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Superstar Billy Graham goes off on CM Punk's 'pipe bomb' promo from Raw this week

Superstar Billy Graham was watching Monday Night Raw this past week and he saw CM Punk drop his latest "pipe bomb" promo. To put it simply, he's not happy about it.

Ed Webster

CM Punk dropped another one of his infamous "pipe bombs" this past Monday night on Raw in Tampa, Florida. His goal was to put himself over while showing up The Rock and creating a renewed interest in fans. He accomplished the first, came very close to the second, and knocked it out of the park with the third.

But there were casualties along the way.

That included WWE Hall of Famer Superstar Billy Graham, who responded to Punk's remarks on Bruno Sammartino in a long message that he welcomed sites like ours to share with you. So we will:


I watch the last hour of WWE Raw last night. It was the worst excuse for a show I have ever seen! My agent Scott is tight with legendary World Champion Bruno Sammartino. Scott has told me that WWE has been calling Brunno regularly begging him to go into the Hall of Fame. Bruno has been polite but has always said no thank you.

Tonight on RAW for the last 45 minutes of the show all they did was have CM PUNK talk, talk and more talk! The killer line came when Vince had Punk putting over his 314 straight days as world champ and then said and I quote, " you had people like Burno Sammartino , only wrestled in Madison Square Garden only wrestled one a month."

This was by far the biggest put down of Bruno ever. Why would WWE have Punk say that about someone they have been begging to go into the Hall of Fame for untold years? When that teenager looking CM Punk made that statement he was also talking about me, Ivan Koloff , Stan Hanson etc. Find the re run and listen closely and answer me this my Facebook friends - How can they justify putting down a real icon like this, and not get called out on it?

Any news sites can quote me on my statement below:

CM Punk, I have lost all respect for you for nor saying no to the writers of the WWE for saying Bruno Sammartino only wrestled once a month in Madison Square Garden. You talk about one of the greatest icons ever in pro wrestling like he was a JOBBER??? You should be ashamed of yourself for not having the self-dignity to say NO to the writers on that line. That line you delivered indicates that I am a big loser like Bruno as well and insults me as I wrestled in the same era as Bruno. This only confirms more that I want my name out of the WWE Hall of Fame.
How many monthly sell outs have you yourself drawn at Madison Square Garden? Not a PPV or the Raw TV show. Quit talking trash about Bruno. It's an insult to him and all the wrestlers of his era including myself!
Superstar Billy Graham

That's quite the feeling Punk managed to pull out of a retired old wrestler.

But my response will pale in comparison to that of Chris Jericho, who quickly took to Twitter to leave the following remark:

Drops mic.

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