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WWE Raw ratings fall despite weak competition from Dolphins vs. Bucs on Monday Night Football

Even with "Monday Night Football" broadcasting a weak game between the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, "Monday Night Raw" had its ratings fall this week.

Al Messerschmidt

Although John Cena has been back for a couple weeks now and Monday Night Football on ESPN featured a game pitting the Miami Dolphins, who are steeped in controversy in the middle of an already mediocre campaign, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a pitiful team sitting at 0-8 with its own internal struggle going into the contest, Monday Night Raw couldn't deliver in the ratings this week.

In fact, the numbers fell compared to last week's show.

Indeed, last night's (Nov. 11, 2013) episode pulled a 2.73 rating and averaged 3.77 million viewers, despite the NFL game averaging just over 10 million viewers. However, yet again, Raw saw its viewership drop all throughout the evening. Here's the hourly breakdown:

Hour one: 3.87 million
Hour two: 3.83 million
Hour three: 3.60 million

In fairness, this particular episode ran on a tape delay on USA due to the fact that WWE is currently touring the United Kingdom. That meant spoilers were readily available for anyone who wanted to determine if they could skip the show or not.

Apparently, some chose to do just that.

It's a shame, too, considering how spectacular the show closing angle ended up playing out on television. Next week, Raw goes "country" in Nashville for the Survivor Series go home episode. Rebound time?

Stay tuned.

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