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WWE 'Raw' Results and Live Blog for Feb. 11: 'Elimination Chamber' go home show

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Feb. 11, 2013) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw's Elimination Chamber go home show; featuring The Rock, Sheamus, Cena, Ryback, Punk, and more!.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 11, 2013) from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN; featuring the go home show to the Elimination Chamber. Scheduled appearances from superstars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Sheamus, John Cena, Ryback, CM Punk, Randy Orton and more!

What will happen when The Rock comes back to Nashville? Will we get another Rock Concert? With the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV) event coming in just a few days' time (Sun., Feb. 17), will we get another pipe bomb dropped from the now former WWE Champion? Or will Punk be shown his roll when The People's Champion picks up the mic?

Since McMahon is still out, what will Lesnar have to say for his reasoning behind his return to Raw, or will Heyman continue to be his mouthpiece, and if so, what on Earth will he come up with next, a clone? Also, speaking of massive men with a taste for destruction, who is next to be invited to Mark Henry's House of Pain? In addition to all of those questions, we also might get a chance to find out more about what WWE has in store for Swagger and Jericho. Plus, even has us wondering what is up next for The Shield and Shenaback:

After Raw went off the air last week, John Cena issued a straight forward challenge to The Shield - step in the ring with Cena along with Sheamus and Ryback at Elimination Chamber. (WATCH EXCLUSIVE) The challenge was officially accepted later in the week. (MATCH PREVIEW) After months of The Shield running roughshod through WWE, has the group finally met its match?

The powerhouse team of Cena, Sheamus and Ryback could quite possibly be the most potent trio in WWE in recent years. Will they bring a new brand of justice to WWE? With Mr. McMahon recovering from surgery, no permanent Raw General Manager in place, and Brock Lesnar and Mark Henry on the loose, it sure seems the time is right.

Don't miss the final Raw before Elimination Chamber as The Road to WrestleMania 29 heats up.

Come right back here to see how it all plays out at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on the USA channel. It will be below this line here:



Rex here. Let's mark out with our snark out. We are live!


We are kicking things off with Paul Heyman in the ring and on the mic.

"Tonight is the last time you are ever going to see Paul Heyman" Say it ain't so!

Heyman says that he will never be the victim and that he has gone to great lengths for this business.

Goes into his history with ECW and Brock Lesnar. No one makes Lesnar's name sound better than Heyman.

Starts to put over CM Punk in a major way.

"I can see the future, and something bad is going to happen here real soon"

Says the McMahon hatred for Heyman is going to trickle down to CM Punk and that is why he is tendering his resignation.

He starts to go after the fans now for being inconsiderate when a man is spilling his guts out.

Says he loves Punk and because of that he is getting out so that he doesn't get in his way.

CM Punk hits the ring now.

"Paul, what are you doing?"

"I'm in your way, Vince McMahon thinks I arrange for the Shield to get paid off. Vince thinks I arranged for Brad Maddox to get paid off. He thinks I arranged for Brock Lesnar."

"I am not going to let you do this."

"In the land of the McMahons, perception is reality" Great line from Heyman.

Punk says that he will set everything straight at Elimination Chamber when he reclaims the WWE Championship and that Heyman will be in his corner. Heyman agrees.

They hug it out and both look like they are about to cry.

Great segment.


Back from break and Khali, Natalya, and Hornswoggle are in the ring finishing up some dancing.

Out comes Mark Henry. All is right with the world.

Great Khali vs Mark Henry

Khali gets some early offense in.

Henry fights back and delivers some punches to the gut of Khali.

Henry eats a boot from Khali and a big chop.

Henry with a splash in the corner and then Henry hits Khali with a clothesline.

Henry hits the World's Strongest Slam and that's all folks.

Mark Henry wins by pinfall.

After the match he hits Hornswoggle with a World's Strongest Slam as he goes to check on Khali.



Booker T and Teddy Long in the back. They say that Mark Henry is in the Elimination Chamber match.

Enter Jericho and he makes his case to be put into the chamber.

Booker T says that Jericho needs to impress and will have a match with Daniel Bryan. YES! YES! YES!

Jericho accepts the match and goes into a great impersonation of Booker T


Vickie in the back and Heyman comes in asking for Vickie to add a stipulation to the WWE Championship Match.

Vickie says she can't with out McMahon and guess who happens to call.

Vickie puts him on speaker for Heyman to make his case.

Vince grants the stipulation that if Rock is DQed or counted out, than Punk wins the title.


Chris Jericho vs Daniel Bryan

Jericho takes early control but Bryan is quick to counter and lands some kicks in.

Jericho and Bryan exchanging arm locks.

Bryan is able to dump Jericho over the top rope and follows him out.

Jericho makes it back into the ring and Bryan is on the apron when Jericho goes for a springboard to the apron. Bryan ducks and Jericho crashes.

Bryan follows up with a suicide dive that hits its mark as we go to commercial break.

Back from break and Jericho is in control. A big Y2J chant breaks out.

Bryan with a huge running drop kick to take control.

Bryan does his back flip spot but Jericho counters the offense he tries to follow up with.

Jericho goes up top but can't land.

He tries to lock in the Walls of Jericho but Bryan counters.

Jericho with a takedown and lands the Lionsault.

Bryan tries to go up top but Jericho follows him up and tries for the superplex.

Bryan fights him off and knocks him off. He follows it up with the flying headbutt and gets a two count.

Bryan with big knees to Jericho but Y2J is able to snatch one and counter it into the Walls of Jericho.

Bryan does a push up to create some space and roll through into a No Lock but can't complete the submission.

Jericho goes for the Walls against but Bryan rolls through and hits a big kick to the head of Jericho.

Bryan gets a nearfall.

Jericho fails on a roll up but ends up hitting the Codebreak for the pin.

Jericho wins by pinfall.

Great match.


Sheamus/Cena/Ryback vs 3MB

Ryback and Heath Slater get us started off after what feels like ten minutes of entrance time for the faces.

Slater playing air guitar in front of Ryback and then pushes him.

Ryback not pleased and delivers a big press to Slater before tagging in Sheamus. Slater tags in McIntyre.

McIntyre does some pelvic thrusts at Sheamus.

McIntryre getting some decent offense in.

McIntyre gets tossed to the apron and right into Sheamus' forearm spot.

Sheamus tags in Cena and McIntyre tags in Mahal.

Cena starts to crush Mahal and the rest of 3MB rush to save him.

Turns into an all out brawl that winds up with the faces hitting all three of their finishers for the win.

Sheamus/Cena/Ryback win by pinfall.

Ryback on the mic after the match. He has been waiting for EC.

Sheamus says that he believes in the justice that they are going to deal out.

Cena cracking up at the boos he is getting as soon as he touches the mic.

He says the Shield is bold for promising to come out to the ring tonight. Says that they are the sword and the law.


Recap of the Smackdown events involving Big Show and ADR leads to Alex Riley and Yoshi Tatsu talking in the back. Big Show lays them both out in quick order.



Back from break and Big Show is making his way to the ring.

Matt Striker tries to interview him and gets three words out before eating a WMD. I am enjoying that way more than I should. Can't stop laughing.

Thankfully Big Show hasn't said anything for like a minute, giving me time to recover.

Streches to about two minutes and Big Show finally just drops the mic and leaves without saying a word.


Replay of the excellent Sammartino video package from last week to announce his entrance into the Hall of Fame.


Back from commercial and Ryder is in the ring.

Swagger hits the ring with Zeb Coulter. I think it's Dutch Mantel! Awesome.

Zack Ryder vs Jack Swagger

Ryder gets some early offense in and hits the Broski Boot.

Swagger gets his way to the outside and Ryder launches himself to the outside but he gets caught by Swagger. Swagger tosses Ryder into the barrier and hits a belly to belly on the outside.

They get back into the ring and Ryder is just toying with Ryder. Lots of big slams and then he slaps on the Patriot Act. Ryder taps.

Jack Swagger wins by submission.

After the match Swagger and Coulter cut a promo about America that is basically a nationalist militia promo. Really great promo and gimmick they are running with.


In the back and Booker T says that Swagger is in the EC match.

Ziggler enters the scene and says that if Jericho is in the match, than Ziggler wants back in.

Booker T asks Ziggler a follow up but gets interrupted by Big E.

Booker T says that Ziggler will have to go one on one with Kane.


Miz vs Cody Rhodes

Cesaro is on commentary for it.

Miz and Rhodes trading holds.

Rhodes takes control with some well placed kicks.

He locks in a arm lock but Miz fights out.

Miz with some big clotheslines and a face buster.

Miz hits a back breaker but as he goes for the neck breaker, Cody counters.

They head to the outside and Miz gets distracted by Cesaro.

Rhodes tries to take advantage.

Cesaro goes on the attack but eats a boot from Miz.

Miz continues to attack Rhodes but Cesaro recovers and lays Miz out.

He picks Miz up by the legs and keeps swinging him into the barrier over and over and over. Wow impressive spot.

Miz wins by disqualification.


Primo and Epico vs Clay and Tensai

Tensai and Primo start things off.

Tensai with some early offense and a tag into Clay. They hit a double team head butt.

Epico gets a blind tag on Primo, while Primo takes a suplex from Clay.

Clay hits a splash on Epico and tags in Tensai.

Tensai with his body drop and gets the pin.

Tensai and Clay win by pinfall.

Clay and Tensai dancing when Rosa tries to interupt. The Funkadactyls take care of her and the dance party continues.


Shield hits the ring and they all have mics.

"We are hear to shield the WWE from atrocities, like the ones John Cena commits everyday." -Ambrose

Rollins and Reigns call out the faces to come and get them. They don't show up.

"Empty threat from an empty guy. Three morally empty individuals" -Ambrose

"You couldn't get the job done with the whole roster" -Reigns

"You fail John. You fail everyday you get up and exist" -Rollins

"John Cena is a failure. That is why we don't like you. You fail to set an example. Smiling the day away in your little bubble. Smiling and doing whatever you want. We call that the John Cena problem." -Ambrose

"He has been the problem for the past decade. We the Shield are the solution." -Reigns

"The standard you set paved the way for the Sheamus' and Rybacks of the world. You paved the way for people to believe in the system! This Sunday we have the oppurtunity to end a decade of injustice." -Rollins

"This Sunday we are going to end you. I suggest you breath all the fresh air you can before then because we are going to drown you." -Ambrose


They keep calling out the faces but no one is coming.

Lights go out and the faces are in the ring assaulting the Shield.

The Shield tries to escape but the faces follow them out and they are brawling in the crowd.

Shield eventually makes an escape as the faces celebrate with the fans.

Amazing promo and great segment as a whole.


Damien Sandow out to the ring and he is cutting a great promo on the entirety of Memphis.

Damien Sandow vs Alberto Del Rio

Sandow with some early offense in but Del Rio is quick to take control.

Hits a kick to the jaw of Sandow and gets a two count.

Del Rio starts getting the crowd to chant Si.

Sandow tries to counter and get some offense in but Del Rio is able to lock in the armbar and Sandow taps.

Del Rio wins by submission.

After the match Del Rio gets on the mic and tells Big Show he thought his silence earlier was his best promo yet.

Del Rio says he does agree though that the time for talk is over and that Del Rio will be using EC to get his way to Wrestlemania.


Wade Barrett walking in the back and Bo Dallas attacks like a feral dog. He lays Barrett out before a gaggle of officials can pull him off.


Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston

Kofi whips Barrett into the ropes but eats a big kick.

Barrett stomping on Kofi in the corner and then hits some big knees in the middle of the ring.

Barrett with a chin lock that Kofi counters.

Kofi with a big drop kick and some clotheslines.

Kofi goes up top and hits a splash. Nearfall.

Kofi springboards right into a side slam from Barrett.

Barrett goes for the Bull Hammer but Kofi dodges. Kofi tries for the Trouble in Paradise but Barrett dodges and heads to the outside.

Kofi tries to follow him out but Barrett uses the apron to cover him up and hits the Bull Hammer. Creative spot.

Barrett wins by pinfall.


Kane vs Dolph Ziggler

Kane opens up with an assault on Ziggler in the corner.

Ziggler counters Kane's momentum with a big dropkick.

Ziggler punching Kane in the corner but Kane counters with his own punches.

Kane with a big drop on Ziggler and he primes for the chokeslam but Ziggler rolls out as we go to break.

Back from break and Langston has tossed Kane into the barrier when the ref wasn't looking.

Kane goes to get back in the ring and he eats a neckbreaker followed by about ten elbow drops. Ziggler gets the two count.

Kane goes for a big slam on Ziggler but gets countered into a big DDT.

Ziggler goes for splash in the corner but Kane dodges.

Kane whips him into opposite corners and follows up with clotheslines.

Kane tries for a side slam but gets countered into a sleeper hold.

Kane gets out but eats a Zig Zag.

Kane kicks out of the pin attempt and when they get back to their feet, he hits the side slam.

Kane goes up top but AJ provides enough of a distraction for Ziggler to recover and dodge.

Ziggler tries to follow up but bounces off AJ on accident. He turns around to check on her and Kane is able to hit the chokeslam for the win.

Kane wins by chokeslam.


Rock out to the ring now.

Rock opens up with his "Finally" bit.

Rock is going to give us story time.

Rock is talking about moving to Nashville as a teenager and going to high school there.

Jeff Jarrett mention.

Story about Rock buying a car from a crackhead.

Punk and Heyman out to the stage now.

Rock immeadately goes for the homosexual jokes about Punk and Heyman hugging earlier. Stay classy Rock.

Punk just put his arm around Heyman in response. Great move from Punk.

Rock says he is going to be Punk's "punk ass at Elimination Chamber and if you come down now I will beat it all over Nashville."

Punk starts to make his way down and Rock takes his shirt off.

Punk and Heyman just stop at the end of the ramp and look around.

He turns like he is going to walk away but instead sprints to the ring.

Punk and Rock start brawling.

Punk eventually eats a spinebuster and Rock goes for the People's Elbow but Heyman trips him.

Punk hits Rock with the GTS.

Punk takes the belt and walks out.

"Every time you ant to bring it, I am just going to take it" -Punk

Fade to black


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