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WWE Raw results, live blog for Dec. 23: Christmas special!

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Dec. 23, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Austin, Texas, featuring a Christmas special.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Dec. 23, 2013) from the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas, featuring a Christmas special that was actually taped last week so the wrestlers could take some time off for the holidays.

That means spoilers are available and if you would like to read what happens on the show you can do so by clicking here. We will, however, have the live blog as usual.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with our snark out.


Dueling storytelling promos in a video package to start us off.  Bad Santa aka Sandow wants to cancel Christmas but The World's Strongest Santa promises to save the day.


The Authority come out with Santa hats and passing out candy canes.

HHH says they love making their employees volunteering at soup kitchens and the likes.

Stephanie says that we are their extended family (which gets boos) and since we are they want to give us a great holiday.

HHH hypes Good vs Evil Santa and the six man tags coming later.

They wish us a happy holidays and out comes Orton.

He wishes us all and the Authority a happy holidays.

He says his gift to the Authority was the championship and thanks them for the night off before they all hug it out.

Kane closes it out with some Night Before Christmas before hitting his pyro.  Awesome


Results: Total Divas vs Non-Total Divas (including Vickie)

Highlights: Total Divas win by submission

  • AJ is on commentary
  • Everyone is in costume
  • Naomi with a sweet hurricarana
  • Final Cut from Aksana
  • It degenerates into a brawl rather quickly
  • The Total Divas form some link and rotate around the ring knocking people out
  • Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter for the win


Sin Cara vs Curtis Axel

Results: Sin Cara wins by pinfall


  • Before the match, Sin Cara actually spoke!
  • Sin Cara hurricarana sends Axel to the outside
  • Cara tries to follow it up with a springboard to the outside but Axel counters
  • Axel continues to keep Cara grounded with some nice counters including a gorgeous dropkick
  • A series of switches between the two leads to Cara sending Axel to the outside and hitting a huge suicide dive
  • Sin Cara springing elbow for a two count
  • Sin Cara chant gets started
  • Sin Cara Swanton Bomb for the victory


Bad Santa gets into a spat with a little girl.  He then tells her he doesn't care because all children are ungrateful wretches and he isn't going to deliver gifts to anyone.

Big Show is in a Baby New Year outfit.  Oh lord....


Batista return promo package.  Well it's official now folks.


Bray Wyatt video package that shows why he is one of the best promos men in the world.  Absolutely wonderful.

Replay of the Wyatt attack on Bryan from Smackdown.


Daniel Bryan and the Rhodes Bros vs The Wyatt Family

Results: Wyatts win by pinfall


  • The Rhodes Bros using their speed to prevent Rowan from working his slams
  • Bryan getting involved in the action now as all three use a series of quick tags tokeep Rowan isolated
  • Rowan drives Goldie into the corner and Harper tags himself in
  • Harper with a series of whips into the corner but Goldie responds with some punches and Cody tags himself in and nails a dropkick
  • Rhodes with some follow up strikes before tagging in Bryan
  • Harper misses with a big boot in the corner that tangles himself up so Bryan hits some roundhouse kicks and a running dropkick
  • He lets Harper get himself free and calls for Bray to tag himself in as it heads to break
  • Back from break and Harper is gator rolling Cody Rhodes
  • Cody gets busted open and tags in Goldie so the docs can patch him up
  • Goldensteiner!
  • Goldie is taking it to Harper when Rowan distracts him so Harper can hit a big boot before tagging in Wyatt
  • Wyatt is just demolishing Goldie with a series of strikes of slams before hitting a big splash in the corner
  • Rowan tags in and hits a series of big slams
  • Cody is back on the apron
  • Rowan with an Iron Claw to Goldie!
  • Harper tags in and eats a Sunset Flip from Goldust!
  • Rowan and Bryan each get the tag in
  • Bryan takes Rowan down with a series of kicks and running drop kicks
  • Up top and he hits the flying headbutt
  • Wyatt comes in to break up the tag but bryan takes him down and hits soem ground and pound
  • Wyatt escapes and goes running, Bryan in pursuit but he gets leveled by Rowan
  • Rhodes BRos and Wyatts staring each other down on the outside as we head to break
  • Back from break and Wyatt is working over Bryan with a series of punches
  • Bryan tries to fight his way back but Wyatt hits a huge elbow to put him down
  • Wyatt is fighting with some anger and is constantly yelling at Bryan
  • Harper tags in and flips over the rope to land on Bryan
  • Rowan tags in right away and hits some slams but Bryan counters with a Tornado DDT to give him the oppurtunity to make the hot tag to Cody
  • Rowan tags in Harper as well
  • Rhodes with a big knee and then a disaster kick to Rowan on the apron
  • Codysault but Wyatt breaks up the pin and then takes otu Goldie
  • Bryan with a missle dropkick to Wyatt that sends him to the outside and then hits a suicide dive
  • Bryan pounding on Wyatt but Rowan takes hold of him and puts him into the barrier hard
  • Goldie takes out Rowan right away
  • Harper gets hit with the Disaster Kick but Wyatt made a blind tag and hits Sister Abigail for the win
After the win they continue the assault on Bryan and Goldie.  Goldie eats a big lariat from Harper.

Rowan and Harper stomping on Bryan and as Wyatt continues to preach to him.


The World's Strongest Santa promises to make sure Christmas isn't canceled.


Bad News Barrett is ringing a bell and collecting money for charity.


Renne Young is hosting a Christmas Carol contest.

Truth and Woods, Mahal and McIntyre, and Santino and Khali.

Apparently Khali and Santino one and a brief brawl erupted with all of the faces sending 3MB out before teaming up for a carol


Dolph Ziggler vs Fandango in a Christmas Gift on a Pole Match

Results: Fandango wins.


  • The prize is a IC Title shot
  • Both men immediately go for the gift and repeatedly fight each other of it
  • Ziggler with a big dropkick to end a string of strikes from Fandango
  • Jillian Hall reference as Fandango hits a big power slam
  • Ziggler knocks Fandango off the pole and the two trade strikes
  • Both men fighting on the turnbuckle and Fandango hits a huge kick that rag dolls Ziggler
  • Fandango climbs on top of Ziggler to reach the gift but gets crotched by Ziggler
  • Ziggler gets hsi hand on the gift but Fandango puts Ziggler head into the pole which cause Ziggler to fall and gains hold of the gift for himself


The Usos vs Prime Time Players

Results: Usos win by pinfall


  • Usos with a lot of quick tags and they use a flurry of offense
  • Series of arm drags from an Uso
  • Young is bumping his ass off out there for the Usos
  • Young with the Northern Lights to get the momentum back
  • One of the Usos rocks a Rudolph Nose and hits a big splash off the top rope for the win
After the match they all do the Millions of Dollars dance together


The Battle for Christmas: Good Santa vs Bad Santa

Result: Good Santa wins and saves Christmas


  • Good Santa uses a toliet and a fire extinguisher early on against Bad
  • Bad uses a Candy (Singapore) Cane and then knocks down a tree to a reign of boos
  • They make it back to the ring and Good Santa uses the extinguisher again to win
  • That was quick
After the match, Good Santa opens up a gift and eats a cupcake from it and then smashes the rest of them into Bad Santa's face.


Renne Young talks to Punk and mentions that Santa brought him two good tag partners for his showdown with the Shield.

"This season I am handing out beatings" -Langston

Cena comes in and puts over Langston and talks about how he can't think of a better main event for the night.


Los Matadores vs the Real Americans

Result: Los Matadores win by pinfall


  • El Torito is dressed as the Abominable Snow Man from Rudolph- Awesome
  • Cesaro with an early big swing that sends the matadore to the outside
  • A flury on the outside ends up with Swagger tagged in and he eats a sunset flip and a big drop kick
  • El Torito gores Cesaro on the outside
  • Swagger eats the Matadores finisher right after for the three count


Kofi Kingstong vs The Ryback

Result: Ryback wins by pinfall


  • Kofi sends Ryback out early and then hits a dropkick to knock him off the apron
  • Kofi follows it up with a suicide dive
  • Ryback regains the advantage and tosses Kofi back into the ring and follows it up with a series of whips into the corner
  • Ryback with some chops
  • Ryback off the second rope but Kofi gets his knees up
  • Kofi uses the corner to spring him into a dropkick
  • Lariat and his finisher from Ryback for the win


Bad News Barrett says that he has been collecting money for charity but the Bad News is that he actually isn't affiliated with any charity and the money is coming home with him.


Shield hand camera promo.

They call out Cena and Punk for the fact that they have long been rivals and are now friends.

They vow to destroy this temporary alliance


CM Punk, Big E Langston, and John Cena vs the Shield

Result: The faces win by disqualification


  • Sorry guys but the article editor failed saving my update so no highlights for this one.  Great match that if you haven't seen it go find it right away
Post-Match the Shield was ready to hit the Triple Power Bomb but Cena and Punk recovered to make the save and end the show on top.

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