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WWE Raw results and reactions from last night (Oct. 14): Rhodes Family Dynasty

WWE "Monday Night Raw" last night (Oct. 14, 2013) emanated from St. Louis, Missouri, and featured the Rhodes Family winning the tag team championships from The Shield in an awesome main event. Reactions are right here.

WWE returned to the USA network for Monday Night Raw last night (Oct. 14, 2013) from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri, featuring the Rhodes brothers, Cody and Dustin (Goldust), winning the tag team titles from The Shield in what turned out to be an awesome main event match and segment.

I wasn't able to catch the show live, so these aren't real time reactions. Yes, we're going old school with an abbreviated version, which works fine this week seeing as the show was littered with filler.

Click here for the live blog and full results. On to reactions:

  • Shawn Michaels coming back was less than useless here. I'm not sure how much of a ratings draw he is but that seems to be the only reason he was called in to show up, because he didn't do anything this week that he didn't do last week. He may have even been given the very same script. Plus, I want to shake him and scream every time he says "H-B-Shizzle". He's now the old man who desperately wants to stay hip but missed the boat by about 10 years and has no idea what the hell he's talking about. Someone immediately explain the concept behind "-izzle" and tell him to stop right now.
  • Holy hell, that main event. The Rhodes family is a friggin dynasty now, just like Cody was alluding to on Twitter while he was "fired". Man, this best for business storyline has created some ridiculous angles and given us some absolute nonsense but I'll be damned if it hasn't resulted in what feels like a really hot angle with some super talented folks who just needed the right story to shine like this. Goldust is fucking destroying everything right now. He's been better this past month than at any point in his entire career. You could argue the same for Cody. And can we keep doting on The Shield for just going balls to the wall every night? We're talking all go, no quit, no days off, don't care if it's the Garden or The Mark, tear the fucking house down awesome. More, give me more.
  • Even Big Show lumbering around and jumping the rail to knock dude's out felt hot. They absolutely tore him to shreds for weeks and weeks, made him look like the biggest lump of shit you'll ever find and somehow people still care about him. It felt good to watch him knock The Shield out, and it felt even better seeing Triple H fuming in the ring after his hounds lost the tag team titles. I mean, good god this was incredible. And it feels like more shows are ending this way, with something great happening and everyone going home happy or intrigued and wanting more. Hmmm, it felt like that once before.
  • If you didn't know already, John Cena really is an amazing human being. I mean, he's just a great guy. He kisses babies and helps sick kids and walks old ladies across the street and fights crime and he may have actually saved the world at one point. What a guy. Such a quality person.
  • I actually liked the idea behind the "Beat the Clock" challenge with CM Punk and Ryback racing to be the one to pick the stipulation for their match. It felt predictable, sure, but R-Truth running away from "Big Hungry" to help his buddy out was a nice touch and Curt Axel getting beat up is always a good time. I don't like Punk vs. Ryback & Paul Heyman in a Hell in a Cell match, though, for obvious reasons.
  • I don't know if Daniel Bryan has taken it upon himself to turn his wife-to-be Brie Bella into a great wrestler but am I the only one who thinks she's gotten about a million times better in the past couple months? I would go so far as to say she's good. She's at least as good as some of the males, right? Like, she's around the same level as the Santino Marella's of the world, no?
  • The biggest reason AJ Lee is a darling around here: dedication to her character. At one point during Tamina vs. Brie last night, she randomly started petting and talking to her Divas championship title. She was legitimately acting like she was carrying on a conversation with it. I love quirky shit like that.
  • Antonio Cesaro's Neutralizer on Brodus Clay was impressive. Antonio Cesaro's Giant Swing on Sweet T was not.
  • I don't ever want to see Triple H and Stephanie McMahon engage in physical intimacy again.
  • It's nice that Triple H has finally gotten around to being a real heel now, where he's not holding back and trying to play the snake. He's good at that, yes, but he's better at outright hostility. His turning that on the crowd has been a long time coming now, and should make for a lot more fun, like Vince McMahon hating everyone for all that time. Speaking of Vince, when can we expect him back?
  • I wasn't really into Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio, and I'm not even sure why. Maybe you can help me?

This was a mostly fun show that was slow in spots but finished ridiculously strong.

Grade: B-

That's it from me, Cagesiders. Now it's your turn to sound off in the comments section below with all your thoughts on last night's show. How did you like it?

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