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WWE Raw results, live blog for Jan. 13, 2014: Daniel Bryan & Bray Wyatt vs. Usos

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Jan. 13, 2014) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Providence, Rhode Island, featuring Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt teaming up to take on The Usos.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Jan. 13, 2014) from the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island, featuring all the latest build to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) that is now less than two weeks away.

Advertised for the show: Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt will form a tag team together to take on The Usos in the continuing story of the former becoming a monster with assistance from the latter, Randy Orton confronting The Authority about its decision to book him against John Cena for his WWE world heavyweight title, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt vs The Usos

Result: The Usos win by DQ


  • Getting down to brass tax early to start things off
  • Bryan and Wyattt are just going to town on an Uso in the corner as they exchange quick tags
  • Crowd is so hot for Bryan
  • Bryan with a knee drop to Uso who is laying halfway off the apron
  • Wyatt with a tag in and some ground and pound before tagging back in Bryan
  • Bryan with a series of submissions with kicks peppered in during the transitions
  • Uso finally gets back into the action with a superkick and a splash in the corner
  • He goes for the pin but Wyatt breaks it up
  • He sends Wyatt and then Bryan out of the ring and both Usos hit a suicid dive
  • They toss them back in and both go up top but Rowan and Harper take them out for a dq
Harper and Rowan pound on the Usos but they are able to get quick superkick to Bryan when he tries to get involved as they bail.

Wyatt yells at Bryan to get up and then whispers in his ear.

Bryan then kneels before Bray as the crowd chants NO! NO! NO!

Wyatt then lands the Sister Abigail on Bryan.

"I do it for all of us.  This will make a change!" -Wyatt

Harper and Rowan then carry Bryan out of the ring until the ramp when he finally starts walking under his own power.


John Cena vs Damien Sandow

Result: Cena wins by pinfall


  • They aren't messing around going straight into the entrances as we come back from break
  • Crowd continues to be hot with the dueling Cena chants
  • Cena armdrag into a shoulder lock
  • Sandow with some chicanery to escape and hits a series of headbutts
  • Powerslam follows the headbutt as we head to break
  • Back from break and Cena is in control.  He goes for the AA but Sandow counters into a slam of that gets a two count
  • Cena with a drop toe hold and goes for the STF but Sandow counters into a submission of his own
  • Cena powers out and hits a slam for a two count
  • Cena goes up top but Sandow greets him there with some elbows and headbutts
  • Cena sheds Sandow and hits a Tornado DDT! Two Count!
  • Neckbreaker from Sandow
  • Cena counters Sandow's follow up with an STF but Sandow makes it to the rope
  • Sandow with a crippler crossface but Cena picks him up and hits the AA for the win


Kane and Maddox bicker about the way Raw is going.

They then set up a cage match for later between the Wyatts and the Usos again


Big Show vs Jack Swagger

Result: Show wins by pinfall


  • Swagger goes for a double leg takedown but gets ragdolled
  • Show is just tossing Swagger around
  • Swagger gets a kick in but is quickly leveled with a series of clotheslines
  • Chokeslam and that's all she wrote.  Swagger got squashed
Cesaro teases going after Show but he quickly flees as Show chases him.

Show starts to go after Colter and then Cesaro attacks but is quickly dispatched.

Show grabs Colter for a WMD but pauses for a good minute.

He then winks at Colter and hits the WMD.


NAO is out and they do their schitck.

They bring out Punk and then the Shield comes out.

The Shield vs NAO and CM Punk

Result: The Shield wins by pinfall


  • Ambrose with some early strikes on Gunn
  • Ambrose quickly tags in Rollins but Gunn takes it to him with a couple of slams
  • Gunn tags in Dogg and Ambrose tags in Rollins right away
  • Ambrose with some strikes that takes Dogg down
  • Ambrose gets into it with Punk a bit
  • Dogg with some jabs and then works a hold on Ambrose
  • Ambrose tries to make it to the corner but Dogg prevents it and tags in Punk
  • Punk whips Ambrose to the corners and hits some elbows
  • Ambrose with a big boot but Punk tries for the GTS but Ambrose escapes and Rollins tags in
  • He immeadately tries to hit it on Rollins but he escapes and tags in Reigns
  • Reigns takes it to Punk but gets countered and sent out of the ring
  • Punk with a suicide dive as we head to break
  • Back from break and Punk is hitting a neckbreaker on Rollins
  • Rollins with a tag to Reigns who lays out Punk with a running dropkick from the outside as Punk is dangled in the ropes.  Damn that was fantastic
  • Ambrose with a series of punches and then stomps to Punk
  • Ambrose with a series of locks before tagging in Rollins
  • Rollins with some ground and pound before bringing back in Ambrose
  • Ambrose with some stomps and then he grinds his boot into Punk and then grinds his forearm into him
  • Punk tries to make it to the corner but Ambrose intercepts and sends him to the outside
  • Ambrose tries to whip him into the steps but Punk counters and sends Ambrose into the steps
  • Punk tries to make it to the corner but Reigns becomes the legal man and drags him back to the Shield corner
  • Reigns does the DX Chop to the NAO but turns around into a Punk headkick
  • Punk makes it to the corner but NAO walks out on him!
  • Punk fights off the Shield briefly as they start to swarm him but Reigns hits the spear to end it
Shield acts like they are peacing out but Reigns goads them to hit the Triple Power Bomb and they do.


Wyatt Family in the back and Wyatt delivers a great motivational speech to Bryan.


The Funkadactyls vs Lee and Snuka

Result: Lee and Snuka win by pinfall


  • EMMA sighting in the crowd (and a giant #EMMAtainment sign) and commentary acknowledges it
  • Snuka and Cameron brawl a bit before Snuka lays out Cameron and tags in AJ
  • AJ neckbreaker
  • AJ takes out Naomi from the apron and then hits an enziguiri for the pin
Well that was short.  Naomi comes in and cleans house as AJ and Snuka get ready to attack Cameron some more.


Orton yelling at Kane in the back and he demands to be better protected.

Kane gives him Kofi Kingston to vent his frustration on.


First Inductee to the WWE Hallf of Fame 2014 Announcement.



Renee Young with Heyman.

Heyman says that Big Show is making one of the stupidest decisions in the history of WWE to come after Lesnar.

Heyman and Lesnar aren't impressed by the show of force against Swagger and Colter.


Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston



  • Orton sends Kingston out right away and follows him out with some brutal strikes
  • Orton tosses him back in and stomps him repeatedly in the corner
  • Whip into the other corner but he follows up into the boots of Kingston
  • Kingston with some kicks but Orton with a series of slams
  • Orton sends him out and before the countout can occur follows him out
  • Orton tries to slam Kingston's head into the table but Kingston counters and does it himself
  • Orton goes beserk and just demolishes him into the table
  • Orton tosses him back in and hits superplex for two
  • Orton with a series of stomps and knees to a downed Kingston
  • Kingston is able to get to his feet and sends Orton out.
  • He misses with a baseball slide
  • Orton tries to slam his head into the stairs but Kingston counters and does it himself
  • Kingston with a series of kicks to lay out Orton as we head to break
  • Back from break and Orton is slamming Kingston on the barrier
  • Orton is hitting slams left and right on the outside which he follows with whips into the various objects and barriers on the outside
  • Back on the inside Orton with some jumping stomps to Kingston's head
  • Orton with a chinlock as he yells at the crowd to shut up as they cheer Kingston on
  • Kingston fights out with an elbow and some chops
  • He goes for a dropkick but Orton swats him away
  • Orton with another lock but Kingston rolls him up! Only gets the two.
  • Orton follows it up with a series of uppercuts
  • He keeps taking it to Kingston with a series of slams
  • Kingston fights back and hits an SOS for the win!
Orton is furious and attacks Cena's dad!

Cena comes out and Orton bails quickly as Cena goes to check on his dad.


Rhodes Bros vs Rybaxel

Result: Rhodes Bros win by pinfall

Highlights: ADR wins by submission

  • Goldust takes it to Axel to start things off
  • A steady stream of strikes from Goldie gets Axel to make the tag
  • Ryback drops Goldie but he fights back with some punches before tagging in Cody
  • Cody with a missile dropkick and then he tags back in Goldie
  • Ryback makes the tag and Axel lays out Goldie with some punches and a dropkick
  • A couple of power slams and then he tags in Ryback
  • Ryback lays out Goldie with a clothesline and then works a sleeper
  • Axel tags in but Goldie works him with punches quickly
  • Ryback quickly tags in and prevents Goldie from getting the tag
  • Ryback tries to follow up with a slam but Goldie counters
  • Both men make the tag
  • Cody cleans house with a series of kicks
  • Big dropkick from Rhodes puts down Axel
  • He goes up for the Moonsault but Ryback goes to take him down, Rhodes dodges and hits the Disaster Kick
  • Axel takes advantage and goes for a neckbreaker but Cody counters into the Cross Rhodes for the win


Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio



  • Mysterio with a hurricarana that sends Del Rio into the ropes
  • He goes for the 619 early but Del Rio bails to the outside
  • Mysterio with a seated senton off the apron
  • Back in the ring and he hits a sunset flip and a big side kick
  • ADR with a knee drop to the arm
  • Powerslam from Del Rio
  • Tilt a whirl back breaker from Del Rio
  • Del Rio whips Mysterio in the corner and goes for the Alabama Slam
  • Mysterio counters into a hurricarana and hits the 619
  • He goes up top but Del Rio rcrotches him and then hits a superkick
  • Del Rio with the arm bar for the win
After the match, he promises to toss Batista out during the Rumble.


The pimp the Network a bunch with a video package.


Punk talks to Kane and he demands to see HHH and Stephanie.

Kane says they aren't there.  Punk calls it convenient and complains a bit.

Kane says that he had received word that Punk will get the chance to main event Mania, by being in the Rumble.

Punk says he is good with that but he has a problem with Kane.


Interesting video package thing from the Usos to promote their cage match tonight.  Not sure how to describe it really.


Cage Match (with the door locked by a chain): Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt vs the Usos

Result: Usos win by escape


  • Things start off with a brawl that ends with the Usos having the advantage
  • Usos with some dropkicks to Wyatt
  • Bryan and Wyatt fight back and take control after Wyatt sheds them both into the cage
  • Series of stomps and holds from the Wyatts (going with WYatts to make it easier)
  • Wyatt slingshots an Uso into the cage
  • Bryan tries to send the other one into the cage but he uses the momentum to climb up
  • Bryan and Uso trading blows on top of the cage
  • Wyatts work together to drag the Uso back into the cage
  • The other Uso is able to take the Wyatts down as we head to break
  • Back from break and an Usos with a big twisting moonsault to Bray
  • Bryan takes him out and then kicks the other Uso in the corner
  • Running dropkick to the Uso and Bryan tries to scale the cage
  • The other Uso delays him and then both Usos with a double suplex off the top rope
  • Wyatt is on fire now as he stomps both Usos into the ground
  • He goes for the Sister Abigail on one but eats a superkick from the other
  • The Usos try to scale the cage while Harper and Rowan shake the cage a bit
  • Wyatts meets them up and everyone in brawling on top of the cage
  • The Usos shed the Wyatts from the cage and escape to the floor for thw win
The Wyatts attack Jey but Jimmy is able to make the save.

Crowd going nuts for Bryan as Wyatt has words with him in the cage.

Wyatt whispers to him and Bryan prepares himself.

Wyatt goes for the Sister Abigail but Bryan escapes it!

"YOU DEFY ME!" -Wyatt

Crowd is going abosolutely bonkers.

Wyatt keeps taunting Bryan to come after him.

Wyatt now kneels and begs Bryan to come after him.

He doesn't and Wyatt stands up and goes after Bryan.

Bryan unleashes on Wyatt with a series of running dropkicks.

Series of roundhouses in the middle of the ring!  Finishes it off with a brutal one to the head!

He strips off the jumpsuit to reveal his normal ring gear!

Bryan with YES! Chants and the reaction is glorious.


Bryan scales the cage for more YES! chants.




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