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Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton match set for Raw

Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton will have yet another match on Monday Night Raw tomorrow in North Charleston, South Carolina.

One of the better storylines going on within WWE right now is Daniel Bryan and his fight to break through the company's glass ceiling. He appears poised to do just that, and the powers that be seem to finally be on board with the fact that, well, he's the very best in the world in this particular industry.

Still, there have been bumps in the road.

During last week's episode of Monday Night Raw, Bryan was scheduled to pick up a clean win over Randy Orton in what amounted to a huge match for where he is within his current story and even his career as a whole. But during the course of the bout, he suffered an injury, a stinger that left his arm feeling numb. He was given some time to recover but the decision was made from the back, by Triple H at the gorilla position, to have the doctor go out and deem Bryan unfit to continue.

This caused a backstage fight between the two -- one that may or may not have been a work, both on the fans and on "the boys" in the back -- and some reworking of initial plans, as Bryan and Orton had a rematch on SmackDown. But even then, Bryan wasn't put over in a big way.

In fact, he won by count out, a result he didn't like so much he asked the referee to restart the match, which never happened. But now, the two will have yet another rematch, this time on Raw tomorrow night from North Charleston, South Carolina.


With the score now even at one victory apiece, Monday's battle will be the rubber match in what has been an epic series of bouts that culminated on the June 17 episode of Raw, when WWE COO Triple H deemed Bryan too injured to continue and awarded the match to The Viper. For his part, Bryan was hot about not being able to finish the match, and he let Triple H know it. The submission specialist carried those emotions over into an explosive SmackDown main event on June 21, where he defeated Orton via count-out in another classic showdown.

This likely means we're going to get the match we were supposed to get last Monday, with whatever finish they had planned for then taking place now. If Bryan is going to win clean to help set up a big summer run, this will be where it happens.

Stay tuned.

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