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WWE Raw results, live blog for Nov. 18: Survivor Series go home show

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Nov. 18, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Nashville, Tennessee, featuring WWE going country for the "Survivor Series" go home show.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 18, 2013) from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, featuring Raw going country for the go home show to the Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) this coming Sunday night in Boston.

Advertised for tonight: Florida Georgia Line appearing on the show, The Authority returning from vacation, and all the closing angles to the PPV this weekend.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with our snark out.


HHH and Stephanie starting things out.

They are disappointed in how Raw last week turned out.

HHH says that Maddox and Vickie have been dodging them.

Stephanie says the good news is that they are well rested.

She can't get anything else out because Orton's music hits and he makes his way down.

He is mad and "jacked up".

He says he probably won't be able to beat the Big Show by himself and demands to know what they will do.

HHH gets in his face and out comes Vickie and Maddox.

Maddox apologizes and says it was all Vickie's fault.

HHH and Stephanie say it doesn't matter whose fault it is.

They will both pay for all of the handicap matches so they will have their own matches.

Vickie gets AJ and Brad gets Orton right now while Brad is still in his suit.

HHH makes it no dq.


No Disqualification: Randy Orton vs Brad Maddox

Results: Orton wins due to referee stoppage


  • Orton just ragdolling Maddox on the outside including slamming him on top of the barrier
  • Maddox DDT!
  • Orton knocks out Maddox with repeated blows from the microphone


Maddox is being wheeled out by medics in the back as Vickei stares on.


Intercontinental Championship Match: Curtis Axel (c) vs Big E Langston

Results: Big E wins and becomes the new IC Champion!




Shield and Orton plotting in the back to have each others back.

Shield seems to only agree since that is what the Authority wants


Divas musical chairs.

It eventually turns into a brawl between Total Divas and the not Total Divas I guess?

"I'm not sure what we just saw" -JBL being spot on


Big Show vs Ryback

Results: Big Show wins by pinfall


  • Nothing really except for the Big Show spear to Orton post-match


Some apparently famous country in the back with 3MB now known as Rhinestone Cowboys with some ridiculous country garb.

I love 3MB


Orton in the back with the WWE medical staff and he is pissed off that neither the Shield or the Authority had his back.


Real Americans vs Kofi and Miz

Results: Real Americans win by submission


  • There is a Cesaro fan section and the announcing team recognizes it
  • Cesaro catch Mix mid air and turn it into a back breaker
  • Kofi getting the hot tag and doing what he does best
  • Swagger catching Kofi mid air and pull off his own feat of strength with an amateur wrestling style slam
  • Miz heel turn when he jumps away from Kofi's tag attempt
  • Cesaro having to pull Swagger off of Kofi after he made him tap


Vickie tries to fake an injury


The medical staff is wheeling her out but Stephanie orders her to be wheeled out to the ring and they oblige.

Vickie vs AJ

Results: AJ wins by submission


  • Nothing


HHH makes a Broadway Brawl for Sandow and Ziggler


Broadway Brawl- Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow

Results: Ziggler wins


  • Ziggler launching himself off the steel steps
  • All of the instruments set up for the brawl
  • Sandow throwing Ziggler off the turnbuckle and onto a electronic piano
  • Ziggler getting hit with a fiddle
  • Huge DDT from Ziggler
  • Cole constantly making fun of the dated references from Lawler and JBL
  • Tiny Tim reference!
  • Ziggler smashing Sandow with a drum that trapped him
  • Ziggler celebrating with a Stratocaster
  • Jeff Jarrett reference from the announcing team


Orton confronts HHH and Stephanie about the lack of support earlier.

Stephanie hints they are having their doubts about Orton.


Cena with that country act that I don't know


Cena out to the ring and his arm is in a sling.

He is apparently having doubts about coming back too soon.

Then he goes into a bunch of Cena face stuff about overcoming and what not.

Del Rio finally interrupts and is making fun of Cena's weak arm.

Del Rio continues to taunt him and Cena takes the sling off!

It was all a rouse!

Cena is able to chase Del Rio off and raises the title high above his head.


Rhinestone Cowboys vs R-Truth and XAVIER WOODS!

Results: Truth and Consequences Woods win by pinfall


  • Xavier Woods with a sick hurricarana on Mahal
  • Woods bumping like a maniac for McIntyre
  • McIntyre and Mahal with a springboard double suplex
  • Woods with a sick suplex stunner
  • Woods with the Lost in the Woods for the win
After the match Woods and Truth get funky with some slick dance moves


HHH and Stephanie tell Orton he will be on his own at SS to prove that he should be the champ and face of the WWE


The band I don't know is playing.


The Shield and the Wyatts vs Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Rhodes Bros, and the Usos

Results: Punk, Bryan, Rhodes Bros, and the Usos win by pinfall


  • The Shield and Wyatts staring each other down before the match and Ambrose just says fuck it and enters the ring
  • Usos with some added aggression to their ring work
  • Crowd chanting loud for Goldust when he hits the ring
  • Rollins doing a full somersault selling a Goldust kick
  • Rollins getting in Harper's face when Harper makes the blind tag.  Leads to all six staring each other down as we head to the first break
  • Ambrose taunting the Wyatts a bit when he gets tagged in
  • Reigns and Rollins doing some now as well as they keep the tags within the Shield
  • Rollins imitating Goldie as he beats on Cody
  • Hellacious headbutt from Reigns to Rhodes
  • The Shield keeping the tags within themselves
  • Harper with another blind tag that Rollins doesn't like that leads to a Disaster Kick from Rhodes and the hot tag to Bryan
  • Harper countering a Bryan running dropkick into a BRODIE BOMB!
  • Wyatt being the peacemaker and giving the tag to Reigns after he ground down Bryan.  While doing this he made some comments about why can't the Shield trust him
  • Ambrose eventually continues the cooperation and gives the tag to Rowan who hits a big slam on Bryan.  Ambrose made a sheep sound when it did it
  • The Shield and the Wyatts work together to clear the faces off the apron so Bryan can't make the tag.  Wyatt cackles with glee at it as we head to a second break
  • Vicious DDT counter from Bryan that leads to the hot tag to Punk
  • Punk going wild and ends up hitting a combo neckbreaker to Rollins and Ambrose
  • Wyatt making the save by just threatening Punk
  • Usos hitting a double flying splash to the outside
  • Flying knees! Buckle Bombs! Hart Attack! A flurry of finishers!  Bodies are going every which way and end up with Punk hitting the GTS for the win!
After the match, the Real Americans hit the ring and tilt everything in the favor of the heels!

MYSTERIO RETURNS TO MAKE THE SAVE!  He hits a double 619 onto Harper and Swagger.

Punk hits the GTS on Harper and then Bryan nails him with the flying knee!

Everyone chants YES! to end the night




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