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WWE Raw results and live blog for June 24: Stanley Cup Punk

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (June 24, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from the North Charleston, South Carolina, featuring Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton, John Cena responding to Mark Henry's attack, and more!

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 24, 2013) from the North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, South Carolina, featuring what could promise to be one of the more entertaining episodes of the year.

That's because the promotion is firing on all cylinders right now. CM Punk and Brock Lesnar are both not advertised to appear but Paul Heyman will be in the building. With the Chicago Blackhawks going for the Stanley Cup tonight in Boston against the Bruins, it's entirely possible Punk skips the show completely.

We're also looking at John Cena responding to Mark Henry's attack last week, the continued heel turn of Alberto Del Rio while Dolph Ziggler tries to find his footing after his short world heavyweight title reign, Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton in a rematch from last week, and so much more.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


Daniel Bryan is going to start things off for us tonight.


Bryan is on the mic before his match with Orton.

He wants to address the accusation that he has little man syndrome.

Bryan confirms that he wasn't an extra in the Hobbit.

Bryan says that he is not the weak link and will prove it by making Orton tap out.

Orton comes out and Bryan tries to address him.

Orton steals the mic before Bryan can get any words out.

"I came out here to say shut up and fight!"

Bryan immediately starts punching Orton and chases him from the ring.

The ref calms Bryan down and Orton gets back in the ring to start the match.

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton

Bryan and Orton just start brawling.

Its fast and furious as they trade control.

Bryan with some kicks but Orton sends him out of the ring and then over the announcing table.

Orton continues his assault but Bryan fights back.

The ref is trying to break it up but he gets hit with a flying knee from Bryan and calls the match.

The two continue to fight and a swarm of refs make their way out to break it up.

They aren't successful as we head to break.

No contest.


Team Brickie in the back planning out Raw and Bryan storms in.

He isn't pleased with the double dq.

He wants another match.

Maddox tries to say they can't, but he fails.

Bryan demands a match with Orton or Maddox.

Vickie gives him the match with Orton!

Vickie makes fun of Maddox for how scared he was.

Vince makes his appearance.

He says that people disagree about Bryan being a superstar, but doesn't give his opinion.


Rhodes Scholars vs Sheamus and Christian

Christian and Rhodes start things off.

Christian with the early control but Rhodes takes over.

After a beatdown, Sandow is tagged in and continues breaking down Christian.

After some targeted offense and shoulder locks, Sandow tags back in Rhodes.

Rhodes with a great vertical suplex.

Rhodes taunting Christian about his absence as he continues to beat him down.

Double clotheslines puts both men down.

Each man gets the tag in and Sheamus takes control.

Sheamus dismantles Sandow with his usual stuff.

Rhodes tags himself in and eats a Brogue Kick.

Sheamus and Christian win by pinfall.


Punk is in the back and he is on his phone.

Vickie comes up to him and he asks if Heyman or Lesnar are there.

When she says no, he just goes back to his phone.

They each scream Excuse Me at each other.


Aksana vs Kaitlyn

Aksana with the early control.

Layla is at ringside.

Aksana with slaps and kicks in the corner.

Thesz Press from Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn's music starts playing.

She is confused and decides to dropkick Aksana out of the ring.

AJ comes out in a muscle suit and multicolor wig.

Aksana takes advantage of the distraction with a roll up but only gets a two.

Kaitlyn hits the spear to end the match.

Kaitlyn wins by pinfall.

AJ on the mic and she starts mocking Kaitlyn.

Big E comes out and they reenact the fake out of the secret admirer.


Cole starts to talk about the Wyatt family and then more WYATT FAMILY PROMO!


Recap of Henry-Cena from last week.


Jericho entrance as we head to break.

Ricardo comes out after the break and starts making fun of the Southern accents before announcing Del Rio.

Cole announces that Ziggler-Del Rio will happend at MitB.

Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio opens up strong.

Dropkick from Jericho ends the early offense from Del Rio.

Chops in the corner.

Furious exchanges back and forth between the two.

Jericho gets sent to the outside and put into the barricade by Del Rio as we head to break.

Back from break and Jericho is in control with the ring as he hits a huge knee.

Del Rio with a huge kick that sends Jericho out and the ref starts the count.

Jericho makes it back by the skin of his teeth.

The two begin to trade chops.

Missed dropkick by Jericho.

Stomps from Del Rio and then some viscous head butts.

Del Rio places Jericho up top and tries for an inverted suplex.

Jericho's elbows his way free and hits a crossbody off the top rope.

Only gets a two count.

Rodriguez tries for the super kick but Jericho gets the Walls of Jericho.

Del Rio reverses the Walls and puts in the arm bar.

Jericho barely makes it to the ropes and then uses the ropes to spring himself up.

Jericho puts back in the Walls but Ricardo hits him with the bucket!

Jericho wins by pinfall.

Ziggler hits the ring and goes to town on Jericho.

Jericho clears out Ricardo.

Jericho and Ziggler are staring holes into each other.

Jericho tries to walk away but Ziggler hits him with the Zig Zag!


Team Brickie in the back and they are discussing canceling Bryan's match.

HHH comes in and puts a squash to it.

He says that the match is going to go on.

HHH instructs Vickie to put the stipulation up to the WWE Universe.


Lawler and Team Brickie revealing the cover of WWE14.

Vickie can't get the announcement out because of the heat from the crowd.

She finally reveals it and it's the McMahon Family.

Maddox has his own cover to reveal and it's him, Cena, and CM Punk.

Lawler unveils the real cover. The Rock.


Ryback vs Great Khali

Khali with some kicks.

Ryback with spears in the corner and then Khali hits the big boot.

Punches from Ryback but Khali clotheslines him.

They brawl back and forth before Ryback hits the Shell Shock for the win.

Ryback wins by pinfall.


John Cena out to the ring to speak his mind.

Cena talks about the title and Henry.

Cutting a pretty typical Cena promo.

More generic stuff.


Usos vs Tons of Funk vs 3MB (Mahal and McIntyre)

Triple threat tag match.

Going to be hard to keep track of this one so bear with me.

Usos beat up on 3MB and then Tons of Funk.

Usos gets the pin.

Usos win by pinfall and are made Number One Contenders

That was quick.

Shield makes a brief appearance on the steps to stare down the Usos.


Paul Heyman in the ring and he is on the mic.

Heyman calls for Punk to make his way down.

Punk gets to the ring and takes the mic.

He explains why he is a Heyman guy and gives us his history with Heyman.

He goes into their relationship down at OVW and how Heyman was always his defender.

He then turns to Heyman and tells him to let Lesnar know that he is coming for him.

Punk says that Lesnar may be bigger, but he isn't better.

He gets in Heyman's face and demands the truth. He wants to know if Heyman was involved with Lesnar's attack and demands the truth for the first time in Heyman's life.

Heyman says that he wasn't involved but his actions and words set off Lesnar.

Heyman assures Punk that he will be with him as he heads down the aisle for his future title reigns and WM main events.

Heyman says that he loves Punk and he wasn't going to screw up their relationship over a temporary thing.

He won't represent Punk or Lesnar in their match.

Punk says that he is sorry he doubted Heyman and gives him a hug.

Great performance by both men.


CM Punk vs Darren Young

Punk and Young trade some early strikes.

Punk starts to work over the knee of Young.

Young finally gets a nice throw in and takes control.

Stomps to the hand of Punk.

Young starts to get frustrated and taunting Punk.

Punk with a suplex to shake Young off of him.

High knee in the corner, followed by a clothesline for a two count from Punk.

Punk tries to go up top but Young meets him up there and knocks him down.

Punk with a shoulder to the gut and a springboard clothesline from the outside.

Young counters the GTS with a huge slam but only gets a two count.

Roundhouse kick and the Anaconda Vice gets the victory.

Punk wins by pinfall.

Titus attacks post match and both men start to attack Punk.

Axel makes his way to the ring for the save!

Heyman comes out as well and reassures Punk that he needed their help.


Vickie in the back and she is worried while on the phone.

Stephanie comes in and asks her why she hasn't announced Raw MitB participants yet.

Vickie can barely get a word out before Stephanie says that she will take care of it.


Stephanie out to the stage and she announces the MitB participants.

CM Punk

Daniel Bryan


Randy Orton





Team Brickie is bickering and in comes Ryback.

He is ranting and now Jericho is in to voice his displeasure.

They stare down and Maddox fails to get in between them.

Vickie is successful though and books Ryback vs Jericho before kicking them out.


Punk and Heyman bickering about Axel coming out to help Punk.

Heyman got Vickie to book a tag match with the PTP vs Axel/Punk.

Punk says he will do it because its a fight but he isn't pleased.


Mark Henry is out in a fine looking suit.

He brags about fooling us all and that he is up for an Academy Award. Tarentino is in contact with him.

He says he isn't going to apologize for using his friends and family like that.

Henry says he is going to do what he wants to get what he wants.

He is on fire on the stick.

Henry says he will come home the WWE Champion.




Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton in a Street Fight

Orton sends out Bryan quickly but Bryan takes control on the outside.

The two are now brawling back and forth.

Chair shot to Bryan's head!

Wow......not good especially considering it's the 24th of June

More brawling as we head to break.

Back from break and Bryan is down on the apron as Orton looks for another weapon.

Orton throws a table in the ring and follows it.

Bryan greets him with some punches. Orton counters with a slam onto the ropes.

Orton sets up the table in the corner and tries to throw Bryan into it. He fails.

They begin to trade punches.

Orton whip leads to a Bryan backflip and flying clothesline.

Orton ends Bryan's rally by throwing the chair at him.

Orton tries for a suplex to a table on the outside but Bryan counters and hits two dropkicks.

Bryan then slides under Orton to the outside and powerbombs him onto the table.

Bryan drags him back in and goes for the pinfall but only gets a two count.

Bryan gets a kendo stick and starts to alternate kicks and kendo shots to Orton.

Orton gets a hold of Bryan and tosses him into the table (it doesn't break).

They begin to trade big punches that ends with Orton hitting a dropkick.

Bryan drops Orton and then goes up top.

Goes for a hurricarana from the top rope but Orton counters with a powerbomb for a two count.

Orton with some ground and pound.

Bryan counters and locks in the No Lock!

Orton gets a hold of the kendo stick and uses it to fight his way out of the hold.

He continues to go to town on Bryan with it and then hits the draping DDT.

Nearfall for Orton and Bryan gets the kendo stick and hits Orton with it.

No Lock and Bryan uses the kendo stick as a part of the hold.

Orton taps!

Daniel Bryan wins by submission.

After the match, Orton shakes Bryan's hand and exits the ring gracefully.

Bryan celebrating in the ring as we fade to black


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