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WWE Raw results, live blog for Jan. 27, 2014: Royal Rumble fallout show

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Jan. 27, 2014) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Cleveland, Ohio, featuring all the fallout from the "Royal Rumble" pay-per-view (PPV) last night in Pittsburgh.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Jan. 27, 2014) from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, featuring the fallout show from the Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Advertised for tonight: All the results from the big show last night. Batista won the Royal Rumble and he's got a date with Randy Orton at WrestleMania 30. The Shield may have some internal issues. Sheamus is back and better than ever. Bray Wyatt has beef with John Cena. And the New Age Outlaws are new tag team champions.

Oh boy.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with our snark out.


The Authority tries to get things started off tonight and they are announcing that Orton will defend in at the Chamber.

The crowd starts the Daniel Bryan chants out early and the Authority brings Bryan out.

Bryan with a tongue in cheek tells the crowd not to chant Yes! because the Authority doesn't like it.

He says that people are talking about his match as the best, and HHH calls it a nice little effort.

Bryan says the biggest disappointment was him not being in the Rumble.

Stephanie says it was for his health and well being.

Bryan points out the gauntlet matches they put him through.

HHH says its a fair point but they didn't want to mistreat him again.

Stephanie says that he is being selfish and she has many to think about.  The fans aren't just here for him.

The crowd loudly disagrees.

Bryan says the greatness of wrestling is coming and cheering for whoever the fans want but the Authority should at least listen.

Daniel Bryan chants erupts and Bryan demands to be put in the Elimination Chamber match.

He gets face to face with HHH and says they aren't leaving until he gets what he deserves.

HHH says they aren't alone and the Shield hits the scene.

Bryan quickly grabs a chair and tries to fend themm off but he is quickly overwhelmed.

Sheamus makes his way for the save but he is quickly overwhelmed and gets stomped on.

John Cena now!

Cena is enough to help turn the odds as the combined might of Bryan, Cena, and Sheamus are able to send the Shield into retreat.


Real Americans vs Sin Car and Rey Mysterio Jr.

Result: Real Americans win by pinfall


  • Cesaro and Mysterio start things off.  After some quick uppercuts and kicks they both tag their partners in.
  • Cara with some knees to the back of Swagger head and a springboard elbow.  Sunset flip fails but when Swagger charges, Cara ducks under sending him to the outside and then he hits a suicide dive.
  • Colter yells at Swagger and then bitch slaps him as Cesaro pulls Swagger back into the ring.
  • Swagger with some fire in him now with a powerslam and some shoulder blocks as we head to break
  • Back from break and Sin Cara is planting Swagger face first into the mat.  Cesaro tags in and gets dumped to the outside.  Cara tries for the tag but Cesaro yanks Mysterio off the apron before getting back in the ring.
  • Cesaro with a backbreaker-inverted power bomb combo.  Tags in Swagger and they hit a double team slam.
  • Swagger for the Swagger Bomb but misses as Cesaro makes the tag.  Cesaro misses a splash and Cara gets the tag in.
  • Mysterio with a hurricarana, seated senton from the top rope, and a bulldog counter to get a two count.  Sin Cara makes the tag and launches Mysterio into a hurricarana on Cesaro into the ropes.  Mysterio htis the 619 but Cara misses with a Swanton Bomb.
  • Sin Cara goes for a springboard splash but Cesaro coutners with a brutal uppercut and hits the Neutralizer for the pinfall.


Bad News Barrett.

He thanks us for joining him but he has Bad News as we get a Miz-Ziggler match later.

Unfortunately, is a Battle of Cleveland and possibly for Cleveland.  Which makes for two losers because Cleveland is filled with nothing but losers.


Promo for the Monday Ngihts War show coming to the Network.


Fandango vs R-Truth

Result: R-Truth wins by pinfall


  • Woods on commentary
  • They quickly give us an extended cut of Emma.
  • Truth hits a ax kick and Fandango bails to the outside.  He hides behind Summer Rae and launches a sneak attack on Truth. Summer Rae taunts the crowd after the attack
  • Back in the ring and Fandango is taking it to Truth with a series of kicks and slams.
  • Truth with a back elbow to take back control but a Fandango kick ends the comeback quickly.
  • Fandango goes up top for the top rope leg drop but Truth dodges and hits his finisher for the win


Brad Maddox in the ring and he brings out Randall Orton.

Orton isn't pleased that he had to defend the championship in the Elimination Chamber.

He calls out Lesnar and Batista and out comes Batista.

Batista being showered with boos.

He tries to talk to Orton but the crowd is chanting for Bryan.

Batista says he has met two goals- returning to WWE and winning the Rumble.  He has one more to go.

He doesn't care if it's Orton, Cena, the Shield, or yes, even Daniel Bryan.

No matter who has the title, they won't have it leaving WM.


Business just picked up folks.

Heyman says tells Maddox that Lesnar is impatient.

The Authority has two options- authorize a title match between Lesnar-Orton or else.


Battle of Cleveland: Dolph Ziggler vs the Miz

Result: Dolph Ziggler wins by pinfall


  • Miz opens up with a big knee and a backbreaker
  • Miz up top for the double ax handle but Ziggler counters with a dropkick.  He goes for the fameasser but Miz dodges
  • Ziggler locks in the sleeper and after a good minute Miz finally fights his way out and hits a head kick for a two count
  • Ziggler and Miz exchange a series of slam and counters
  • Miz goes for the skull crushing finale but Ziggler hits a counter slam
  • Ziggler with the Zig Zag for the win
  • Suprisingly quick match for the hometown boys


Rybaxel vs the Usos

Result: Usos win by pinfall


  • Axel with the early control.  Series of forearms and elbows keeps the Uso grounded.
  • Uso with a kick to try adn get control but Axel just mauls him and then executes some shennanigans in the ropes
  • He tags in Ryback who hits a splash in the corner and then a delayed vertical suplex
  • Usos fights back with a series of punches but Ryback lays him out with a clothesline.
  • Ryback with some stomps and then a chinlock
  • Ryback with a spear attempt in the corner but the Uso dodges and Ryback collides with post
  • Both men get the tags in and the Uso comes out on fire.  He batters Axel in the corner enoguh that the ref has to pull him off.
  • Ryback with the blind tag as the Uso htis the Samoan Drop on Axel and goes for a pin
  • Ryback assaults him and goes for his finisher but the Uso makes a blind tag as well and hits Ryback with a superkick
  • The other Uso hits a suicide dive on Axel as the legal Uso hits a splash off the top rope for the win


Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston

Result: Alberto Del Rio wins by pinfall


  • Del Rio with the opening salvo.  A Del Rio slam gets countered by a Kofi kick
  • Kofi with the ten count punch in the corner but ADR hits a dropkick to take back control
  • ADR with a superkick that just MDKs Kingston
  • ADR puts Kofi into the post before grounding him with a chinlock
  • ADR with some weird attempt at an ax handle off the top rope.
  • Crowd chanting for JBL
  • ADR with punches in the corner and while JBL stands up to send them into an uproar
  • ADR yells at JBL
  • They start to chant for Jerry
  • ADR and Kingston dueling on the top rope as Jerry stands up for the cheer
  • Both men sent tumbling to the floor as we head to break
  • Back from break and ADR hits a hellacious German suplex
  • He charges in but gets caught with a boot and Kingston hits a tornado DDT
  • Kingston with some kicks and then the Boom Drop
  • He calls for the Trouble in Paradise but Del Rio ducks under
  • Kingston follows up with the SOS but Del Rio has a foot on the rope for the save
  • ADR backstabber for two
  • Del Rio gets Kofi caught up in the corner and hits a brutal stomp from the turnbuckle which he follows up with a superkick for the win


WWE Tag Team Championship Match: New Age Outlaws (c) vs Rhodes Bros

Result: Rhodes Bros win by DQ.  NAO retains.


  • After their shtick, Road Dogg denies that they are in collusion with the Authority.  "You were good, you just weren't good enough" which leads to Rhodes Bros attacking.
  • NAO saying they shouldn't have to do this the night after winning but start the match anyway.
  • Gunn with the suck it signal to Goldust so Goldust punces with some forearms and then an armdrag
  • Gunn bails to the outside and Dogg cools him off with JBL's hat
  • Dogg tags in and Goldy goes to town on him as well
  • Dogg with some stalling tactics
  • Goldust with a slam and then tags in his brother
  • Cody with a series of kicks and then some holds on Dogg
  • Cody goes up for the moonsault so Dogg quickly bails from the ring
  • Dogg finally makes it back into the ring and Rhodes hits a snapmare
  • Another series of holds from Cody before he tags in Goldy
  • Goldy with some slick strikes before the NAO starts quick tagging but they get an advantage as Goldy just keeps schooling them both
  • Gunn finally ends the assault with a big drop kick as we head to break
  • Back form break and Goldy with a scoop slam on Dogg and follows it up with a sunset flip for two
  • They both make tags and Rhodes lays out Gunn with a knee and tells him to suck it
  • Dogg interferes from Cody springboard into a double dropkick
  • Gunn with a clothesline to lay him out
  • Lesnar! Lesnar!
  • He hits the F5 on both of the Rhodes Bros
  • Heyman announces that the Authority took a thrid option and Lesnar faces no one
  • Lesnar assaults the Rhodes Bros with some chair shots


TD vs Non-TD 8-Woman Tag Match

Result: TD win


  • Naomi went ham sandwich for a stretch and there was a really awkward triple suplex
  • Everything else was pretty much a clusterfuck


WWE Hall of Fame announcement



Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Sheamus vs the Shield

Result: Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and Sheamus win by DQ


  • The winning team gets spots in the chamber
  • Cena and Ambrose start things off
  • Lock up an Cena gets the advantage and lays out Ambrose with a shoulder block
  • Rollins makes the tag and he has to hold back Ambrose who isn't pleased about being tagged out
  • Cena with a bear hug and when he whips Rollins, Rollins uses some quick changes of direction to dodge the assault
  • Rollins tags in Reigns.  Roman Reigns chant
  • Reigns lays out Cena a few times with some clotheslines and tackles
  • Cena tags in Sheamus
  • Reigns swarms Sheamus in the corner with some elbow and stomps
  • Sheamus fights his way out with some forearms and then a big boot
  • Neckbreak from Sheamus
  • Reigns drives Sheamus into his corner and Rollins tags him in
  • Rollins with some strikes and then a whip which Sheamus counters with a kick
  • Sheamus with the rolling fireman's carry and then a brutal kick
  • Forearm spot in the ropes
  • Rollins is able to fight his way out and tags in Ambrose
  • Ambrose with a series of bodyshots but Sheamus escapes and makes the tag to Bryan
  • Bryan with a series of kicks and a running dropkick in the corner
  • Bryan with a top rope hurricarana
  • Ambrose makes the tag to Rollins who runs straight into a Bryan assault
  • Bryan with the surfboard stretch and Sheamus makes the tag
  • Quick assault from Sheamus before he tags in Cena and they hit a double suplex
  • Cena with strikes in the corner but Rollins fights out with some elbows as we head to break
  • Back from and Rollins is hitting a tope rope neckbreaker
  • Rollins gets Cena trapped in the ropes as Reigns tags in
  • Reigns hits the dropkick onto the apron
  • Reigns readies the Superman Punch and it lands!
  • He goes for the spear but Cena dodges and Reigns goes flying to the outside
  • Reigns makes it back in time though to lay out Cena to prevent him from making the tag
  • Tag to Ambrose
  • Ambrose and Rollins exchanging quick tags as they keep up a blistering pace of strikes
  • Things slow down as Ambrose works a shoulder lock and then transitions to a sleeper hold
  • Ambrose with the headlock driver gets a two count
  • Ambrose goes in for more but Cena hits the AA
  • Both men make tags to Rollins and Bryan
  • Bryan with a drop kick to Reigns off the apron
  • Series of kick to Rollins and then a suicide dive to Ambrose
  • Missile dropkick to Rollins and then a series of roundhouse kicks
  • Reigns recovers and hits a spear on Bryan!  Cena tries to save him with an AA but Reigns escapes and spears Cena!
  • Running knee from Bryan to Reigns!
  • Rollins is still the legal man and goes for the roll up
  • Rollins with a German suplex but Bryan lands on his feet
  • Buckle bomb from Rollins gets a two count
  • Bryan goes for a running drop kick in the corner but Rollins dodges and goes for a roll up
  • Bryan counters to a Yes! lock but Ambrose breaks it up
  • Ambrose eats a Brogue Kick but then Rollins takes out Sheamus
  • Bryan and Rollins take each other out with running clotheslines
  • Ambrose and Rollins make tags to Cena and Reigns
  • Cena locks in the STF but Reigns powers out and WYATT FAMILY
  • Wyatt Family in the ring when the lights come on and they are beating on Cena
  • Sheamus and Bryan trying to save Cena and its a massive brawl
  • The faces are able to repel the attack
  • The attack gives the DQ win to the faces!
  • Fantastic match





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