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Bray Wyatt debuts on Raw next week (July 8) in Baltimore

The "Money in the Bank" go home edition of "Monday Night Raw" will be notable for many reasons, the least of which being the fact that Bray Wyatt and his family will make their long awaited debut on the main roster. THEY'RE COMING.

"They say we're coming ... but we've been here all along."

Those are words straight from the mouth of the incredibly intriguing Bray Wyatt character who has been getting the weekly vignette treatment from WWE for over a full month now.

He's on his way to Monday Night Raw and he's bringing his family and legions of devoted followers with him. If you still don't know much about him and what he's all about, click here for some serious education from our resident NXT expert Sean Rueter.

Until tonight, we didn't know when he would be showing up. But a tweet Wyatt sent out before Raw hinted at a date and the promotion confirmed it later on during the show.

Next week, Cagesiders. That's when the most compelling character in a very long time will show up on Raw to wreak havoc on the masses. Are you ready?


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