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Brie Bella nipple slip on Raw prompts Twitter apology

Brie Bella had herself a good old fashioned wardrobe malfunction on last night's (July 22, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" in Austin, Texas, and after being alerted to as much, she took to Twitter to apologize.

I'm not sure The Miz even realizes what he's pointing at.
I'm not sure The Miz even realizes what he's pointing at.

During last night's (July 22, 2013) episode of Monday Night Raw in Austin, Texas, the cast of the Total Divas reality television show were trotted out to appear on Miz TV as a way to promote the show, which debuts on the E! channel this coming Sunday night.

But I don't think they had this particular brand of promotion in mind.

Indeed, during the segment, Brie Bella, one of the Divas featured prominently on the show who has done a ton of media to get the word out on it, suffered a wardrobe malfunction that left her nipple exposed for all to see live on USA.

And no one seemed to notice.

Well, no one in charge of production. In fairness, I didn't notice a damn thing either, until Twitter got a hold of it and pictures of her fleshy indiscretion were quickly uploaded and spread like wildfire. This was enough to prompt a response from Brie not long ago:

Because of the nature of the segment, there's already speculation that this was a calculated move done to build interest in Total Divas. That's a bit out there, of course, but any publicity is good publicity, right?


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