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WWE Raw results and live blog for May 20: The Extreme Rules fallout show

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (May 20, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri, featuring all the fallout from last night's Extreme Rules pay-per-view in St. Louis.


WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 20, 2013) from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri, featuring all the fallout from the Extreme Rules pay-per-view (PPV) that went down last night in St. Louis.

Brock Lesnar ended his series with Triple H by winning their steel cage match, John Cena did a stretcher job in his Last Man Standing encounter with Ryback, and The Shield are now in possession of both the United States and tag team titles.

We'll get all the fallout from that and much, much more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.

Ryback is starting things off tonight as he enters the arena in an ambulance.

He gives us a quick recap of Cena's stretcher job and he promises to do it to Cena again.

He wants an ambulance match at Payback. He starts taunting the people of society as fat, pathetic, and weak.

It's pathetic to him that Cena is their hero and when he defeats Cena, he is defeating all of them.


Fandango and Wade Barrett vs Chris Jericho and Miz

Barrett and Jericho starting things off. Early shoulder blocks from Barrett but Jericho takes charge with some chops.

Tag into Fandango and he lays out Jericho and follows up with some ground and pound.

Jericho tries to fight back but a boot from Fandango ends that.

Barrett and Fandango get into a bit as we head to break due to Fandango's posing.

Back from break and Miz is in control against Barrett. Fandango takes a mic and says his name before he starts dancing ringside with Summer Rae. Barrett isn't please and Miz tags in Jericho.

Jericho with a bulldog and a Lionsault on Barrett. Code Breaker and the he tags in Miz to lock in the Figure Four.

Fandango continues to dance ringside as his partners taps out.

Jericho and Miz win by submission.

After the match Jericho goes to confront Fandango but he bales and Jericho starts dancing with Summer Rae. He teases a kiss with her before sticking his hand in her face and laughing.


Vickie is out now. She is letting us know that we get to vote on Swagger's opponent tonight.

Khali, Truth, or Orton.


Bryan and Kane in the back. Bryan is down about not having the titles and Kane tell's him that the negativity isn't good.

Kane says he isn't worried because he is confident they will get the titles back.

Bryan gets upset because he thinks Kane called him the weak link.

Kofi enters the scene to try and calm things down as Bryan storms out.


Titus vs Sheamus

Titus and Sheamus trading shoulder blocks and clotheslines until Sheamus sends Titus out of the ring and hits his forearm spot.

Young provides a distraction and Titus lays Sheamus out on the outside.

He tosses Sheamus back in and then just tosses Sheamus over his head.

Titus continues to work some shoulder locks and various slams on Sheamus like it is nothing. Impressive.

Sheamus finally breaks the assault with some head butts and a counter in the corner.

Sheamus with a spear but then Young grabs Sheamus' leg which gives Titus the chance to take back control.

Titus misses a spear in the corner and Sheamus hits White Noise and a Brogue Kick for the win.

Sheamus wins by pinfall.


Heyman is out to the ring to announce his newest client. If it's RVD, I am rioting.

He taunts the crowd with the fact that Lesnar reigned supreme last night.

Heyman states that Lesnar is done with his committments to WWE (not true) so he needs something to do now.

The new client is.......JOE HENNIG!

They are calling him Curtis Axel though.

I love it. Heyman talks up his new client and the legacy he carries forward.

Heyman explains the name is a combination of his dad's first name and his grandfather nickname (for those who couldn't figure that out on your own.)

HHH makes an appearance.

HHH says that he isn't ashamed about his loss last night and slaps Axel.

HHH will be wrestling against Axel later on tonight.


Alberto Del Rio vs Big E Langston

Del Rio with some kicks and punches in the corner to start things off.

Langston reverses but misses with a spear in the corner.

Del Rio with the arm bar but Langston just picks him up and slams him.

Del Rio holds on but Langston gets to the rope.

Del Rio locks in on the apron and Langston swings Del Rio into the post.

He tosses Del Rio back in the ring and they trade blows.

Del Rio takes control and hits a super kick to a downed Langston but Langston recovers and tosses him out.

Del Rio gets back in and hits an enziguiri. He readies the arm bar but AJ tosses Ricardo's bucket across the ring and it distracts the ref long enough for Langston to get a solid eye rake in.

Hits his finisher and gets the pinfall.

Langston wins by pinfall.


AJ vs Layla

Times like this is when I hate having to live blog.

AJ with some neck breakers and then Layla fights back with some punches.

AJ hits a dropkick and skips around the ring.

That gives Layla time to recover and she hits some kicks and then goes after AJ in the corner.

She drags AJ back into the middle of the ring and then AJ locks in her new submission for the win. It was an ugle application

AJ wins by submission.


We come back from break into the middle of a Rhodes and Ryder match.

Rhodes in control and he hits a reverse suplex on Ryder.

Ryder recovers and hits a missile dropkick off the top rope and the Broski Boot for a nearfall.

Rhodes takes control after the nearfall and hits the Disaster Kick for the win.

Rhodes wins by pinfall.

After the match, Ryback comes out to the ring and Rhodes bails from the ring. Ryder is still laid out in the ring.

Ryback hits a slothesline and a powerbomb on Ryder.

He finishes the assault with Shellshock and then tosses Ryder out of the ring.

As he leaves, Ryback decides to put Ryder in the ambulance and the ambulance just peaces out.


United States Champion Dean Ambrose and Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs Hell No and Kofi Kingston

I love that I can call them all champions.

Before the match starts, the Shield gets some time with the mics.

Ambrose lists off their list of high profile victims and takes credit for the Rock's injury because they broke him down.

He states that they were all non-believers and heroes that the fans worshiped without cause.

Rollins says that it is just the beginning.

Reigns says they end will still be the same, you put them up and they knock them down.

We go to break and when we come back Kingston and Ambrose start things off.

They exchange a lot of holds and put together some interesting chain wrestling.

Kingston starts to take control and gets the tag into Bryan.

Bryan with some kicks in the corner and then a hammerlock in the middle of the ring.

Ambrose escapes with an elbow and tags in Rollins.

Rollins with some quick offense but Bryan counters him and locks in a surfboard stretch.

After the stretch he goes crazy with kicks in the corner and then tag in Kane.

Kane with a dropkick and then some stomps.

Kane with a slam and then he gets the tag into Kingston.

Kingston with a good series of kicks but Rollins gets the tag into Reigns who takes over.

He just runs Kingston over multiple times and follows up with a leaping stomp into a chinlock.

Reigns tags in Ambrose and he starts to work over Kingston's arm.

Reverse STO and running dropkick from Ambrose and then he tags in Rollins.

Rollins with a furious assault in the corner and then drags Kingston out into the middle of the ring to hit a big slam.

He taunts Kingston with the hand slap thing Kofi does but it gives Kingston time enough to recover and get the hot tag.

Bryan goes absolutely insane in the ring. Kicks, flips, and running dropkicks left and right that get him a nearfall.

Rollins gets a tag into Ambrose but Bryan is able to fight off the initial charge and hits a missile dropkick.

Bryan with the No Lock but Ambrose gets to the ropes.

His teammates pull him out of the ring as we head to break.

Back from break with Ambrose in control of Kingston.

Kingston takes back control and hits a series of punches in the corner and an uppercut.

He gets the tag into Bryan.

Bryan drapes Ambrose upside down in the corner and hits him with some kicks before a running dropkick to the head.

Reigns with a distraction lets Rollins gets a cheap shot in. Ambrose then tags Rollins in, who picks Bryan up hits a BUCKLE BOMB!!!!

Rollins tags in Reigns and Reigns hits a huge clothesline on Reigns.

Reigns works some ground and pound on Bryan before tagging in Ambrose.

Ambrose with some stomps and a suplex on Bryan.

Ambrose works some more holds before tagging in Rollins.

Rollins with quick offense and he tags back in Ambrose.

Ambrose is slapping Bryan as they taunt him as the weak man.

Bryan with a head kick and he gets the tag into Kane as Ambrose tags in Reigns.

Kane clears Ambrose and Rollins off the apron and hits the side slam on Reigns.

He goes for the cover but Ambrose interferes.

Everyone gets involved and there is just a mass of bodies flying off the tope rope, hitting suicide dives, and being tossed into ring posts.

The Shield eventually is able to isolate Kane as Rollins and Ambrose hit him with top rope maneauvers.

Reigns follows up with the spear and they get the pinfall.

The Shield wins by pinfall.

Absolutely great match.


HHH is taping up his wrists when an employee comes in and says that the doc hasn't cleared him to compete tonight. HHH says that he will be competing tonight and if the doc doesn't like it, then he can get a job elsewhere.


Kaitlyn and Natalya in the back.

Kaitlyn now has the number of the mysterious Romeo in her life.

Cody walks by and asks if he has anything in his lovestache. Nattie holds him tight as Kaitlyn grabs his phone.

Turns out it is not him.

Good. No need to drag him into this terrible storyline.


Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger

My cable went wonky and it only corrected itself during the commercial break.

Back from break and Swagger is in control of the match.

He is working a shoulder lock but Orton fights his way out and tosses Swagger into the post.

Orton with some uppercuts but Swagger counters with a belly to belly suplex.

Swagger goes for the Swagger Bomb but Orton kicks him in the gut.

Orton with some slams and then he goes for the RKO but Swagger counters into the Patriot Lock.

Orton is struggling and barely makes it to the rope but not enough to break the hold.

Swagger drags him back to the middle but Orton kicks his way out and hits the RKO.

Orton wins by pinfall.


Curits Axel vs HHH

HHH opens up early with some strikes in the corner and then tosses Axel out of the ring.

He follows him out to toss him back in and chase off Heyman.

Axel comes back with a flurry of kicks and stomps in the corner to HHH.

He stops to celebrate which gives HHH time to recover and throw some vicious punches.

HHH whips Axel but a counter dropkick ends that.

Axel goes up top and hits a front elbow drop and then slaps on a chinlock.

The two begin to brawl and it spills to the outside.

HHH starts to take control on the outside but he isn't feeling well and just goes and sits down next to the doctor while asking for water.

He tries to get back up and the doctor isn't letting him.

HHH nearly passes out and the doctors call of the match as we fade to black.




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