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WWE Raw results and live blog for Sept. 2: The sacrificial goat

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Sept. 2, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Des Moines, Iowa, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming "Night of Champions" pay-per-view (PPV) this later this month.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Sept. 2, 2013) from the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming Night of Champions pay-per-view (PPV) later this month in Detroit.

No matches have been announced for the show, though there are plenty of storylines to get to.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with out snark out.


The Shield stands guard at the ring as HHH introduces Randy Orton- the new face of the WWE.

He shows us footage of the destruction from last week before playing question and answer with the audience to make fun of the Yes and No chants.

HHH says that Bryan is popular but not what is best for business-ah.  He starts to compare Bryan to Doink the Clown and says that he can bring back the Cruiserweight and European Championships for him because he shouldn't be WWE Champion again.

Bryan comes out and says that he is glad to be compared to Doink the Clown.  He talks about Orton being handed everything and how he scratched his way to the top.  His work and effort is why he is going to beat Orton, who was handed everything because of his legacy.

HHH says that Bryan's anger should be directed at Big Show for standing by despite his iron clad contract.  HHH makes Bryan vs Big Show the main event of the evening.


In the back HHH and Orton run into Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes asks Orton why he seems to be avoiding a match up with Bryan and asks if its best for business.

HHH tells him that he doesn't know what's best for business and sets up a match of Orton vs Rhodes.  HHH pretty much states that if Rhodes loses, he will be fired.


Fandango vs the Miz

In a pretty sloppy match, the Miz beat Fandango with the Figure Four.  Apparently Fandango's nose was being worked on during the break.


Daniel Bryan warming up in the back and Booker T says he needs to talk to him.

Booker says that Bryan needs to quit on his quest to beat the McMahon's and get back the WWE Title.  The end result could mean the destruction of Bryan's career.

Bryan of course refuses this advice.


Dolph Ziggler vs a Mystery Opponent

As Ziggler waits for his opponent in the ring, Ambrose attack him from behind!

Are we getting Ambrose vs Ziggler?  Fuck Yeah!

Ambrose tells Ziggler he better respect the business after he puts him into the post.

Out comes Ryback.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  They got my hopes up and dashed them.]

Ryback takes a beating to the still dazed Ziggler as the bell rings.

Ryback tossing Ziggler around like a rag doll and Ziggler of  course is bumping like crazy.

Ziggler tries for a comeback, but Ryback eventually snuffs it out and gets the victory.


Maddox informs Vince and Stehanie that Big Show is refusing to fight Daniel Bryan.


Stephanie comes out to the ring and she is playing up Big Show as one of her best friends and mentors as she was growing up..

Big Show comes out and she explains that the price of not doing as they say.  She says that Big Show is broke and that he needs the WWE to give him the chance to support his family.  She then brings up what she says is his greatest fear- the fact that giants don't tend to live as long as the average person.  She says that Big Show is hurting his family and herself if he continues on this path.

Big Show nearly in tears.


After commercial, Big Show is just demolishing stuff in the back.


Teaser for Edge appearing on Raw next week.


PTP vs 3MB

In a short but entertaining match, PTP got the victory over the always entertaining 3MB.





Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton

In an excellent match, Orton defeats Cody Rhodes after Rhodes tweaks his knee in a Disaster Kick attempt.

HHH comes out to the ramp and proceeds to fire Cody Rhodes.  The crowd boos the move and shows major support for Rhodes.  When he gets back from his honeymoon he is going to be so damn over.


Punk out to the ring with a kendo stick and the mic.  He says that the beatdown at the hands of Heyman and Axel last week has put him in such a bad place that even he wouldn't want to fight himself right now.

He thanks all of the fans and his friends in Chicago while delivering them a message.  He is going to destroy Axel to get to Heyman.  It will be a side of CM Punk that we have never seen before and might not like because of the destruction he is going to rain on Heyman.


Bryan and Show in the back.  Show let's Bryan know that he wants nothing to do with this fight and Bryan tells him he doesn't care.

Show is upset and hesitant about the whole thing, but Bryan remains determined in his crusade.


Natalya vs Naomi vs Brie Bella

AJ is on commentary.  The match doesn't last long as AJ interferes and the participants beat her down.

Match was supposed to be for number one contender.


RVD vs Damien Sandow

In a run of the mill match, RVD was able to defeat Damien Sandow.

After the match, Del Rio hit the stage and raised his title to taunt RVD.


Stephanie in the back and announces that NoC will have a Fatal Four Way for the Divas Title.


Matthews tries to interview Rhodes on his way out of the building.  Rhodes cuts an absolutely fantastic promo about the history of the Rhodes with the WWE and the McMahons, his passion for the business, and the injustice that is occuring..  He is putting all of his heart and soul into this promo and it shows.  Damn fine promo.


Daniel Bryan vs Big Show

The roster has to line the stage once again to witness the machinations of HHH.

Throughout the few minutes of the match, Big Show is reluctant as he fends off Bryan.

Show continues to plead with Bryan, but Bryan continues the assault.

As Bryan comes off the top rope, Show spears him but starts to leave the ring.

HHH and the Shield come out as HHH demands that Show finish it.

Show is refusing and HHH demands again.

Show starts to walk off which leads to the Shield beating down Bryan.

Show heads in to make the save but HHH stops him as the Shield hold off the assault for the time being.

Show seems to back off and HHH gives the signal for Shield to Triple Powerbomb in the corner.

Show is in anguish in the corner.

HHH goes over to Show and demands that he knock Bryan out.

Show seems like he is going to but leaves the ring and starts to head to the back.

Out comes Stephanie to get him back into the ring.

Stephanie is able to convince Show to get back in the ring, where HHH demands he knock out Bryan.

Show takes a step towards HHH but Stephanie gets in ebtween them.

Show finally hits the WMD on Bryan and starts to cry at the ring ropes.

Stephanie and HHH come over to console him as he starts to head to the back.

Orton makes his way out and stares down Big Show as he makes his way to the ring.

Orton kicks Bryan over and plants his foot on Bryan while he raises the Championship up high.


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