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Rhodes family set for Monday Night Raw next week in Biloxi

The Rhodes family has accepted an invitation from Triple H to attend "Monday Night Raw" next week in Biloxi, Mississippi.


During yet another sitdown interview with Michael Cole for -- something that has happened once a week for the past month and all have been great -- Triple H extended an invitation to the entire Rhodes family to come to Monday Night Raw next week in Biloxi, Mississippi, for a business proposition.

From the interview:

"I will admit, Monday night I was angry. I was extremely angry. Cody Rhodes, Dustin, Goldust, whatever you want to call him, come into my house, jump my guardrail, put my WWE superstars at risk -- illegally! They trespass on my property, they attack my people... I was mad. That's an understatment. I had them carried out of that building and I was about to have them incarcerated, I was about to press charges, and I had a human moment where I stepped back and thought about it. And I felt bad for them. Because I know there's not a one of them in that family that has a job so they can't afford to bail themselves out of jail. They'll sit in that cell in Chicago and they'll rot. So I didn't press charges. I let them walk. I let them have their moment -- illegal moment -- and I had a couple days to think about it. I've had time to reflect and I've had time to look at's poll of the WWE Universe who overwhelmingly want the Rhodes to have jobs within the WWE. I listen to that. I'm about doing what's best for business and what the WWE Universe wants. I've calmed down and now I'm offering the Rhodes family an Olive branch. I'm going to allow Cody and Dustin -- or Goldust, whatever you want to call him -- and their father, the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, to come to Raw Monday night. I'm going to give them an open forum. They can stand in the ring, they don't have to trespass, they don't have to break and enter, they don't have to jump a guardrail, they don't have to break any laws; they can come to Monday Night Raw and I will let them get in the ring and I will let them have an open forum to say whatever it is they want to say. And I have a proposition for them, a lucrative proposition for them that I think they will be very interested in hearing. ... I guarantee the safety of the Rhodes family, just like I guarantee the safety of each and every WWE superstar on this roster."

He had a "human moment", folks. Thank a deity for that.

It didn't take long for Cody and Dustin -- or Goldust, if that's what you want to call him -- to respond.

They even used Tout! Best for business!

The Wrestling Observer is reporting the planned angle is to set up a match between Cody, Goldust, and Dusty and The Shield, likely for the upcoming Battleground pay-per-view (PPV) on Oct. 6 in Buffalo. I'll continue dreaming up a scenario that sees Dusty replaced by a returning Ted DiBiase and a fourth member added to each side for a War Games match. Hey, why not, it's not like the PPV event is going to sell with its already announced line-up, right?

See you Monday.

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