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Brock Lesnar returns to WWE on Raw, F-5's CM Punk

Brock Lesnar is back, ladies and gentlemen, and he's targeted CM Punk, hitting "The Second City Saint" with an F-5 to close the June 17 edition of "Monday Night Raw."

With Brock Lesnar and CM Punk both under contract to WWE, it was only a matter of time before the powers that be threw the two of them inside a ring together, stepped back, and watched the magic happen.

That's exactly what happened on last night's (June 17, 2013) episode of Monday Night Raw in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as Lesnar made his big return to the show on the same night Punk did. "The Straight Edge Superstar" had just finished defeating Alberto Del Rio via count out when Brock's music hit.

What ensued was a short but sweet confrontation:

Lesnar, not one to speak, grabbed the microphone as a diversionary tactic to allow him to get the drop on Punk to deliver the F-5. And unlike when he hit a completely fresh Cena with it, he dropped a flailing Punk rather quickly and the Chicago made star sold it like a king.

In other words, we're off to a roaring start.

There has been no explanation given for Lesnar's reasoning, obviously, but the common thread between them is Paul Heyman and the fact that Punk wasn't happy with his friend for the manner in which he's been treating him. He voiced as much both at Payback and on Raw, specifically referencing that Brock needs Heyman's help but Punk does not.

We'll see where the storyline goes but either way it's going to culminate in a match or two and that's something to look forward to over the next month or so.

For complete results and the live blog from Raw click here.

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