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Video reminder: An angry CM Punk is the best CM Punk

Just thought we would deliver a video reminder to you that an angry CM Punk is the very best CM Punk.

Anton Jackson

CM Punk is a polarizing figure who we here at Cageside Seats have both praised for his brilliant work on the microphone and in the ring and heavily criticized for his often childish antics in the face of his seemingly obvious insecurities.

As a performer, though, it's impossible to deny his talent. He can wear many faces and while watching him play a different role at various points over the past couple years, it has become quite clear that the role best suited for "The Straight Edge Superstar," at least in my mind, is that of the mean, old, battle worn warrior who is uncontrollably angry and will take it out on anyone.

Case in point, his entrance during Monday Night Raw this week:

("Oh hey, it's your birthday, kid? High five? *fakes to snatch sign, breaks over leg* F*ck your birthday, kid.")

This is Punk at his best because it's Punk at his most believable. No heel is built the same and they all have different intentions but insane Punk is comparable to insane Bobby Roode, and there was a stretch of time that insane Bobby Roode was the only thing worth caring about in TNA.

The quiet, cold, and calculating killer works fine. But I far prefer the manic madness, maybe because it's easier to understand and feel in tune with. We've all flown off the deep end every now and again.

More #GenoTime #PunkTime, please.

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