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Brock Lesnar cut on Raw required 18 staples to close after Triple H return brawl

Brock Lesnar got busted open real good on "Monday Night Raw" just last night (Feb. 25, 2013) in Dallas, Texas, as Triple H sent him into a ring post and put a gash in his head.

These things happen in pro wrestling, they're just usually planned out well in advance and the performer usually have a neat little tool that does a much cleaner job. Sometimes, though, instead of "getting color" by way of "blading," the wrestlers are busted open "hardway."

Such was the case with Brock Lesnar during last night's (Feb. 25, 2013) brawl with the returning Triple H on Monday Night Raw in Dallas, Texas.

Really, that's all just fancy pro wrestling lingo saying wrestlers usually cut themselves with a razor so they can bleed to add a certain level of intensity to a match but sometimes they screw up and end up actually cutting themselves open. That's what happened with Lesnar when he went too hard into a ring post and opened up the gash you see in the picture above.

That gash required 18 staples to close, by the way. You can see that here, courtesy of (make sure you click the link to check out the full gallery):


Here's how it looked on the broadcast, though don't expect to see color pictures from WWE on it:


Nowhere near breaking the Muta Scale but that's a lot of blood for a simple episode of Raw just to reignite a feud.

You can watch the footage of the brawl, which was actually really good, by clicking here. For more details on Triple H's return and the segment itself click here and here.

And, of course, get complete results and reactions from Raw by clicking here and here.

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