw has been rewritten several times today at the behest of one Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon is on the warpath again.
Vince McMahon is on the warpath again.
Michael N. Todaro

From a fan reaction standpoint, last night's Royal Rumble was a disaster.

First, came the hijacking of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship bout, where fans amused themselves with a series of catty chants, as John Cena and Randy Orton went through their paint by numbers, finisher trading, WWE main event style match, marred by a completely unnecessary ref bump. It was clear from the reaction that the fans in attendance were sick to death of the status quo on top and wanted a shake up.

Unfortunately, the change they craved didn't involve a rusty Batista huffing and puffing his way to a mind numbingly predictable Royal Rumble victory. When Daniel Bryan failed to appear in the event, they turned on the poor sod unlucky enough to draw number 30, Rey Mysterio, and Hunter's handpicked babyface stars Sheamus and The Animal. Though they rallied around newcomer Roman Reigns during the final two, those cheers quickly turned to boos when Batista tossed him out and stood tall in the middle of the ring. Even the thunderous pyro couldn't completely muffle the dissent.

According to Dave Meltzer in his daily news update, this unexpected turn of events unsurprisingly led to the script for Monday Night Raw being rewritten earlier in the day, but the changes weren't all that significant:

"A lot of tonight's show is being rewritten. But I was told it's also par for the course."

However, it seems that Vince McMahon wasn't happy with that tinkering and called for the show to be overhauled again, less than two hours before bell time, according to the latest updates from

"After rewriting several segments throughout the day, we just got word the show is changing again less than two hours before it's start....

Update:  The writers were just called in by Vince McMahon and they are rewriting the show."

This may be evidence that Vince McMahon is hitting the reset button and his WrestleMania 30 plans, which looked to be set in stone last night, may be altered in light of the upsurge in outspoken support for Daniel Bryan, that has even led to mainstream coverage on the BBC website in the UK.

Find out later tonight by following our Raw results thread and live blog for the Jan. 27, 2014: Royal Rumble fallout show.