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WWE retires spinner belt, unveils new championship title on Raw

It took under a month of being WWE champion for The Rock to usher in a new era. That's right, folks, the spinner belt is retired and replaced with a brand spankin' new design. Check it out here.


After eight long years of pro wrestling fans having to stomach the shiny spinner belt design brought forth thanks to the crowning of John Cena as the top babyface in WWE, fans have gotten their way. And all it took was The Rock coming back to win the title.

"The Great One" hasn't yet been champion for a full month and he's already brought a major change: the debut of a brand new WWE championship design, which was unveiled in a special ceremony on tonight's (Feb. 18, 2013) episode of Monday Night Raw in Louisiana.

And dear god, is it ugly as hell.


(Photo via @RealJuanii)

Initial opinions on social media (follow us on Twitter, y'all) are trending down. As our very own Rex Ivanovic put it, the new title "looks like a class ring." What's worse, it's a custom design, with the side plates showcasing the Rock's trademark Brahma Bull in lieu of a nameplate or other design.

Oh, and the rumor that started way back when with the tease and first look that we all thought might be a side plate? Turns out that was true but it's not the side plate, it's the focus of the entire strap.

If the Big Gold Belt wasn't the best looking title in WWE before tonight, it definitely is now.

Let's get your thoughts on the new WWE championship title design. Dig it?

UPDATE: Here's a look at the new belt design sans the Rock's custom Brahma bulls:


That side plate is actually really sweet and if it was the main design, I think I would really like it.

Cagesiders, what do you think?