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Video: Are you scared of Bray Wyatt? 'Backstage Fallout' from Monday Night Raw

The latest edition of Backstage Fallout from last night's (June 3, 2013) episode of Monday Night Raw features WWE superstars being asked what they think of Bray Wyatt.

There's no telling what kind of push we can expect for Bray Wyatt and his family once they start making appearances on Monday Night Raw in the coming weeks (or months) but the vignettes being aired about him are getting a lot of play.

The latest example of which is the episode of "Backstage Fallout" following Raw last night is dedicated entirely to asking WWE superstars what they think of Wyatt.

The Miz gets pissy but gives a legitimate answer, Brodus Clay and R-Truth put their touch on it, Ted DiBiase even shows up to say he thinks Wyatt is missing a few screws but the unquestioned star of the video is Brad Maddox.

"Do you think that I don't know about Bray Wyatt? Because I do. I know all about Bray Wyatt. He's very giving, he's loving, he's caring. It's the kind of family atmosphere we're trying to promote right now."

That's great.

To see the latest Wyatt promo click here and for complete results and reactions from Raw last night click here and here.

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