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WWE gets it right with John Cena Make-A-Wish segment on Monday Night Raw

We often take WWE to task for getting it wrong so very often but it's time to give the company credit for getting something so very right with its Make-A-Wish segment from Monday Night Raw last night (April 29, 2013) in Columbus, Ohio.

If you tried to count the number of times we here at Cageside Seats have taken WWE to task for its various issues, of which there are many, you would quickly lose track and all hope for the company itself. After all, this is a promotion that has routinely treated its women as nothing but objects and slut shamed them until some of them were forced to leave.

Yeah, it's been bad. And that's not even close to the worst of it.

There are plenty of times, however, when WWE gets it so very right and last night's (April 29, 2013) episode of Monday Night Raw in Columbus, Ohio, featured one of those moments. Indeed, on national "Make-A-Wish" day, WWE Champion John Cena brought out three kids, named them honorary superstars for the evening, announced their gimmick names, and got the crowd to cheer all three.

It was a touching moment and one worth seeing again:

All too often Cena is derided for his goofy style and his status as "Superman" of WWE. But the reality is that he is exactly that to so many children who watch Monday Night Raw. Those three kids got the chance to stand up on that stage during a live show when the WWE champion himself had a live microphone and got the audience to cheer for them.

Put yourself in their shoes for just a second and imagine how amazing that must have been for them. By all accounts, and according to reports from siteS like the Wrestling Observer, there wasn't a dry eye in the backstage area when this segment ran. And you can't blame them because this was a very touching moment, and WWE deserves kudos for putting it together.

Well done.

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