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WWE Raw results and live blog for June 10: The Payback go home show

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (June 10, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia, featuring the go home show to the "Payback" pay-per-view this Sunday night in Chicago.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 10, 2013) from the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia, featuring go home show to the Payback pay-per-view (PPV) this coming Sunday night in Chicago, Illinois.

Triple H is supposed to open the show kicking Curtis Axel's ass but it's more likely a match will be set up for this weekend, Dolph Ziggler is set to make his return, Kaitlyn's secret admirer will be revealed, and much, much more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


The Game is going to get things started off for us.

He makes a surprisingly quick entrance and it looks like it will be him and Axel to start things off.

HHH vs Curtis Axel

Bell rings and HHH goes to town with punches and stomps in the corner.

Suplex from HHH.


Vince McMahon struts down to the ring as HHH holds Axel in a headlock.

Axel escapes and hits a shoulder block.

He goes again but HHH tosses him out of the ring.

McMahon calls for the bell and disqualifies HHH.

Curtis Axel wins by disqualification.

Vince strolls out and then HHH restarts the match when he leaves.

Her comes McMahon again!

He calls for the DQ again.

Curtis Axel wins by disqualification.

HHH restarts the match as a 60 minute Iron Man Match!

Vince strolls back to the mic and tells Axel to vacate the ring because he has already one twice.

Vince takes the ring bell with him to the back as HHH fumes in the ring.


HHH is yelling at Stephanie and demanding to know where Vince is.

Stephanie is pleading with him to not hurt Vince and is in tears.

He tells Stephanie that she needs to go talk to him.


Dean Ambrose vs Kane

Big boot from Kane and follows it up with a dropkick.

Punches in the corners from Kane but Ambrose reverse and hits some spears.

Back breaker from Kane.

As Kane is stretching out Ambrose, a ref brings out a new ring bell.

Kane dumps Ambrose to the outside.

Kane with more offense on the outside as we head to break.

Back from break and Ambrose is in control in the ring.

Ambrose is taunting Kane and he controls his legs.

Ambrose transition to a submission.

Kane fights his way out and starts to whip Kane and forth in the corners.

Ambrose tries to get a foot up but Kane catches it and slam it.

Power slam from Kane and he goes up top.

Ambrose meets Kane up there and tries for a superplex.

Kane headbutts him off and hits the flying clothesline.

Ambrose rolls out of the ring and Rollins/Reigns attack Kane from behind.

Bryan and Orton hit the ring and they clear out the Shield.

The Shield decides to retreat through the crowd.


Lawler unveils that a poll voted for Daniel Bryan to face Seth Rollins, leaving Orton to face off with Reigns.


Orton and Bryan pickering in the back. They are about to come to blows when Kane intercedes.

Vickie makes an appearance to inform them that Bryan and Orton will get a Tag Title Shot at Payback. Kane can't believe it. Kane as a straight man is so great.

Vickie grants Kane a US Title Match at Payback.


The Miz vs Cody Rhodes

Miz with the early kicks and then hits a flying clothesline in the corner.

He goes up top and misses. Rhodes goes after Miz's leg.

Rhodes continues to assault the legs but Miz is able to counter with the Figure Four for the win.

Miz wins by submission.

Barrett (who was on commentary) is ready to attack Miz post match.

Heyman comes out before they can brawl and announces that Vickie gave him permission to put Axel into the IC Title match.


Stephanie is talking to Vince but his back is turned.

He finally turns around and takes offense to comments they both made earlier. He is upset that HHH made Stephanie cry. Stephanie says that Vince is the one who made her cry.

He lets her know that business comes first and states that she better keep HHH away from him


It's time for RAW IS JERICHO!

Chris Jericho says that CM Punk takes him to the limit more than any other performer.

He is putting Punk over big time and really selling this match up.

He tries to finish off his promo but Ziggler makes his return to Raw!

Ziggler states that since Jericho was talking about the best performers in the world, it was time for him to make his return.

He talks about the pain of almost losing the WHC because of his concussion.

Near the end of his speech, Jericho interupts him and challenges him to a match.

Ziggler accepts the match....for Big E Langston.


Big E Langston vs Jericho

We return from break with the match in progress.

Big E is in control with some slams.

Jericho is able to send Big E to the outside.

Jericho follows him out and lands some kicks.

Langston counters a head butt and sends him into the step.

Langston tosses him back into the ring and continues his power game.

Misses a tackle in the corner but recovers quickly and slaps on a chin lock.

Jericho works his way out and tries to make a comeback but Langston hits his triple back breaker.

Goes for a splash in the corner but Jericho counters and hits a cross body from the top rope.

Ziggler is protesting to the ref.

It distracts Jericho and Langston hits a big uppercut.

Del Rio attacks Ziggler at ringside.

Langston gets distracted and hit with a Code Breaker. 1...2...3

Y2J wins by pinfall.


Antonio Cesaro vs Sin Cara

Colter is on commentary. He is putting over Cesaro as a legal immigrant and a great wrestler.

Cesaro with a huge whip into the corner and then follows up with some stomps.

Gut wrench suplex from Cesaro.

Cesaro is just rag dolling Sin Cara.

Cara eventually counters with a sunset flip power bomb for a near fall.

Cesaro quickly takes back control and hits the Neutralizer for the win.

Cesaro wins by pinfall.

Colter continues to put Cesaro over huge on commentary.


Vince and Team Brickie in the back with Hardee's. Not sure exactly what was said- cable was screwy.


Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton

Daniel Bryan is ringside, as is Rollins.

Orton opens up strong with some punches and a drop kick.

Some knee drops from Orton.

Orton sends Reigns out and then drops Reigns onto the barricade.

Back in the ring and Reigns takes control.

It doesn't last long as Orton hits a Thesz Press and then punches Reigns in the head repeatedly in the corner.

Reigns finally takes back control with some powerful strikes that sends Orton to the outside as we head to break.

Back from break and Reigns has a chin lock as Bryan tries to rally the crowd.

Orton with a back body slam to escape the hold.

Reigns with a leaping clohtesline in the corner that misses.

Orton with a series of clothesline and a scoop slam.

Draping DDT from Orton and he readies the RKO.

Rollins tries to interfere and so does Bryan which leads to a no contest.

No Contest.

Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan

Their match starts immediately and Bryan opens up with kicks.

The crowd is hot for him and he tries for the surfboard stretch, but Rollins counters out.

Rollins with spears in the corner and then a surfboard stretch of his own.

It doesn't last long as Bryan counters it and locks one in of his own that he transitions into a Dragon Sleeper Surfboard!

Rollins somehow whethers the submission and takes control for himself.

Rollins with an arm triangle.

Bryan escapes but Rollins goes for a roundhouse. Bryan counters it into a Single Leg Boston Crab!

Rollins with the ropes but he eats two running dropkicks from Bryan.

Rollins recovers and starts in with his own kicks.

He goes for a German Suplex but Bryan lands on his feet.

Bryan leaps at Rollins but is caught and gets hit with a BUCKLE BOMB!

Rollins goes up to but Bryan dodges.

Rolling German Suplex through by Bryan and then a kick to head for the nearfall.

Rollins goes up to but Bryan crotches him and then tries for a German suplex from the top rope.

Rollins shifted mid air and turned it into a cross body!.

Reigns tries to interfere but Orton takes out his legs and Bryan gets the roll up for the win.

Bryan wins by pinfall.

Hell of a match.

Rollins tries to attack post-match but Bryan kicks him and Orton RKOs him.


Kaitlyn is out to the ring and asks for her secret admirer to come out.

It's Big E Langson with his styling shirt and flowers.

He hands her the flowers.

"Big E, its you?"

Man her acting is terrible.

He says that people only see him as Dolph's heavy but he has feelings. Feeling for Kaitlyn.

He takes hold of Kaitlyn and looks into her eyes.

HE DIPS HER! After a pause he just drops her down!

AJ comes skipping out.

AJ says that is what it felt like when Kaitlyn abandoned her. Talks about her romantic trials and how Kaitlyn wasn't there for her.

She tears into Kaitlyn and says that no one gives a crap about her. The only worth she has is the Divas title.

Starts to insult her some more and Kaitlyn goes into attack mode.

After a quick beatdown, AJ bails from the ring.




Our intellectual savior is out to the ring. Cutting a solid promo as usual and out comes R-Truth for a match.

Damien Sandow vs R-Truth

Sandow with early control.

A series of elbows from Sandow and then a knee to R-Truth's back.

After a chin lock he hits the Elbow of Disdain.

R-Truth recovers and takes back control.

His offense doesn't last long as Sandow counters with a Silencer for the win.

Sandow wins by pinfall.

Here comes Sheamus.

Something fella fella, something.


Stephanie is roaming the halls and sends an assistant after Vince to meet in the office.

She runs into another one and has him fetch HHH.


Vince and Stephanie in the back and then walks in HHH.

They start arguing with each other.

Stephanie with a scream to interrupt them and she demands they work it out.

Vince gives him the match with Curtis Axel.

HHH now says he doesn't want it.

They start to argue again and Stephanie calms them down.

She wants a family hug.

HHH is offended that Vince won't hug him.

Stephanie is able to bring them in for the hug.

They start a patting the back contest.

"Hope you got what you wanted" -Vince scowls as he walks off.


The lumberjacks are out and Cena is in the ring.

Ryback rolls in with the ambulance but stays up on the stage.

Cena calls him out and tells him to come down to the ring.

Ryback says that he is staying up there for Cena's benefit.

They continue to jabber back and forth.

Ryback starts to call out Cena for ditching him.

Cena makes a joke and Ryback calls him out on the poor joke.

Cena cuts him off and says that no man who carries the WWE Title can make excuses.

Ryback says that he is going to take over Cena's spot as the top dog.

Ryback finally charges and the lumberjacks get them seperated after a brief brawl.

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