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WWE running angle with Glenn Beck on Raw tonight whether he wants to or not

If Glenn Beck doesn't want to come to Monday Night Raw, Monday Night Raw will go to Glenn Beck. That's right, folks, WWE isn't playing around with this one.

Gage Skidmore

In a move reminiscent of D-Generation X attempting to invade the Norfolk Scope during an episode of Monday Nitro to one-up World Championship Wrestling (WCW) during the height of the "Monday Night Wars" in the late 1990s, WWE is once again upping the ante and bringing an angle to someone's doorstep, whether they want it or not.

Step right up, Glenn Beck. Or don't. Either way, WWE will be at your doorstep later on this evening during tonight's (Feb. 25, 2013) airing of Monday Night Raw, as announced in a press release:

Glenn Beck has declined WWE's invitation to address our fans live tonight on Raw, in response to a segment that aired on TheBlaze last week where Beck referenced WWE as "stupid wrestling people."

Instead, WWE is sending a video crew to Beck's studios to get comment from the talk show host and political commentator.

Tune-in to Monday Night Raw tonight at 8/7C on USA Network to see if Beck responds.

Beck originally called out WWE for its usage of the Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger characters, two racist, xenophobic Americans who are out to stop illegal immigration at all costs. The company then released an awesome video in response while offering Beck a chance to come to Raw to make his point on their turf, an invitation he quickly declined in the snarkiest way possible.

Well, for those expecting some sort of silly comedy skit in response to his response, it seems we're going to get something much more real. Or at least an attempt at it.

It should be noted, of course, that Beck could be in on all of this and the entire thing could be a work to help garner more publicity for both sides. In fact, considering this is the pro wrestling business, you should expect that that's exactly the case.

Either way, it's all going down later this evening. Make sure to follow along with the Raw live blog for complete results by clicking here.

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