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Video: Bad News Barrett debuts on Monday Night Raw last night (Dec. 2) in Oklahoma City

This is not bad news.

For basically the entirety of his existence with WWE, Wade Barrett has struggled to find a role that suits him. Sure, he made it work as the rough and tough leader of the the Nexus, but they were cut off at the knees by bad booking. After that, it was all downhill with more changes to his gimmick and entrance theme than perhaps any other wrestler on the roster.

Then, The JBL & Cole Show happened and Bad News Barrett was born.

It's a simple idea but highly effective: Barrett is the bearer of bad news and he delivers it with a glee normally reserved for happier occasions. When you see him, you know you're getting some bad news and to make it worse, he gets off on breaking the hearts of those he delivers said bad news to.

It's glorious and was played up to maximum effect on The JBL & Cole Show.

There's always a tentativeness that comes with the main WWE creative team getting its hands on a happy accident like this, but his debut seems to indicate they mostly get the character. How they'll adapt it to wrestling remains to be seen but they're off to a decent enough start.

You Cagesiders encouraged? Or disappointed by what was delivered?

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