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WWE Raw results and live blog for April 8: The WrestleMania 29 fallout show

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (April 8, 2013) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, featuring the fallout show from the WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view (PPV) last night in New Jersey.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (April 8, 2013) from the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, featuring the fallout show from the WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza that went down last night in the same city.

John Cena is your new WWE champion, The Rock gave him a glowing endorsement, Triple H is still an active wrestler after Brock Lesnar did the job for him, Paul Heyman is still the best performer in the world, Undertaker is still undefeated at "The Showcase of the Immortals," CM Punk is still an insanely talented wrestler, and Alberto Del Rio is still world heavyweight champion.

That's plenty more where that came from but that's what this Raw is designed to tell us.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out.


The champ is a chorus of boos.

Cena is on the mic and just taking in the boos.

Now he is just inviting them to boo in chorus with him. Pretty could actually.

He is acknowledging the crowd being upset and angry.

Cena is being pretty great here actually as the crowd just won't give him a positive response until he mentions "Brock kicked my ass last year's Raw"

He is just trolling the crowd now with a championship dance. This is pretty good.

He does his heel turn gimmick with a literal heel turn.


Cena is going to put the title on the line.

Mark Henry hits the scene! YES! YES! YES!

"The problem with coming out and asking for trouble is that trouble just might find you" -Henry

Cena makes a sexual chocolate joke to acknowledge the fans' chant.

Cena accepts Mark Henry's challenge but out comes Booker T.

Booker T says that Rock gets his rematch and is the number one contender.

He states that the Rock won't be here because of his injury.

Fans are chanting "bullshit"

Booker T says that Henry has to beat Cena to get a shot at the title. I hate that logic.

"All those jokes are gonna get you entered in the hall of pain" -Henry


Daniel Bryan vs Big E Langston

Bryan opens up with kicks in the corner.

Langston counters with a one armed slam and then a spears in the corner.

Back body drop by Langston.

Daniel Bryan chants from the crowd as Big E continues to hit strikes in the corner.

Langston with a slam attempt that Bryan counters with a roll up.

Kicks from Bryan. Bryan tries to go up top but AJ distracts the ref and Ziggler knocks him down.

Kane goes after Ziggler but Big E launches Bryan at Kane.

Bryan gets back in the ring and Big E nails his finisher for the win.

Big E Langston wins by pinfall.


Josh Matthews with Kurt Warner to pimp his new show.


Intercontentinal Title Match: Wade Barrett vs the Miz

Barrett cashing in his rematch and going after Miz early.

Miz with a clothesline and a knee to the head.

Miz works a chinlock that Barrett fights out of and then hits a big boot.

Miz starts to work some arm locks but eats some big punches as Barrett escapes.

Elbow drop from Barrett for the two count. Works a chin lock to follow up.

Miz is able to dump Barrett out of the ring and follows up with a baseball slide.

Double axe handle off the apron from Miz.

Barrett with some counters and a slam to Miz as we head to break.

Back from break and Barrett is hitting Winds of Change for a nearfall.

Miz rolls out of the ring and Barrett hits an elbow drop from the apron onto him.

Barrett tosses Miz back in the ring and gets a two count.

Chinlock from Barrett that leads to a counter slam from Barrett.

Miz with some strikes and then a neck breaker-back breaker combo that got botched for a two count.

Running clothesline in the corner from Miz and a double axe handle from the turnbuckle for a two count.

Miz counters Wasteland into a Figure Four. Barrett is able to work to the ropes.

Barrett tosses Miz's head into the ring post and then Barrett hits the Bull Hammer Elbow for the pinfall.

Barrett wins by pinfall and is the new Intercontinental Champion.


Team Brickie with Sheamus. He wants a match with the Big Show.

Maddox says that Sheamus will owe them one.

Vickie grants him his match.


Orton in the back with Booker T.

Booker T is showing off his Hall of Fame ring to Orton.

Orton wants a match with Big Show. He is upset at talking Sheamus into talking him into trusting Big Show.

Booker T brings up Vickie's decision and Orton says he can overrule Vickie. He agrees to.


Colter and Swagger out for a match against Del Rio.

He says like he did with Vietnam, he is stepping up to fight for his country.

He demands USA chants as we head to break.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter vs Alberto Del Rio

The match starts and huge We Want Ziggler chant breaks out.

Swagger opening up with some punches in the corner.

Del Rio with a slam and then a kick to the back.

He sends Swagger out of the ring and then follows up with a suicide dive.

Stomps to the head on the outside.

He tosses him back in the ring and hits a cross body from the turnbuckle.

Colter with a cheap shot and Swagger takes advantage.

Elbow drops to the leg from Swagger.

Swagger with spears in the corner and Colter gets in another cheap shot.

We Want Ziggler chants erupt again.

Enziguiri missed by Del Rio.

Swagger with a takedown and locks in the Patriot Lock.

Del Rio rolls out and locks in an armbar at the ropes.

Swagger knocks Del Rio off the apron and into the barrier as we head to break.

Back from break and Swagger has a nearfall.

Swagger working over the leg again and Colter is twirling his awesome mustache.

Del Rio dodges a Swagger spear that sends him into the post.

Del Rio with some clotheslines and a tilt a whirl back breaker.

Del Rio with a nearfall.

Del Rio goes for the arm bar but gets counters into a slam and Swagger locks in the Patriot Lock.

Del Rio grabs the ropes and the Ziggle rchants start up again.

Del Rio locks in the arm bar and Swagger taps.

Del Rio wins by submission.

Del Rio is selling the ankle big time and has a medic looking after him.


World Heavyweight championship: Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

Ziggler is going to town on Del Rio. The crowd is love it.

Zig Zag but only gets a two count.

Ziggler is going after the injured leg.

Ziggler misses a splash in the corner.

Del Rio with an enziguiri in the corner. The crowd is booing him hard.

Del Rio gets a two count.

Del Rio gets in the arm bar. Ziggler works the bad leg to break the hold!




The crowd is going crazy!



Out comes the Undertaker. Only man that could follow what just happened.

Undertaker says he dedicated that match to the memory of Paul Bearer.

He doesn't get another sentence out and Shield's hits the arena!

"How could this show get any better" -JBL saying what we are all thinking

Undertaker sheds his coat and he is ready for a fight.

Kane and Daniel Bryan hit the scene as reinforcements!

Shield decides to make a tactical retreat.


Matthew in the back with Ziggler. He says it is his moment.

"It's about damn time"


R-Truth/Santino/Ryder vs 3MB

Truth and 3MB starting things off.

Truth with a should block and a punch before taggign in Santino.

Slater with a punch to Santino and then Ryder gets tagged in, while Mahal gets a tag.

Ryder with a slam and some strikes to Mahal.

Mahal sends him to the outside and McIntyre takes advantage and gets a tag.

McIntyre works him over in the corner and then exchanges tags with Slater after some offense.

McIntyre working a should lock on Ryder.

Ryder fights out and gets the hot tag to Santino. McIntyre tags Slater back in.

Santino with some heads butts and strikes. Goes for a pin but Mahal breaks it and then Truth takes out Mahal.

Santino tries for the Cobra but McIntyre stops him. He lets go and the Cobra lands on Slater for the pin.

Truth/Santino/Ryder win by pinfall.


Orton and Sheamus arguing in the back over their potential matches with Big Show.


Sheamus out to the ring and he wants the shot at Big Show.

He asks for Vickie to sort it out but Orton comes out instead.

Orton says that he is going to be the one to take on the Big Show and apparently it's going to be decided by a Twitter poll.

Back from break and the poll says Orton is the winner.

Vickie and Booker T are out now.

Booker says they both have legitimate reasons and confered with Vickie.

Orton and Sheamus will square and the winner gets Big Show. Why do the poll?

Sheamus vs Orton

Lock up between the two that leads to a break up in the corner from the ref.

Shoulder block from Sheamus.

Ole chants break out from the crowd and the two take it in.

Sheamus with a slam and a whip into the corner.

Orton with a counter suplex.

They start chanting for Mike Chioda. Ha!

Orton with a take down and starts to work the should of Sheamus.

Sheamus counters out and hits a back breaker.

Follows up with a chin lock.

Boring chants from the crowd leads to RVD and then JBL chants.

The crowd is better than this match.

Sheamus goes up top but Orton hits a dropkick as he comes off.

Crowd chanting for Michael Cole as we head to break.

Back from break and Orton is working a downed Sheamus.

ECW chants as Sheamus and Orton start to brawl.

Irish Curse Backbreaker from Sheamus.

Crowd is doing the wave over and over.

Sheamus with a big knee and tosses Orton to the apron and hits his forearms spot.

Orton with a scoop slam as the crowd starts a Randy Savage chant.

Orton hits the draping DDT.

Orton goes for the RKO but gets countered into the White Noise.

Sheamus is readying the Brogue Kick but Big Show comes out.

He tosses Sheamus into the ring post and gets into the ring.

Thank you Big Show Chants!

WMD to Orton.

Big Show puts Orton into the barrier.

Big show tosses Orton over the announcing table and is launching the chairs at the ring.

Stomps to Orton behind the table.

"One more chair chant from the crowd"

Lawler and the ref looking after Orton. The crowd gets a Jerry chant going as we head to break.


Fandango vs Kofi Kingston

Fandango strutting around the ring.

Ducks under a Kofi clothesline with a dance move.

The crowd is humming Fandango's entrance theme.

Fandango slams Kingston down and starts slamming him.

Jericho hits the ring and goes to town on Fandango.

He starts in with the chops and then sends Fandango out of the ring.

Follows him out and puts him into the barrier.

Back in the ring and he starts punching him. Follows up with more chops in the corner.

Walls of Jericho!

Multiple refs have to pull him off.

Jericho decides to hit a Code Breaker before leaving.

Fandango wins by disqualification.

Even while down and struggling he still gets out a correction of his name


Matthews in the back with Heyman.

Matthews says it was a bad night for Heyman guys.

Heyman says Lesnar got knocked out 90 seconds in and still lasted as long as he did and smashed HBK while injuring HHH.

Heyman says that Punk will be on Raw next week to express his feeling.


Rhodes Scholars and the Bellas vs Tons of Funk and the Funkadactyls

We go to break.

Back from break and the match had already started.

Naomi working over Nikki and then Rhodes tagged in.

Rhodes taunts Naomi and gets a hurricarana for his trouble.

Tensai in and hits a slam on Rhodes.

Rhodes tags in Sandow who hits a big knee on Tensai and then Elbow of Disdain.

Punches from Sandow gets countered into a slam and Tensai then tags in Clay.

An all out brawl erupts that ends with Clay and Tensai hitting a double slam on Sandow and getting the win.

Tons of Funk and Funkadactyls win by pinfall.


Mark Henry vs John Cena

Crowd singing along with Henry's music.

Cena with a duck under and a dance. The crowd actually cheered him.

Punches by Cena but he eats a big clotheslien from Henry.

Henry working over a downed Cena and then stands him up to whip him into the corner.

Splash from Henry misses.

Shoulder blocks from Cena.

Henry rolls outside and Cena follows him out but Henry kicks him in the knee.

Henry slams his head into the announce table.

"Oh not again!" -Cole

Henry starts to take apart the table.

Goes for the World's Strongest Slam but Cena escapes.

Henry runs Cena into the post.

Cena counters a slam attempt and runs Henry into the stairs.

The ref was counting and Cena got back just in time.

Cena wins by countout.

After the match, Henry lays out Cena with a clothesline and then hits a World's Strongest Slam.

Henry takes the title and poses with it.


Ryback and Henry start brawling.

Spinebuster from Ryback and Henry rolls out.

Huge Feed Me More chant from the crowd.

Ryback is looking at Cena. He offers him his hand to help him up and they stare each toher down.

Cena poses on the turnbuckle to boos.

Ryback starts up the feed me more chants again.


And gives him the F You gesture.

Feed me more chants as he poses with the title and we fade to black


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