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WWE Raw results and live blog for July 8: Money in the Bank go home show

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (July 8, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Baltimore, Maryland, featuring the go home show to the "Money in the Bank" pay-per-view (PPV) this Sunday night in Philadelphia.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (July 1, 2013) from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland, featuring the go home show to the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this Sunday night in Philadelphia.

All you need to know about tonight's show before it goes down is that Bray Wyatt and his family are making their big debut. THEY'RE HERE.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


Vickie is going to start things off after a WYATT FAMILY TEASER!

She is relating the MitB to her ascension up the WWE.

She climbs the ladder and delivers an impassioned promo about her success and lack of help in a male dominated environment.

Lawler now how has to pipe up and say his piece and announce a poll.

Vickie is now sucking up to the fanbase and calling us her family. Family has each other's back.

She announces a series of match ups- Orton/Punk, Christian/Kane, Bryan/Sheamus.

Bryan comes out and we head to break.


Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

Bryan with some early holds on Sheamus.

Sheamus counters out but Bryan hits a running forearm.

He goes to town on Sheamus' legs with kicks.

Sheamus with some punches and knees.

Sheamus begins to take control as he uses his size to control Bryan.

Irish Curse Backbreaker but Bryan recovers and tosses Sheamus from the ring.

He tries to follow up with a running knee but Sheamus counters and they both go into the barrier as we hit commercial break.

Back from break and Sheamus is in control.

Couple of slams from Sheamus and he readies the Brogue Kick.

Bryan ducks under it and that sends Sheamus to the outside.

Daniel Bryan with the suicide dive.

Back in the ring and the crowd is cheering Bryan on as he lands kicks to a kneeling Sheamus.

Sheamus dodges the last one and hits his forearm spot to Bryan.

Clothesline from Sheamus and he heads up top!

Bryan crotches him!

They are now trading punches and Bryan climbs up the turnbuckle as well!

Failed hurricarana and Sheamus comes off with a should block!

Sheamus only gets the two!

Bryan building a head of steam and he is working over Sheamus big time.

Head kick only gets him a two.

Flying headbutt but it misses! Two count for Sheamus!

Bryan goes for a flying armbar and Sheamus tries to counter into a White Noise.

Roll up from Bryan leads to the No Lock! Sheamus counters into a Clover Leaf.

Bryan counters the cloverleaf with a roll up for the win.


Bryan wins by pinfall.

They shake hands after the match.


Cole says a reporter was sent out to try and find the Wyatt Compound.

They show us footage of him asking two hicks for directions.


AJ and Big E in the back.

Up comes Ziggler and he gets big hug from AJ.

Ziggler asks Big E to leave.

Ziggler is upset that she has been absent from his side recently.

AJ is able to calm his nerves and get him focused.



Let's not forget about our other favorite trio.

Shield (Reigns/Rollins) vs Tons of Funk

Clay and Rollins start things off.

Funk have matching singlets and colors now.

Clay and Tensai with some quick tags and early domination of Rollins.

Clay with a suplex and splash in the corner.

Rollins dodges a second one and gets the tag to Reigns.

Reigns with a flying clothesline and then a headlock.

Rollins tags in and delivers some kicks to the Funkasaurus.

Some more quick offense and then Reigns tags back in.

Some powerful strikes from Reigns before Shield does more quick tags.

Reigns launches Rollins into Clay and then follows up himself.

Awesome teamwork there.

Clay is able to escape the clutches of Reigns and gets the tag into Tensay.

Reigns tags in Rollins.

Tensai starts of strong in the corner but Rollins counters Tensai into the turnbuckle.

Rollins goes up top but Tensai dodges. Rollins rolls through!

Tensai with a big slam for a two count.

Reigns blind tags.

Tensai sends Rollins out but turns around into a Reings spear!


Shield wins by pinfall.


We get more from the reporter on the look out for the Wyatt Family.

He shows up at a house and Rowan has the sheep mask on with an ask.

The reporter turns around and Harper is there and tells him to follow him.


Here comes Cena.

He calls out Henry.

The World's Strongest Man obliges.

Henry says that Cena looks afraid.

Cena denies it and Henry says he should be afraid.

Cena smarts off and Henry says old him would have taken Cena out.

Henry says he is going to chill for now and says he is a new man.

Henry says that Cena is just like the fans- a puppet.

Cena responds with some pious nonsense.

Henry just laughs at him.

Cena tries to interupt again and Henry gives him a warning.

Cena strips down and is ready for a brawl.

Henry says he won't fight for free but then seems to change his mind.

He makes Cena flinch and just shakes his head in disgust.

Cena goes to pick up the belt and Henry blindsides Cena.

Cena tries for the AA but he collapses under Henry.

World's Strongest Slam from Henry and then he raises the belt over his head as he stands on Cena.


Chris Jericho vs Curtis Axel

Miz is on commentary.

Heyman draws attention to the damage he has taken and then talks up Perfection- Curtis Axel.

Axel with some quick mic time and its big improvement.

Axel opens up like a bull but Jericho takes advantage and sends him to the outside.

Jericho chops on the outside before they get back to the ring.

Axel regains control with a series of shoulders as we head to break.

Back from break and Axel has a shoulder lock in.

Jericho escapes and goes wild.

Jericho with some high paced offense.

Axel tries to grind him down but fails.

Jericho up top and hits a cross body.

Running bulldog from Jericho into a lionsault.

Two count.

Jericho keeps trying to earn the victory but can't.

Axel starts to take control and is getting frustrated and Jericho.

Jericho counters a neck breaker into the Walls.

Axel gets to the ropes to break the hold.

Axel and Miz are now taunting each other.

Heyman pulls Axel back.

Axel gets back into the ring right into a Codebreaker!

Jericho wins by pinfall.


Sandow and Rhodes with Mathews in the back.

He asks about the MitB getting in the way of their friendship.

Sandow says if he doesn't win it, he wouldn't want anything more than his tag partner and best friend to win it.

Colter's Crew comes in and Colter drops the American Dream.

Wade Barrett enters, Colter and him get into an arguement about the Queen's English.

Fandango appear and everyone keeps interupting him and telling him not to say his name.

He does anyway and Barrett punches him.


More footage from the compund.

Harper leads him in and he turns to a door that has someone chanting obey.

Harper says "I told you not to stray"

Harper points him to a door and says that way.

Camera turns around and Harper is gone.

Turns back and there is Wyatt.

"Right this way"



Del Rio vs Sin Cara

Del Rio with early kicks.

This lighting sucks.

Del Rio with some slams but Sin Cara recovers.

He goes up top and Del Rio hits a HUGE ENZIGUIRI!

Two count and then grinds his knee into the back of the head.

Del Rio continues to grind and kick Sin Cara.

Out comes Ziggler and saves us from the lighting.

He has the mic and says that he will introduce Del Rio the way he deserves to be.

Sin Cara tries to take advantage but fails as Ziggler continues to wax on.

German Suplex from Del Rio.

Superkick from Del Rio.

Del Rio finally has enough and goes after Ziggler.

Sin Cara with a crossbody to the outside on Del Rio during a break in the brawl.

No winner is announced


Job evaluation time.

Team Brickie are in the ring and a table is set up with three chairs.

Out come Vince, Stephanie, and HHH.

Vickie tries to make her case and the heat is just nuclear.

She takes credit for RVD, Rock, and Undertaker.

Stephanie is upset at that, but does give her credit for Lesnar. Which is a negative for her.

Vince defends the move to bring back Lesnar (despite Lesnar having brutalized him)

Vince calls her entertaining.

HHH says she is terrible at her job and brings up her booing.

HHH continues to lay into her and Vince gets back up to defend her.

He says he admires her and calls HHH shortsighted.

He wants to name her permanent general manager.

Since Vince and HHH are at an impasse, Stephanie will make the decision.

They both kiss her ass real quick.

Stephanie's decision is to have the WWE vote decide it.

She failed according to the WWE Universe.

Vickie screams and Vince doesn't look please.

She says she has two words and Vince is saying don't you do it.

"You're Fired!" -Stephanie.

Vickie collapses to her knees.

She is now begging and screaming on the desk.

Vince gets on the mic and tells the crowd to calm down.

He doesn't want them to act like animals and kick her while he has down.

He is now laying into them.

Vince makes Brad Maddox the new Interim General Manager of Raw.

Maddox is shocked.

Vince escorts and comforts Vickie out of the ring.


Vince is comforting a crying Vickie in the back.

He has even given her his coat.

Vince promises to make it right and in comes to Maddox.

He apologizes to Vickie and then awkwardly thanks McMahon.

Vickie goes after Maddox and chases him off with a series of slaps and screams.


Christian vs Kane

Christian with the early offense but it isn't very effective.

Big punch from Kane and then a clothesline in the corner.

The continue to brawl back and forth.

Neither man is able to get the advantage as we head to break.

Back from break and Christian hits a tornado ddt.

Kane recovers and hits the chokeslam for the win.

Kane wins.

Music hits and Bray Wyatt is on the titontron.

He is cutting such a damn amazing promo.

I can't do it justice at all.

He finishes it by blowing out the lantern.

His music hits and out comes the family!


He sits down and blows out his real life lantern.

Lights comes on and Kane gets assaulted by Harper and Rowan.

Wyatt is just chilling in a rocking chair.

They demolish Kane with the steel steps.

Wyatt comes over to the destruction and kneels above Kane as we head to break.


Vickie is doing the Charlie Brown walk in the back and comes upon the Ryback.

Ryback takes her box of stuff and then gives her a hug.

"You deserve better Vickie. Its going to be ok"

This is amazing.


Kaitlyn and Layla vs AJ and Alicia Fox

Bellas are on commentary.

Layla and Alicia starts things off.

It quickly devolves into a brawl with Kaitlyn beating up AJ on the outside.

That wasn't very long.


CM Punk vs Randy Orton

Apparently the internet hates me and it lost my write up of the match.

Punk wins by pinfall.

Post-match Daniel Bryan attacks Punk and the lays out Orton with a ladder.

He sets up the ladder and then takes the briefcase that has been hanging up there the whole time.

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