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Big Show returns to WWE Raw next week and here's the first video hyping as much

Big Show will be making his return to "Monday Night Raw" next week and here's the first video WWE released hyping it.

Based on the video you see above, the first promo hyping his return to WWE on next week's episode of Monday Night Raw in Austin, Texas, Big Show will be coming back into the fold without a repackaging. Indeed, he'll be back as the same old character he's portrayed for ... well ... what feels like forever. He's a giant, he's a monster, he's got a huge fist, he's a gigantic athlete, and he's a big mean old bastard. That instantly makes him a threat, or that's what we're supposed to buy into. This after years and years of the same old same old.

Have to admit, Cagesiders, this is mildly disappointing. Then again, it was only a brief hiatus that was forced due to injury.

Anyone looking forward to Big Show's return?

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