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Every episode of Monday Night Raw in 2013, graded

WWE has had a fairly successful year, but how did its flagship program, "Monday Night Raw", hold up on a weekly basis? Let's go back and look at how each show was graded, shall we?

There were 52 episodes of Monday Night Raw this past year. Considering WWE's flagship show airs every Monday night on USA that should go without saying, but it's used here to set up the fact that that means there have been 52 grades handed out for each one of those episodes.

With it being the final day of 2013, why not go back and look at how each episode was graded?

Below is a complete list of each episode's air date, its grade, and the title given to that episode by yours truly. Each grade and title is clickable in case you want to go back and read full reactions for that particular show.

Jan. 7: A- (In your face, Jerks)
Jan. 14: B (Twinkie tits? Yeah, twinkie tits)
Jan. 21: D+ (No, I'm winning the Royal Rumble)
Jan. 28: B (What did you do?!?)
Feb. 4: B- (I'm a wronged man)
Feb. 11: B (Just go home, cracky)
Feb. 18: C (A new era begins)
March 4: C (Old school style)
March 11: D+ (Son of a Bearer)
March 18: D- (Road to Wrestle-Whatia?)
March 25: B (Say my name)
April 1: B- (WrestleMania, take me home)
April 8: A (WrestleMania 29 fallout)
April 15: D (Failing champions)
April 22: B (Lights out in London)
April 29: C- (Ryback fools)
May 6: F (Last man watching)
May 13: C (Extreme fools)
May 20: C+ (Carry the collars)
May 27: D+ (This is why we can't have nice things)
June 3: B- (The whole damn chain)
June 10: B+ (Payback go home show)
June 17: A- (Lesnar! Henry! Christian! Oh my!)
June 24: D+ (Money in the what?)
July 1: C+ (They're coming ... run)
July 8: B+ (They were here)
July 15: A (YES! YES! YES!)
July 22: C (Dan-iel Bry-an)
July 29: C (Corporate makeover)
Aug. 5: C- (Say something stupid)
Aug. 12: B (SummerSlam go home)
Aug. 19: B- (SummerSlam trash)
Aug. 26: D+ (The little things)
Sept. 2: C (Broke, big, and nearly dead)
Sept. 9: B- (YES! NO! YES!)
Sept. 16: A+ (Dusty Finished)
Sept. 23: A+ (That was awe-some)
Sept. 30: B- (On to Battleground)
Oct. 7: B+ (The end we wanted)
Oct. 14: B- (Rhodes family dynasty)
Oct. 21: C+ (Big {Show} Rig)
Oct. 28: B (Well it's the Big Show)
Nov. 4: C (Best for business?)
Nov. 11: B- (Not anymore you're not)
Nov. 18: B (On to Survivor Series)
Nov. 25: D (Whose title is it, anyway?)
Dec. 2: C- (Undisputed and unified)
Dec. 9: A- (Slammys, TLC, oh my!)
Dec. 16: C+ (TLC falling out)
Dec. 23: B (Candy Kanes)
Dec. 30: A (There ain't no heroes here)


A's: 9
B's: 20
C's: 14
D's: 8
F's: 1

No big surprises here, at least not to my eyes, though results may vary among you Cagesiders. There was only one "F" grade handed out all year while two shows were given the highest mark of an "A+", the first two of their kind.

What this shows more than anything is that Raw has generally been good to great this year instead of average to bad. Here's to hoping 2014 is just as good, if not better.

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