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Glenn Beck saves Jack Swagger's push, major league burial expected on WWE Monday Night Raw

Bryan Alvarez of has reported that Glenn Beck's public dissing of Jack Swagger's anti-immigration heel character likely saved his push and that WWE is expected to bury Beck hard on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

Glenn Beck, not the first multi-millionaire Vince McMahon has publicly feuded with.
Glenn Beck, not the first multi-millionaire Vince McMahon has publicly feuded with.
Michael N. Todaro

As I mentioned on Thursday night, though the usual punishment for being charged with speeding, a DUI and most importantly marijuana possession would be a 30 day WWE suspension like Rob Van Dam was given in July 2006 over a similar incident, Jack Swagger had a saving grace. Namely, all the media attention that his current anti-immigration gimmick, with the help of his new xenophobic mouthpiece Zeb Colter, had obtained for WWE.

But what surely sealed the deal was Glenn Beck raising the ire of one Vince McMahon much worse with his response to the angle than Swagger's reckless stupidity that could have endangered innocent lives did.

During his radio show on Friday, Beck complained about WWE miscasting him and 80% of their audience (which just demonstrated his ignorance about the political opinions of the average wrestling fan), suggested his supporters should boycott the company for their misleading portrayal of the Tea Party and perhaps worst of all called their characters "Stupid wrestling people."

What you have to understand is that for decades McMahon has had to battle the stigma of being a sleazy rasslin' promoter, but has never been fully able to overcome it, despite running a company with a market cap of over $600 million. Nothing drives him crazier than the sneers from his snobbish Greenwich neighbours or the intellectual elites that look down their noses at him, who both think he peddles crap. So Beck's comments would be akin to showing a steroid fuelled bull a red rag.

McMahon's anger was for once perfectly channeled by scripting Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger to cut a patronising promo at Beck's expense, whilst issuing a grandstand challenge to the cocky political pundit to appear on this week's edition of Monday Night Raw, thus guaranteeing the news story would have longer traction. Unsurprisingly, he sarcastically turned the offer down on Twitter, which likely had McMahon snorting steam down his nostrils again, so we should all be bracing ourselves for an even more brutal Beck burial to be booked on Raw.

Indeed, Bryan Alvarez of has confirmed that Jack Swagger is expected to escape punishment for his high profile arrest, likely all thanks to Glenn Beck, who they plan to go after hard on Raw:

"From the looks of things, it doesn't look like there will be any major fallout regarding Jack Swagger's DUI arrest a few days ago.... One person in WWE said he wouldn't be surprised if it was the Beck thing that saved Swagger and this angle. WWE is likely to go hard on it Monday with one person saying we may get a 2013 version of Vince McMahon challenging Eric Bischoff to a fight on Raw."

For those wondering what to expect, the segment will likely be similar to the one where Mr. McMahon mocked a Stan Kroenke impersonator in juvenile fashion on the May 25th, 2009 episode of Monday Night Raw, after WWE was forced to move their live taping from Kroenke's Pepsi Centre in Denver to the Staples Centre in Los Angeles at the last minute due to a double booking for an NBA playoff game between the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers. Hopefully, the Glenn Beck character assassination works out better for WWE than the Kroenke debacle did.

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