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WWE Raw results and live blog for July 1: Paul Heyman Guys

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (July 1, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from the Sioux City, Iowa, featuring a tag team of Paul Heyman Guys taking on the Prime Time Players, and more!

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (July 1, 2013) from the Tyson Events Center in Sioux City, Iowa, featuring an advertised main event tag team match pitting The Paul Heyman Guys, CM Punk and Curtis Axel, against the Prime Time Players, Titus O'Neil and Darren Young.

It's really just a way to advance the Punk vs. Heyman storyline leading to his eventual match with Brock Lesnar.

Also on the docket is more from Mark Henry, Kane being all pissed off about the state of his relationship with Daniel Bryan, Bryan getting a bit cocky now that he's defeated Randy Orton via submission, AJ Lee and Kaitlyn battling it out to get inside each other's heads even more than they already are, and much, much more.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


Daniel Bryan is going to start things off.

He says he proved last week that he wasn't the weak link.

Bryan says he is going to ride this wave of momentum towards winning the MitB contract and winning the WWE title.

The crowd is going nuts for him.

Bryan reminds us that he has won MitB before and used it to get the WHC.

Out comes Sheamus to remind us of him winning the title from Bryan.

Bryan asks if he can dial 1-800-Fella to have Sheamus Brogue Kick himself.

Now Orton comes out to say his piece.

Bryan reminds him that he made Orton tap out last week, and the crowd reminds Orton as well.

Here comes Kane. He cuts a serious promo and then him and Bryan start bickering. Pretty damn funny.

Its Christian's turn and he brings up his history with ladders.

Christian calls himself the best in the world which of course brings out Punk.

Punk says he didn't want to do the predictable thing but they forced him to by dropping best in the world.

Punk states he has been the only one to win it twice and will be the only one to have won it thrice.

Punk calls everyone in the ring (including himself) jerks.

He brings up RVD. The crowd goes mild for that.

Punk starts to talk about Sheamus and Bryan interupts him. A series of chest bumps leads to Orton hitting the RKO on Kane as everyone stares holes into each other.

Bryan looks concerned for Kane and isn't too pleased with Orton.



I will never not write that in all caps


Six Man Tag Match: Shield vs Christ and Usos

I am under the weather so I won't be giving crazy detailed play by play for matches.

The early goings of the match involved Christian and Ambrose playing out their feud together. Neither is able to take control as we head to break.

The second segment of the match up features Shield being dominate against the Usos.

Ambrose mocked Christian throughout.

Hot tag into Christ returned control to the faces against Rollins.

Ambrose took control back for the Shield and continued mocking Christian.

Christian tried for the Kill Switch but Ambrose countered out and got the roll up for the win.

Shield wins.


Bryan tries to comfort Kane in the back. Apparently he went to Vickie and got Kane a rematch with Orton.

Bryan will be guest referee.

Raw is Rematch!


Dolph Ziggler vs Jinder Mahal

Ziggler took the win in a short match that saw Mahal get in a surprising amount of offense.

Ziggler wins by pinfall.

Post match and the rest of 3MB stalks Ziggler.

He uses his speed and agility to escape and ends up laying out all three members of 3MB.


Team Brickie in the back and out comes HHH.

He tells her he needs to ignore the fans and just listen to him.


Randy Orton vs Kane: Special Guest Referee Daniel Bryan

The first part of the match ends with Orton getting dqed for pushing Bryan. Bryan starts the match right back up though.

The restart ends up with Bryan providing Kane with a quick count.

Kane isn't pleased and grabs Bryan in a chokehold.

He eventually releases the hold, but Bryan turns around into an RKO.


Punk, Heyman, and Axel in the back.

Punk is saying he will beat both of PTP by himself.

Heyman is confused about the hostility to Heyman and Axel.

Punk says he trust Heyman, but not Axel.



He is back folks!

Beginning of the match involves Fandango dodging Sheamus and the dancing around multiple times.

Sheamus mocks him.

It turns into a run of the mill Sheamus match that ends with Fandango bailing on the match after Sheamus hits his forearm spot.

Sheamus wins by count out.


Miz vs Ryback

Ryback had dominated from the get go.

Miz tries to get after the knee of Ryback. Apparently the knee is bugging Ryback too much and he waves off the match.

Jericho comes out from commentary and htis Ryback with the Codebreaker.


Mark Henry on the stick.

He is being awesome and stating that he has earned his shot at the title.

He weaves in and out some shoot comments in the way only Mark Henry can.

Henry is going to walk away with the title at MitB because he says he has earned it.


Team Brickie in the back and Vince makes his way out.

Vince continues to troll us about Bryan and then talks about Vickie giving away a Champion vs Champion match.


CM Punk and Curtis Axel vs PTP

The match consisted largely of PTP working over Axel.

He finally got the hot tag to Punk who cleared house and hit the GTS.

Axel then makes the tag and collects the pin and win for the team.

Punk and Axel win by pinfall.


Kaitlyn vs Alicia Fox

Kaitlyn quickly dispatches Fox and out comes AJ with Big E.

Kaitlyn has Layla with her.

AJ unveals a photoshop fat Kaitlyn photo.

That wasn't a good time.


Team Brickie and in comes Stephanie.

She starts to scold Vickie and Vickie goes off because of all the McMahons tell her different things.

Stephanie tries to comfort her then turns on her when Vickie makes some comments about the McMahons.

Stephanie announces that Vickie will have an official job performance review next week.


Antonio Cesaro vs Cody Rhodes

Swagger is back and comes down to the ring with Zeb and Cesaro.

Cesaro dominates the match and wins in short order in a fun little match.

Sandow is not too pleased with the result of the match.


Ummm they showed some backstage bickering with all of the divas involved on the new E! show.






Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena

In a long but entertaining match- John Cena came out on top.

At the end of the match both Henry and Ziggler made their way to the ring. Ziggler's distraction gave Cena the win.

Post-match Henry took the title and teased hitting Cena with it.

Instead he just dropped it at Cena's feet and walks out.


Instead of ending on that, Cole reminds us the Wyatt Family is coming next week and then WYATT FAMILY PACKAGE!

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