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WWE Raw results, live blog for Dec. 16: TLC fallout show

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Dec. 16, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Dallas, Texas, featuring the fallout show from the "TLC" pay-per-view (PPV) just last night in Houston.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Dec. 16, 2013) from the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas, featuring the fallout show from the TLC pay-per-view (PPV) this past Sunday night in Houston, Texas.

Advertised for tonight: Complete results and fallout from TLC, day one of the Randy Orton era as "WWE world heavyweight champion", Vince McMahon possibly returning to TV, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with our snark out.


Steph and HHH are in the ring as the roster hangs out on the stage.

They say that it was the dawning of an era last night.

Wasting no time, they bring out Randy Orton who gives a long stare to Cena as he passes and raises the titles in his face.

Orton goes after the crowd for not believing he could do it.  He rambles some more about his destiny and Cena interrupts him.

Cena makes fun of Orton's normal talking points.  He says that Orton much follow the path that Stone Cold talked about when you are champion- you have to put up and shut up every night.

Orton cuts Cena off and says that Cena won't get his rematch tonight.

Cena says he wasn't talking about himself.  He puts the spotlight on Bryan and says that it is Bryan that should get a title shot tonight.

Orton says he doesn't have to listen to the fans, Cena, Bryan, or anyone.

Stephanie interrupts and says Orton does have to listen to them.

HHH says he agrees though that Bryan doesn't deserve a shot yet.

Stephanie points out though that the universe did vote Bryan Superstar of the Year.

HHH admits that they do listen to the people and he makes the match.

Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan for the Main Event tonight.

Unclear if it's for the title.


Rhodes Bros vs MysteriShow

Results: MysteriShow wins by pinfall


  • Rey with and early hurricarana that sends Cody out of the ring.  Rey follows up with a sliding splash to Cody
  • Back in the ring and Rey goes up top but Rhodes knocks him down and hits the Disaster Kick
  • Rhodes with a sit out powerslam and follows it up with a series of holds
  • Rey with some lucha countering and gets the tag to Show as we head to break
  • Back from break and the announcing team is a taking a selfie.  I'm not kidding.
  • Show with some big chops to Rhodes
  • Cody tries to punch his way back but eats a big boot
  • Show with a bunch of boring offense that Rhodes eventually escapes from and gets the tag to his brother
  • Goldie tries his best but Show levels him and hits the chokeslam but Cody breaks up the pin
  • Show ragdolls Cody for that and Goldie tries to take advantage but eats a WMD
  • Show uses Mysterio as a weapon to finish it off and get the pin
Post-match everybody helps Goldie get back to his feet


Bad News Barrett!

Pretty quick petty insults about the lottery and people having to return to their miserable existence.


HHH, Stephanie, and Kane in the back whispering to each other.

Orton storms in and he is furious that he has to compete again.

Stephanie reminds him that they have his back and that Bryan had such a brutal match last night against the Wyatts.

She states that Cena was right and that he has to double the work as the man on top.

HHH says that as top dog, everyone is coming for him.

"Don't worry, we got your back"-HHH


Fandango vs Dolph Ziggler

Results: Ziggler wins by pinfall


  • Fast and furious back and forth early on that ends with Ziggler dropkicking Fandango to the outside
  • Fandango able to counter on the outside and dances around to taunt the Show Off
  • Fandango tosses Ziggler back in the ring and works a series of stomps and a sleeper hold
  • Ziggler punches his way out and gets a two off a roll up
  • Fandango whips Ziggler into the ropes and goes for a kick but Ziggler counteres it for a roll up and the win


Big E Langston and Mark Henry vs the Real Americans

Result: Langston and Henry win by pinfall


  • Langston and Cesaro start things off with some good hossing but Swagger quickly tags himself in
  • Swagger tells Langston to calm down so Langston tags in Henry
  • Henry treats Swagger like a ragdoll and plays up his Texas connection with the crowd
  • Lots of OU Sucks chants at Swagger as Henry continues the beat down
  • Henry brings Langston back into the action
  • Langston has Swagger in the corner and punches his head for the ten count and follows it up with a vicious lariat
  • Swagger and Langston tag in their counter parts but it doesn't last for long as after a couple of uppercuts, Swagger gets tagged back in
  • Henry with a clothesline and then tags in Langston and they hit a double shoulder tackle
  • Cesaro tags in and gets a delayed press slam from Langston and then clotheslined out of the ring
  • Cesaro makes his way back in but eats a back body drop from Langston
  • Langston with some slams and he seems ready to end it when Swagger drags him out of the ring and puts him into the announcing table
  • Swagger with some stomps as we head to break
  • Back from break and Cesaro is using a rugby style tackle to prevent Langston from reaching Henry and then he hits the gut wrench suplex on him
  • Cesaro with a double stomp to Langston's back
  • Swagger and Cesaro with a series of double team maneuvers to keep him isolated from Henry
  • Langston is finally able to recover and sends Swagger to the outside and hits a belly to belly to Cesaro
  • Langston with the hot tag to Henry and Henry goes JYD on Cesaro
  • Power slam from Henry gets a two count when Swagger break up the pinfall.  Henry just destroys him
  • Cesaro with a dropkick and an attempt at the Big Swing but Langston made the blind tag and ran over Cesaro before hitting the Big Ending for the win


Damien Sandow is apparently a Bad Santa with AJ and Tamina as his helpers.  He will apparently fight over the soul of Christmas with Good Santa Mark Henry next week on Raw.


Rybaxel vs Tons of Funk



  • Woods and Truth on commentary.  They both say they enjoy Sweet T but they have issues with Brodus
  • Tensai tossing Axel around like a toy to start things off
  • Axel gets the tag into Ryback who hits a scoop slam on Tensai
  • Ryback follows up with some more slams and Tensai tries to get a tag in but Clay doesn't oblige
  • Tensai eats Ryback's finisher for the pinfall
After the match, Clay attacks Tensai which sends Truth and Woods into the ring to defend Tensai.  They are able to chase off Clay as the Funkadactyls look after Tensai.

Truth and Woods invite the Funkadactyls to come dance with them since they haven't had much to dance to lately.


CM Punk out to the ring.  He says the Shield was supposed to put him down.

He tries to continue but the crowd keeps chanting CM Punk! CM Punk! so he "let's them have it for a moment"

He says it isn't over because it's never been about the Shield but rather about the Authority and how they want to sweep him under the rug.

CM Punk says he wants to address HHH.

Instead of HHH, it's HBK!

CM Punk syas that actually he should probably speak to Stephanie and asks for her to come out before asking HBK what he wants.

The crowd chants "You Sold Out!" and when it peters out he says "guess you couldn't keep it up?"

HBK makes fun of the crowd soem more and then says that Punk's issue really should be with HBK since he is the one who kicked him.

Crowd chanting for One More Match and Punk says "Dallas, I am pretty sure I have more than one more match"

Punk says 15 yr old him is probably stoked that HBK kicked him but if it happens again, Punk is going to kick back.

HBK says he has always dug Punk but what he is going to do next will hurt Punk and introduces his opponents for later tonight and out comes the Shield.

Punk mouthing that HBK is a bastard.  Punk will have partners this time though.

His partners will be decided by a vote over the break.


Usos won the vote.

The Shield vs CM Punk and the Usos

Result: The Shield wins by pinfall


  • The Usos with some early double team maneuvers on Ambrose before the tag in Punk
  • Punk comes off the top rope onto Ambrose's arm being outstretched by an Usos
  • Ambrose with the tag to Rollins and Punk with a tag to an Uso
  • Rollins and an Usos with a slick series of slams and counters as neither man can gain the advantage
  • The Usos eventually ends up with a shoulder lock that slows things back down
  • Rollins with escapes but eats an arm drag for his trouble
  • The Usos exchange the tag and whip Rollins into each other
  • Rollins and the Usos exchanging punches and kicks as we head to break
  • Back from break with Rollins and an Usos exchaning some holds
  • The crowd is really hot for the Usos
  • Rollins misses with a splash in the corner and the Usos tags in the other one (apparently Jimmy as Cole finally clarifies)
  • Jimmy with a series of uppercuts but Rollins hits him with a big knee and tags in Ambrose
  • Ambrose with a series of stomps to Jimmy as he looks back at Punk to taunt him
  • Ambrose with a series of holds before he tags in Reigns
  • Reigns goes ham sandwich with some slams before tagging back in Rollins
  • Rollins goes for a superplex but Jimmy knocks him down and hits a flying crossbody
  • Rollins tags in Reigns who stops Jimmy from crawling his way to the hot tag
  • "You got to fight" -CM Punk
  • "You got to fight (in a whiny voice). Shut Up" -Reigns
  • Reigns continues to work over Jimmy but Jimmy gets a counter kick and the hot tag to Punk as REigns tags in Ambrose
  • Punk taking out both Ambrose and Rollins with a neckbreak/DDT combo
  • All hell just breaks loose as everyone is getting involved in the ring and out of it that results with Punk hitting the flying elbow on Ambrose for two.
  • Punk goes for the GTS but Rollins with a distraction.
  • Ambrose gets the tag to Reigns but Punk doesn't see it and hits the GTS on Ambrose
  • As he finishes the GTS he eats a spear from Reigns that results in the three count


Wyatt talking to Abigail.

He says that they told him the war against the machine would be a long and daunting one.

He says that Bryan is a coward for not joining up with him even as he said that he could end the pain.

Since Bryan won't walk with the reapers, he must die with the rest.

Amazing stuff


Natalya and the Bellas vs AJ Lee, Alicia Fox, and Tamina

Result: Not-Total Divas win by pinfall


  • Alicia Fox yanking Brie off the turnbuckle;e by her leg and sending her flying
  • Nikki with a torture rack on AJ but she eats a really nice (and stiff) superkick from Tamina that earns the pin.


Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton

Result: Daniel Bryan wins by DQ


  • Orton with a slick take down and hold that comes out of nowhere but Bryan counters into a calf splicer
  • Orton takes back control and hits a series of slams on Bryan
  • A switch is turned in Bryan semmingly as he starts to get extra viscious including slamming Orton's leg into the ring post as the ref pleads for him not to
  • The two exchange some brutal european uppercuts
  • Bryan with a whip that leads to a brutal knee and then follows it up with a series of leg locks
  • Orton finally regains the advantage and he is going to town on Bryan's elbow and bites Bryan
  • A brutal stomp to the elbow that elicits shrieks of pain from Bryan
  • Orton whipping Bryan around and throwing in some slams and stomps
  • Orton taunts the crowd and Bryan takes advantage and bites Orton back before sending him to the outside
  • Orton dodges a Bryan suicide dive as we head to break
  • Back from break and Orton is working a sleeper hold before hitting a superplex that gets him a two count
  • Bryan fights his way back with some punches and the backflip in the corner spot that leads to a big knee
  • Bryansteiner!
  • Bryan goes for the Yes! Lock but Orton counters springboards him to the outside
  • Bryan skins the cat but eats a Orton kick midway through and then the draping DDT
  • Orton went for the RKO but Bryan countered into a roll up that got him a two count
  • Stiff kick from Bryan gets him another two count
  • Bryan goes up top but Orton knocks him down
  • He tries to take advantage but Bryan knocks him away and hits the flying headbutt for two
  • Bryan with the Yes! Lock but Orton makes it to the rope and out of the ring.
  • Bryan hits the suicide dive and then a running dropkick that nearly sends Orton over the barrier before throwing him back in the ring
  • Bryan locks in the Yes! Lock but Orton with a low blow!
John Cena runs out to make the save.  He briefly chases off Orton and goes to check on Bryan but Orton returns and hits the RKO!

Orton raising the titles as we go to break




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