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WWE Raw results, live blog for Oct. 14: Countdown to Hell in a Cell

Tonight on Raw: Fallout from Big Show knocking out Triple H, countdown to "Hell in a Cell", and much more!

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 14, 2013) from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri, featuring all the fallout from Big Show knocking out Triple H to close last week's episode of the show.

The countdown to Hell in a Cell is on, so expect new matches to be added and angles to be shot in anticipation for it.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Rex here. Time to mark out with out snark out.


HBK is going to start things off tonight.

He talks about his history with Bryan and the fact he has never much liked Orton, but HHH is still his friend.

He mentions his first HiaC encounter with the Undertaker in St. Louis.

HBK guarantees that a new WWE Champion will be crowned at HiaC.

Orton interupts and makes his way to the ring.

Orton mentions being from St. Louis and vaguely threatens HBK.

HBK says he really wasn't listening and that Orton better be focused on Bryan.

Orton snaps and says that he is going to dominate Bryan and become WWE Champion.

The crowd loudly chants NO! NO! NO!

He then says he will leave HBK a bloody wreck if he screws him like he has screwed many before.

HBK says if Orton lays a hand on him he will kick his pretty little face off and has two words for him

"Suck It" -crowd

Orton then goes for the RKO but HBK shoves him away and tries for the Sweet Chin Music.

Orton is able to drop and roll out of the ring which cause HBK to just miss with the SCM.

Miz makes his way down (he was scheduled to have a match with Orton next) and starts to beat on the Viper as we head to break.


The Miz vs Randy Orton

The Result: Randy Orton by pinfall after an RKO

The Highlights:

  • The Miz's comeback was solid and entertaining
  • The Wyatt Family provided a distraction as Miz was getting ready to lock in the Figure Four which gave Orton the opening for the RKO.
After the match, Wyatt got on the mic and said that the Miz was representative of everything he despises- the fame, the red carpets, the bright lights, etc.  He criticizes the Miz's obsession with fame and then says he will put the Miz down.


Fandango vs the Miz

The Result: Fandango wins by roll up.

The Highlights:

  • The fun was rampant through the match.
  • Santino went for the Cobra but Fandango dodged and the Cobra was frozen by Summer Rae some how.


Heyman with Maddox in the back.

Heyman wants Maddox to punish Punk as a result of his victory by nut shot to be overturned.

Heyman wants a handicap match at HiaC.

Maddox sets up a beat the clock challenge involving Ryback-Truth and Punk-Axel.

The winner of the challenge gets to pick the stipulation.


Los Matadores vs 3MB

The Result:

The Highlights:

  • El Torrito's pre-match ritual
  • Heath Slater's selling
  • Los Matadores move set, including an awesome Stop! Ole! leg sweep.
  • After the match, El Torito got into it with Mahal and hit some fun offense on him including a triple team with Los Matadores.


HHH and Stephanie make their way to the ring.

Stephanie recaps their issue with Big Show and says they will be formally pressing charges and foreclosing on his house.  She says the rumors of a concussion and a wired jaw are false.

HHH gets on the mic and says rumors of his demise are false.  He turns on the fans and says that everything he was doing he was doing for them, but since they chanted Yes! as he laid injured he cares for them no longer.

He says they want HHH and Stephanie to be the villains so they will be.  He says Big Show will grovel at his feet and every superstar who has thought the word Yes will suffer.

Bryan comes out to uproarious Yes! chants.


After a beatdown, Del Rio lays him out with a super kick.

Stephanie announces Del Rio as Bryan's opponent for later.

HHH starts chanting Yes! as the crowd responds with No!


R-Truth vs Ryback in a Beat the Clock Challenge

The Result: Ryback wins in 5:44

The Highlights:

  • The announcing team directly addressing the Goldberg chants
  • R-Truth running away at various points to extend the time


Stephanie walking in the back and she runs into the Bella Twins.

Stephanie puts Brie into a match against Taminia and bans Nikki from ringside, but AJ will be allowed ringside.


The Real Americans vs Tons of Funk

The Result: The Real Americans win by pinfall

The Highlights:

  • Cesaro gut-wrench suplex on Tensai
  • Cesaro Neturalizer on Clay
After the match, Swagger lays out Tensai and Cesaro hits the Big Swing on him.


Tamina vs Brie Bella

The Result: Tamina wins by pinfall

The Highlights:

  • The bell ringing.
After the match, Tamina continues to beat on Brie and then goes up and hits a Superfly Splash and AJ locks in the Black Widow.  The refs have to pull AJ off of Brie.


Stephanie and Maddox are in the back.

Bryan comes storming in and is frustrated at the treatment of Brie.  He says their anger at him shouldn't be directed at her.

Stephanie says its not their fault and he should go take care of his fiance.


Curtis Axel vs CM Punk

The Result: CM Punk wins by pinfall and beats Ryback's time

The Highlights:

  • Heyman's screams and directions to Axel
  • The series of counters that each man kept pulling out
After the match, CM Punk gets on the mic and says that their match will indeed be a handicap match.

Ryback and Paul Heyman vs CM Punk in the Hell in a Cell.


Daniel Bryan vs Alberto Del Rio

The Result: ADR won by count out as Bryan ran to the back to save Brie.

The Highlights:

  • Everything, it was a fantastic match
  • Orton on the titantron distracted Bryan by entering the trainer's room where Brie was
After the count out, Bryan made it to the trainer's room and Orton ambushes him.  Aftering putting Orton into the jaccuzi, the refs are able to send Orton off and begin to check on Bryan.


Shield shooting the shit with HHH and Stephanie.

They are confident, but Stephanie reminds them that the Rhodes Bros have beat them before.

HHH makes the match No DQ and tells them that the gloves are off boys.

Stephanie then starts kissing HHH after the Shield leaves the room.


WWE Tag Team Championship Match (No Disqualification): The Shield (c) vs the Rhodes Bros

The Result:  The Rhodes Bros by pinfall

The Highlights:

  • Like the previous match, everything.  Fantastic match.
  • When the Shield finally got all three members involved- Goldust bust out a chair but was overwhelmed.
  • Reigns speared Goldust through the barricade.
  • Big Show emerged after the spear and knocked out the various members of the Shield and the Rhodes Bros took advantage
After the match, Big Show celebrated in the crowd as HHH came to the ring and fumed.


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