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Paul Bearer's family reacts to angle on Monday Night Raw last night with CM Punk and Undertaker

If you're wondering how Paul Bearer's family feels about the angle WWE went with on Monday Night Raw last night in Washington D.C. between CM Punk, Paul Heyman, and Undertaker, well, here you go.

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A common defense of those in favor of WWE using Paul Bearer's death in its ongoing storyline on Monday Night Raw between Undertaker and CM Punk leading to their match at WrestleMania 29 on Sun., April 7, 2013, in New Jersey, has been that Bearer's family has consistently signed off on the entire program.

And if they're okay with it then we should be too, right?

Well, as it turns out, Bearer's family was indeed approached by WWE about the angle they ran on last night's (April 1) episode of Monday Night Raw from Washington D.C. and they gave the go ahead. If you missed it you can watch the video here but the basic gist of it is that Paul Heyman dressed up as Bearer, mocked Undertaker with the urn that presumably carries Bearer's ashes -- although this point is in dispute because WWE has flip flopped on this point throughout the feud -- before Punk attacked 'Taker with said urn, poured the contents of it out on him after laying him out with it, and finished by rubbing it all over his own body.

Michael Moody, Paul's son, responded to this on his Facebook after seeing it happen:


Knowing now that Bearer's family wasn't comfortable with what WWE did on Raw last night, are you still okay with it, if you ever were? Yes, he admits to giving the go ahead to run the angle but that obviously doesn't mean it won't affect the family in a significant way.

After all, Bearer only just died a number of weeks ago.

Thoughts on this, Cagesiders?

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