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WWE Raw ratings for July 22 show down from last week

Daniel Bryan may be the whole damn show these days, and he's tearing the house down pretty consistently, but he's not exactly blowing the doors off when it comes to ratings.

WWE has made the decision it is going to build the majority of its programming around Daniel Bryan and turning him into a main event level star on the same level as John Cena. That was made clear when Cena himself, the WWE champion, called everyone who thinks Bryan isn't on that level a "dumbass," including his own bosses.

But here's the thing about those dumbass bosses who have always worried so much about Bryan's ability to draw money: the ratings have yet to reflect much increased interest since his big push.

Indeed, the latest episode of Monday Night Raw last night (July 22, 2013) in Austin, Texas, averaged 4 million viewers -- down from 4.1 million one week ago -- for a 2.9 rating.

The hourly breakdown:

Hour one: 3.92 million
Hour two: 4.16 million
Hour three: 3.93 million

That ends the streak of each hour gaining more viewers as the show moved along and that's especially disappointing this week with nearly the entire last hour being dedicated to Bryan working his ass off in matches against Jack Swagger, Antonio Cesaro (one of the best free TV matches of the year), and Ryback.

Notably absent was Cena, the proven ratings star.

Still, it's relatively early in the process and WWE is not showing any signs of giving up on him just yet, thankfully.

For complete results and the live blog click here. For reactions to the show click here. And for a playlist of the entire night click here.

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