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WWE Raw results, live blog for Nov. 25: Survivor Series fallout show

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Nov. 25, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Uniondale, New York, featuring all the fallout from the "Survivor Series" pay-per-view (PPV) event in Boston.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 25, 2013) from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York, featuring the fallout show from the Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) that went down just last night in Boston, Massachusetts.

Advertised for tonight: Michael Strahan acts as guest host, an explanation on a teased feud between John Cena and Randy Orton, and so much more.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with our snark out.


Randall Orton starting things off tonight.

He thinks he is owed an apology by all the cynics and doubters who thought he wouldn't show up tonight as the WWE Champion.

He introduces HHH and Stephanie.

They come out and state they couldn't be more pleased with his victory last night.

Orton challenges them for making them it all about themselves because they provided a distraction.

He states he didn't need their help.

Crowd keeps chanting for Daniel Bryan.

They keep on going as HHH talks about not physically interfering.

Orton proclaims that he slayed the Giant and he is greatest superstar in the history of WWE.  Nobody can take that away from him apparently.

John Cena hits the scene now.

Cena is about to insult Orton but Stephanie interrupts him and asks him to get to the point.

Cena acknowledges the Bryan chants and says the fans are tired of the administrative bullshit.

He says their should only be one champion.  He lays down the gauntlet for a title unification.

Stephanie says they have been considering it and Orton complains.

HHH shuts him down quick.

HHH makes a TLC Match for the titles


The Shield vs the Rhodes Bros and Rey mysterio

Results: The Shield wins by pinfall


  • Shield clearing out the ring as soon as the bell rang
  • Shield using quick tags to keep Goldust isolated
  • Goldust with a double DDT to Reigns and Ambrose
  • Rollins going ham sandwich on a sell of a Goldust back body drop and doing a full flip with a twist landing on his feet
  • Rey Mysterio going for the 619 on Rollins but eating a spear from Reigns
  • Reigns then spearing Goldust
  • Rhodes with a disaster kick to Reigns on the apron
  • Rhodes goes for the Cross Rhodes on Rollins but Ambrose is the legal man and finishes him with the Headlock Driver from behind
  • Awesome match


Miz TV

Miz's guest is Michael Strahan.

Instead of Strahan it's Titus O'Neill with a fake gap.

They start joking about the gap and how far the Giants are away from the playoffs.

Miz points out he is a bad guy now.

O'Neill starts talking himself up as Strahan and when he says he is bringing out Titus it's actually Strahan.

Strahan comes out and says their jokes weren't that good and O'Neil doesn't have the confidence to rock the gap.

Strahan says that WWE is all about fun and says we are going to have some.

Strahan makes a tag match for the main event.

Orton and Del Rio vs Big Show and John Cena.

Strahan and Miz start bickering with one another.

Ya I am not sure what's going on now.  They challenge each other to a hip toss.

Miz tried to hip toss Strahan and then said he was working stiff.

Then Titus took a turn and failed.

Strahan then hip tosses Miz and dances with Titus before hitting a hip toss on him as well.


Big E Langston and Mark Henry vs The Ryback and Curtis Axel

Results: Big E and Henry win by pinfall


  • So much Hoss
  • Big E throwing Ryback around like its nothing.
  • Henry gets in and quickly takes care of Axel while doing a tribute to JYD
  • Quick squash match


7v7 Elimination Tag Match: Total Divas vs Non-Total Divas

Result: Total Divas win


  • Summer entertained some at the end.  Otherwise this was absolutely terrible


Match type was selected by a WWE App vote

Hamptons Hardcord Match:  Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow

Result: Sandow wins by pinfall


  • Ziggler rocking an Islanders jersey
  • The weapons for this are super WASPy
  • Ziggler apparently rocking a Ryder shirt under the jersey.
  • Ziggler sends Sandow over the barrier
  • Sandow recovers and launches himself off the barrier at Ziggler
  • Ziggler traps Sandow in the a trashcan and hits a dropkick
  • Mean Street Posse reference from Cole
  • Back from break and Ziggler hits a neckbreaker onto some garbage
  • Ziggler grabs a fire extinguisher and uses on Sandow after he had been tossed out
  • Ziggler and Sandow just going at it with the weapons
  • Sandow with a half nelson slam onto a trashcan for the win


Strahan talking with Santino in the back.

Rowan in his mask just silently approaches and hands Strahan a sheep mask.

Strahan puts on the mask and they just look at each other for a while before Roawan silently backs away.

Santino expresses to Strahan how scared he was and there must be some mystery afoot.


Renee Young in the ring and she brings out Punk and Bryan.

They do a call and response bit about Survivor Series and their Showdown with the Wyatts.

Punk points out that Rennee really isn't asking any questions or doing anything

He then asks what's the better The GOATS (Greatest of all Teams) or the Beard and the Best

Bryan points out that isn't a yes or no question.

Punk says that handicap matches are HHH's way of dealing with problems and they will overcome.

He lists off a bunch of random tag teams and drops a Colt Cabana and a Ring Crew Express reference.

Bryan asks Punk what time it is? IT'S CLOBBERING TIME!

The Wyatts music starts up as we head to break


Handicap Match: The Wyatt Family vs CM Punk and Daniel Bryan

Result: Punk and Bryan win by DQ


  • Rowan taking off Bryan's head with a big boot
  • Punk and Bryan's teamwork in the corner as they work Harper's leg
  • Bryan European Uppercuts to Harper that lead to Harper responded with a series of his own devastating uppercuts
  • Wyatt's taunts as he wrestles
  • Bryan dodging a Rowan kick that causes Rowan to get cut up on the turnbuckle
  • Punk suicide dive to Rowan on the outside and he stands up on the barrier to celebrate
  • Rowan just presses Punk to the outside as we head to break
  • Interesting heabutts from Wyatt to a downed Punk.  Seemed like a series of plyo pushups
  • Gator Roll!
  • Harper whip Punk into Rowan for a bear hug that Rowan swings Punk around with
  • Bryan with a flying dropkick to Wyatt off the apron and then hits a suicide dive to him after dodging a Harper big boot
  • Bryan hurricarana on Harper
  • Rowan and Harper just overwhelm Bryan
  • Harper powerbomb to Bryan
  • Punk tries to join in but Bray has recovered and the tides get turned
  • Ref declares a DQ
  • Harper with a LARIATOOOOOO! to Punk that just kills him
  • They Wyatts throw Bryan into the barrier and then they just pick him up and leave with him
  • Punk starts to follow but he eats a SPEAR FROM REIGNS!
  • The Shield drag Punk into the ring and Triple Power Bomb him


Miz in the back with his Christmas Bounty co-star.  She makes fun of him a bit and he is facing off with Kofi

The Miz vs Kofi Kingston

Result: Miz wins by pinfall


  • Nothing.  Terrible match


Three faces of Foley doing the Don West schtick.

Not bad


Lawler talking to someone that one a Sandy benefit auction.

Apparently his wrestling name would be the Kosher Butcher and he even has t-shirts!

Lawler asks him what his finisher would be and he respond with the Circumcision.

Lawler cuts the segment off right there after a good chuckle


R-Truth in the ring and he says he had a talk with Brodus Clay to help out Woods.

So Woods comes out dancing to Clay's music with the Funkadactyls

Apparently we get Woods vs Slater as 3MB were already out to the ring.

Xavier Woods vs Heath Slater

Results: Xaviers Woods wins by pinfall


  • Woods with some slick break dancing inspired counter to a Slater hold
  • Woods bouncing around the ring and hitting a hurricarana
  • Slater taking control and trying to ground Woods
  • Woods with some boxing and a headbutt that sends him into a fury
  • Honor Roll from Woods and then Lost in the Woods to pick up the win.
He goes and celebrates with the Kosher Butcher


Various Divas meet Strahan briefly and then GOLDUST IN HIS BLONDE WIG!


He just breathes hard at Strahan and walks away.

Thank you Goldy


John Cena and Big Show vs Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio

Result: Cena and Big Show win by submission


  • Big Show worked the first segment of the match before it went to break.  Nothing of note or any entertainment occurred.
  • Orton and Cena do some stuff that is boring
  • Del Rio with a slick DDT counter to the AA
  • Del Rio taunts Cena with "You can't see me" but then he misses on a dropkick that sends him to the outside
  • Del Rio with a hellacious superkick to Big Show's head as Orton was holding Show's head
  • Doctor checked on Show and Orton pounced as soon as he could
  • Big Show goes for the punt but Show spears him and gets the tag to Cena
  • Cena gets the STF and Del Rio taps
  • Cena goes to check on Show but Del Rio attacks
  • He tries for the arm bar but Cena counters into an AA
  • Orton then hits Cena with the WWE Title and goes takes the WHC and raises both titles above his head




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