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WWE Raw results and live blog for Oct. 7: Battleground fallout show

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Oct. 7, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, featuring the fallout show from the "Battleground" pay-per-view just last night in Buffalo.

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 7, 2013) from the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, featuring the fallout show from the Battleground pay-per-view (PPV) just last night in Buffalo, New York.

Naturally, expect all the fallout from Big Show snapping and knocking everyone out last night, including both Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Sean here. See you tonight!

If the finish of Battleground didn't piss you off enough, the just showed it for free.

Principal owner Stephanie McMahon here to address Big Show stuff, because that's what made this such a hot angle.  She's calling out the World's Largest Athlete, because Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, their girlfriends, the fans, the fans' girlfriends - everyone is livid.

Props to my fellow yinzer for screaming "Shut the hell up" at Steph.  Pittsburgh has been drinking since noon and is probably feeling a little tense, WWE.

Big Show: "Sorry" - Steph bullies the crap out of him.  What happened to either: (1) Be a STAR or (2) "My giant"?

Steph wants him to man up, Show wants to leave.  The Billion Dollar Princess straight up says he's their slave and demands that he get down on his knees and beg her for forgiveness.  The Giant says he knocked out Randy Orton because he was fed up, and DB because The Best for Business crew told him to.

He's fired, and Daddy's little girl does a better impersonation of Vince than his son-in-law does.

Silent hype for six man tag main event featuring The Shield vs. Bryan and the Rhodes boys.  It'd be great if there were no announcers tonight.

Recap of what you just say, with Michael Cole commentary this time.  Not sure which one I like better.

Ziggler versus Sandow, confirming my supposition that last night was a very special episode of Raw.  Damien is furious because he's either a Steelers fan or because he hasn't won on national TV since last July.  The Show Off is showing off his babyface beatdown abilities.

Big Show has been escorted out of the building.

Ziggler dodges a move that leaves Sandow draped over the turnbuckles and follows it up with a flurry of punches.  Drop kick gets two.  Does Dolph's hair always get so frizzy?  He gets knocked off the ropes by the Intellectual Savior for a near fall, but Ziggy counters into a Fame-asser to continue the curse of the blue (leather) briefcase.

If Cole brings up the Buccos again, I'm turning in my Cole Miner helmet.

Steph is dressing down Brad Maddox for last night's Bad for Business happenings.  I think this what the writers see everyday.  It's kind of H-A-W-T.  She sends Beautiful Brad out to apologize and explain to the fans how he's gonna make it right.

Bruno was welcomed by his homies on the app.  If they really wanted a pop, they'd get Kurt out of rehab.  Or at least find out where Shane Douglas is.

To cancel out the awesome six-man main event, we're getting a six-Diva tag.  Alicia Fox, Aksana and Eva Rosa Mendes versus Natalya, Eva Marie and JoJo.  Dear God.  Looks like the Maxim model will be our face-in-peril.  Alicia Fox is the second best worker in the match, and third isn't even close.  Eva gets the tag to Natty, who hits a stiff looking spinning lariat and locks in the Sharpshooter.  Randy Orton's girlfriend didn't even get in the match.

The General Manager is out to make right, which he does by making a rematch in Hell in a Cell for Hell in a Cell.  Tonight he'll introduce three Hall of Famers for special guest referee, and the Universe will pick.  Steph is gonna hate this.

I guess it's already later, since choose one is here now, and I can dig it.  Booker T.  He lobbies for votes, saying he'll do what's Best for Business.

I'm not usually home until later and watch early portions of the show on Hulu.  I really thought everyone was joking about those "how to install the app" segments.

Los Matadores (and El Torito!) are next.  3MB get the jobber entrance, while they've already figured out that Diego and Fernando are only here to set-up the bull.  Slater's reaction to the entrance is pretty much worth the price of admission.  They win while looking a little smoother than last week.

Torito enrages Heath by shaking his junk at him, then connects with his top rop ranna when he chases.  Slater of course sells it by flying out of the ring, because he's the man.

The Heyman Guys walk.  And, hey look, Steph and Show, take 3.

Paul E here to show us that Punk is a cheater in addition to a bowlie - but something happens to the stills they were gonna show, so they roll Living Colour.  And here's the Best cheating bully in the World.

Punk accepts their rematch challenge before it's even accepted and says balls.  Then Ryback says balls back and invites Punk to the ring to bowly him.  R-Truth comes out to suggest a tag team, the Second City Saint accepts and we've got a match.  This is different that a rematch of last night - it's TWO rematches from last night!

Curtis Axel gets smashed in the face a bunch, and heads to talk it out with his partner and manager.  Back from commercial with the Intercontinental champ playing doofus-in-peril.  He does make it to the corner for a tag, and Truth gets Rybacked while Heyman screams, "You picked the wrong fight!"  Axel in to hit the rapper with the nicest drop kick in WWE today.  Full steam whip to the corner from Big Hungry, but Truth reverses a couple of charges and hits a heel kick.  Both men tag as the crowd goes wild for the Straight-Edged Superstar.  Running knee, flying elbow, takes out Ryback, GTS, takes out Ryback again, gets Truth in for a scissor

Kind of cool that R got a short story arc out of this little program, I guess.  Hall of Fame special ref contestant two is next.  And it's...Bob Backlund!  You should vote for him because he will do what's best for the match.  And if anyone messes around, he'll SLAP.  THEM.  IN. THE. CROSS. FACE. CHICKEN. WING. (spittle will fly)

I don't care if the last choice is HBK - I want Mr. Backlund!

Kofi's here, holding his ribs a little bit.  And he gets Orton.  No botching, Wildcat.

The Viper is destroying him in the ring and on the floor.  But Kingston gets pissed and takes Randy down and out himself.  Nice back and forth affair - reminds me of why I liked KK a lot the last time these guys worked a program.  If only we'd downloaded the app when they told us to, we could have seen Orton backdrop Kofi onto the barricade to take control of the match.  Or, we could just wait until they replay like they did just now.

Second best drop kick in WWE gets two; Kofi gets a DDT from a seated position on the top rope that eventually leads to a big crossbody for a nearfall.  SOS from Kingston!  Randy counters a springboard crossbody into a power slam for two!  Kofi reverses the rope hung DDT to dump Orton, but misses a baseball slide to the floor and gets abused down there some more.  Barricade DDT to the concrete.  Rolls him back in just to get the RKO, because DICK.

BAI GAWD, it's Daniel Bryan!  Wildman attack from The Beard that requires numerous refs and road agents to stop - and drives the crowd into a frenzy.

Vickie Guerrero is hear to dress down a ginger and make a special announcement.  Alberto Del Rio shows up to ask to be made the new face of the WWE.  He trusts The Vick to pick the right opponent for him tonight, and then butter her up and gives her his scarf and a kiss.  Mrs G thinks the scarf smells and drops it on the ground.

Final special guest ref candidate is indeed Shawn Michaels!  Give tkatt00 credit for calling that in the comments for today's Raw preview.  He brings up his ties to both The Game and The Beard, and says that neither will sway him.  He gets an HB-Shizzle chant going, asks for our vote because he guarantees a new champion because he will do what is best for the fans.

95% if the vote minimum, but I still want crazy old Bob.

Show still fired, Steph still a sexy witch.

Viva Del Rio!  He almost dropped the belt...literally.  "Excuse Me!" The Smackdown GM announces Ricardo Rodriguez in his RVD shirt as the World Heavyweight Campion's opponent.  A reluctant 'Cardo makes it nto the ring while we await the swerve.  Vickie announces that ADR's opponent at HiaC will be...John Cena?  This confusion allows Rodriguez to get the roll-up win, and then get freaking annihilated by the champ.

So, if it's not a total fake-out, it confirms Cena is a total freak, and shows that they want to keep him away from the Bryan/HHH/Show/Orton story.  But it has to be a total fake-out, right?

Welp, I guess not.  Alrightee then.  Interesting.

Woo Woo Woo, You Know It.  Versus Fandango.  Summer Rae has become a much better dancer since getting this assignment.  Top rope leg drop to the back of Iced Z's dome.  Cole makes a joke about Hogan's Wrecking Ball parody.  And the guest ref for HiaC will be...

Bob Backlund!  Sorry, wishful thinking, it's Michaels.

I'm not sure Real Americans wear pink, for any reason.  Another rematch from last night, bringing the count for those to four.  In case you haven't seen the video or gif of the Cesaro Swing on Khali...  They may be getting face reactions, but they sure are still booked as 100% heels.  Cesaro leapfrogs a standing Swagger for a double stomp.  Khali elbows  and chops to AC.  Antonio steps under one of them and chops the knee, getting the big Indian in the Swing again for the win.

After the match, Swagger throws Hornswoggle in to his partner.  Antonio fakes a back spasm, slaps his knee and spins the little man.  But Marella sneaks in and Cobras him. Khali knocks Jack flat so the faces can celebrate their loss.

Miz walks.  They say it's for Miz TV, but he's wearing merch and a scowl, so physicality may be imminent.  This better be quick, cause the main needs time.  Recap of the Viper beating down Mizanin in front of his folks.  Welcome to the most must see...

"We're here"

Harper and Rowan appear behind Miz, who slides out of the ring.  He spies Bray on the ramp, and brawls his way past him.  Wyatt drapes himself on his Family's shoulders and leans over backwards to tell Miz that there's nowhere to run.

HHH shows up and greets his wife.  The ridicule Maddox, and then Aitch says that he's heading to watch the main and ensure that whatever happens is B4B.

Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta.  Goldy keeps messing with the face paint, which is nice.  Cody is out to medium pop, and then the crowd turns it up a notch for DB.  And, here comes the King of Kings.  He does keep his entrance to a minimum.  Cole then intimates that HHH is scared of Big Show.  The Game sits at announce but isn't mic-ed up.

Rollins works with both Rhodes brothers, and then Ambrose and Cody go at it for a while.  Rhodes fights off some Reigns-ference, but the distraction allows Ambrose to knock him from the turnbuckles to the floor and ding his shoulder.  Commercial.

Rollins is wearing down Cody when we return.  Cody eventually manages a top rope moonsault onto Ambrose, and tags get to Reigns and Bryan.  All hell breaks lose, and eventually Dean comes in with a chair to stop Seth from tossing to a Yes Lock.  The ref calls for a DQ, but HHH restarts it as no DQ so as to avoid " another night with an indecisive finish"

They're brawling everywhere when Randy Orton came from the crowd to payback Bryan.  He rolls him in for Rollins to pin, and HHH signals The Shield to pound down the faces.

Weeeelllllllll, it's you know who.

HHH climbs into the ring to stand behind the Hounds of Justice.  Show stalks down to the ring as JBL screams for security.  Show smiles,comes into the ring and brushes off the US and tag champs.  The get back on him and set him up for the triple power bomb as Hunter yells "finish it".  But he throws them off again and knocks out HHH.

Bryan comes in to smile over an unconscious COO as Pittsburgh "yes"s along with him and Show smiles as he exits the arena.

Three hours, two thousand words - come back, Rex.

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